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Bounty on Thessa Kai 2.0 [Not Endorsed]

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It's Real to Pretend
  • Target: @[member="Thessa Kai"]
  • Client: A particular Sith.
  • Reason: To quote the Sith putting the bounty up: "I've always wanted to cuddle a mermaid. Well, that, and the genetic samples I could get from her would be very useful for my next wave of experiments."
  • Thread of offense: All of them.
  • Price: c250,000
  • Conditions: Alive. Does not need to be undamaged, but damage will reduce the payment given, for her acquisition.
Salvage Empire
Looks like I'll be needing to put a bounty out on Circe as well. These Sith are draining my bank account.

Harkin Kane

Back In The Saddle
@[member='Kaine Zambrano']

Free hug for the scoundrel who brings in Kaine!

CONDITIONS: DEAD (We don't wanna deal with the biting and swearing)
OFFENSE: His hair is just too darn perfect...
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