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Approved Tech BLOOD/PRV-01 "Urd" Navigation System

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She of Many Names

  • Intent: To create a fancy new way to fly a ship.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: Not Applicable.
  • Permissions: Not Applicable.
  • Primary Source: Not Applicable.
  • Manufacturer: Blood Robotics.
  • Affiliation: Elzeri Species.
  • Market Status: Closed-Market.
  • Model: Private Initiative 01, "Urd" Navigation System Device.
  • Modularity: Damaged parts can be repaired.
  • Production: Minor.
  • Material:
  • Classification: Navigation System.
  • Weight: Heavy.
  • Resistances
    • Melee Weaponry and Shrapnel: Low.
    • Directed Energy Weaponry: High.
    • Electrical and Ion Weaponry: High.
    • Plasmatic Melee Weaponry: Very Low.
    • Disruptor Weaponry: Very Low.
    • Kinetic Weaponry: Low.
    • Extreme Heat-based Weapons: Low.
    • Extreme Cold-based Weapons: Low.
    • Exotic Elemental Weaponry: Low.
    • Corrosive Weapons: Low.
    • Lightsabres: Low.
    • Sonic Weaponry: Very High.
  • Some refer to this device as 'merging as one with the computer', for the mind of the user becomes the machine as far as its thought extends itself, so will their commands to this machine. Connected with the machine through skin pressure implants where operators can remain in contact with the vitals of the user, this allows the mind to assume control and direct every command on this system's framework, allowing them to only think of their commands and enforce the machine on complying with them, using their slaving gloves to direct their commands and easy access through the 5D screen display as it was discovered that doing it so was much lighter to the mental pressure on the organic flesh.
  • The All-Seeing God - Entire device is connected with the proper system that will render its user completely able of connecting to any part of any area inside a ship. Not only access them lively through its cameras but also command them into their bidding by applying their minds to solve matters in quantum speed, such as instead of plotting a course to wherever one may want to go, they could instead employ the automated hyper-plotting thought system. Utilizing the most recent star charts and maps in the known galaxy and other assets available to the ship, the Navigation System will generate a plotted course to the desired location. By thinking about the desired location and using the machine's power to solve the intricated mathematic equations faster than any other slave system would. This device is more than enough to greatly reduce personal of any given system, from capital grade starships to fortresses.
  • The All-Mighty God - With a single device, it is more than possible of keeping control of every aspect of a ship's systems. Directing them comes as easy as thinking, for a faint whisper from inside the mind can pass along the information through the lines of slave systematic orders that run on the internal processors for keeping a ship running. The wielding of this helmet has given its user a sense of invincibility, boosting their euphoria, increasing their endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin to higher levels than those seeing people taking the appropriate medication.
  • The All-Knowing God - Regarded as the helmet's strongest advantage. It would be its ability to analyze all available data and incoming information in quantum speed, resorting mostly to its user's own prescient capacities to understand the flow properly and arrange to follow its orders how he sees fit.
  • Joined as One - Any person logged into the system can perceive the others, through the exercise of synchronized uptake, all minds can understand the intent of its next one and join together into the flow of data to act as one, a single system with a single intent, achieving greater perfection of stirring a ship into the empty coldness of space.
  • The All-Mad God - Extensive use of this system's abilities without regarding its own physical limitations, especially its mental health status, can slowly lead its user to a descending fall straight to madness. Not just out of personal relapses can the mind be brought down to insanity, as some humanoid species have stated in the past that its flow of information when handling a major ship can be quite overwhelming for the subconscious and the consciousness alike, inflicting massive amounts of pain.
  • The All-Too-Dangerous God - In theory, it is possible for a single person to control a capital-grade ship such as a Star Destroyer, in theory. However, the act itself can be extremally vexing for its own sanity, threatening to cast aside his mind and forcefully merging it as one with the ship's slave system stripping it of his independence and free will, making it convert to just another chain of numbers inside its code.
  • Unity is the Key - When used to stir over large vessels, the number of people connected increases, with the increasing of minds connected to the Yggdravril Network their minds start to lose their own identities, as each consciousness becomes aware of each other in its fullest, unity among them needs to be synchronized over time and achieved through hard work, or else each of its users may find themselves lost inside the Yggdravril, forever trapped inside its inner slave systems.
  • Force Murderer - Out of fear of having trained force users achieving greater synchronized actions while using this device, its creators added a series of chemical elements that can be found on spice so that a force sensitive being in the use of this device will slowly feel its ability to wield the Force to be dampened and cut off, eventually blocking his mind to using the Force completely.
  • Sliceable - Those experts in the arts of hacking down a system can infiltrate a virus inside this ship's system with enough power to infect its user's minds, leading to a painful drop to madness and leading their systems to utter chaos.


The elzeri species had always been regarded by offworlders as both 'peculiar' and 'advanced'. When the rest of the galaxy was yet celebrating their advancements on hyperspace traveling, the Star Children were unlocking the mysteries of the mind, its nuances, and dark corners, as to how to apply their minds with technological discoveries and achieve greater results on their actions. For it was quite a known fact that hyperdrive jump can be delayed due to solving its complicated calculus before jumping, delaying their journey, and wasting precious time by running its numbers. Through years of research, the elzeri species devised the first prototypes of navigation, by applying cybernetic implants inside one's brain and allowing them to merge their intent with a ship's system, in time, their discoveries proved to be defective, causing them to attempt a much more subtle act of passing through the amount of energy required on infusing their intent into the system.

With the addition of a crystalline core, the creators of this elzeri piece of navigation used one of the Arlathan Gemstones in its prototype for its debut, as they were found in plenty beneath the mountains of their homeworld. Added to its center as a catalyst to share the appropriate balance of power as the energy runs through its device. For centuries this rare piece of space-traveling was seen throughout the galaxy, and was hardly even close to being understood by them and despite their cries, requests, and threats, the elzeri never shared their secrets with others beyond their kind and have hunted down any offworlder that tried stealing them. Its creation was largely abandoned after the elzeri lost track of their home planet as without the Arlathan Gemstones they lacked any other form of material for a crystalline core to use on their devices, forcing them to resort on lesser materials such as kyber crystals, but due to its costs, the elzeri abandoned their navigators and were forced to resort to the primitive tactics of traveling.
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Quite the fancy mind-machine interface you've got here; glad to see other people making them too, fun piece of tech.
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  • The Arlathan Gems this submission uses are Minor, while this submission is Mass-Produced. "A submission cannot have a higher production rating than the submission used in its creation.", excerpt from the Factory Rules. Please remove it or lower the Production Rating of this submission, I would personally go with the latter option unless you intend for this to be included in Mass-Produced ships.
  • The Unity is the Key Weakness ends abruptly at "... or else each of its users", please finish it.
Once the above is done, I will happily stamp this.
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