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Ashin Varanin

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It's a title that, as of the TOR era, had only been given out twice in several thousand years. Once to a Padawan who died in the process of redeeming his brother, once to a Jedi who defeated the Sith Emperor. It has no functional significance; it's Cerean for 'Warden of the Order,' just straight-up symbolism. What it means is this: The ultimate example of Jedi-ness, when sacrifice is required. It cannot be self-granted.

Though @[member="Aleidis Ijet"] left the Order at the Grandmaster' request, in order to become Chancellor, the Jedi Council is united in the belief that Master Ijet is worthy of this title. At immense personal risk, and surrounded by many conflicting voices and forces, she fought her way out of a trap set by the Dark Lord Velok. He was the Republic's chief enemy, and the destroyer of the planets Rhommamool and Osarian, as well as the murderer of several Jedi on Tython. As he had survived death before, she managed to trap his spirit eternally, and neutralize the Darkstaff, the single most dangerous Force artifact in the modern galaxy. She did so even after crippling, maiming wounds, and at significant personal cost.

The Council names Aleidis Ijet Barsen'thor.
I'm Darron Wraith, and I approve of this message.​

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