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Aynea Zyn'meshurok



~ P H Y S I C A L ~
Species: Ruferalahuín - Ruksenmih, Energy Vampire
Biological Age: 53.8 years (Eight-Tails)
Physiological Age: 19 human years
Chronological Age: 68 years
Sex: Female
Height: 66 inches / 167.5 centimeters
Weight: 132 pounds / 59.9 kilograms
Skin: Pale Caucasian
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gold Slit / Blood Red when enraged
Sensitivity: High

~ S O C I A L ~
Name: Aynea Savan-Xyhn (formerly ​Aynea Zyn'meshurok)
Birth Name: Ayña Kotos Oólb Rudle
Alias: None
Titles: Countess of Castle Malfrost
Homeworld: Unknown, Ulúk Tgalieh
Residence: TBD
Fluent Languages: Alat Rufer, Galactic Basic Standard, Sith
Basic Languages: Vong, Mando'a
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Spouse: None

~ M A R T I A L ~
Rank: Master
Role: Jedi Sentinel
Alignment: Dark ~ Grey ~ Light
Specialization: Pyrokinesis / Sorcery

~ A F F I L I A T I O N S ~
The United Mandalorian Clans - Rally Master
The Galactic Republic - Jedi Sentinel
The Silver Jedi Order - Ex Silver Jedi Philosopher
The Witchmasters - Maven
The Witches of Dathomir - Spellweaver
The Council of Sorcery - Ex Guild Mage

~ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ~
Cassandra Cinthra ([member="Enigma"]) // Ex-Fiance
[member="Saera Willamina Savan"] // Daughter
[member="Charlotte Homura"] // Adopted Daughter
[member="Kass Zyn'meshurok"] // Adopted Daughter
[member="Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae"] // Partner
[member="Maria Natalja"] // Former Student
[member="Jate Kar'ta"] // Ally
[member="Dredge"] // Former Ally
[member="Break"] // Former Ally
[member="Alachei Mnemenos"] // Acquaintance
[member="Alexandra Feanor"] // Acquaintance
[member="Alicia Drey"] (Darth Ayra) // Rival
Kaine Zambrano ([member="Darth Vornskr"]) // Rival
[member="Isley Verd"] (Darth Metus (?*) ) // Rival
[member="Romeo Sin"] // Potato

~ S T R E N G T H S & W E A K N E S S E S ~
(+) Master Hunter
Growing up alone on Scilla has taught Ayña how to track and hunt small prey without tools. She prides herself in her ability to not only catch food but cook it, all on her own. She sometimes couples her talent with her racial senses to track individuals through natural terrain.

(+) Telekinetic Catalyst
When Ayña's wife pulled her from her former undying coil and placed her in this new Ruferalahuín body, her bloodline was shifted more towards the Ruksenmih Tribe - which her new body derived from. This caused her affinity to Pyrokinesis to fall through without removing her naturally gained strength in the skill. In its place, she gained stronger control over Telekinesis - nigh a whole step up - especially in her left arm. Because of the stealth affinity of her new body, Ayña's been able to devise whole new ways to fight and use her abilities.

(+) Energy Vampirism
Ayña was brought back to life by a Sith resurrection serum coupled with Alchemy that had collaboratively turned her into a vampire. Because of her vampirism, she is able to drink the life forces out of other sentient beings to enhance her own, or conversely seep hers into their body to create a healing effect at her expense. She may also turn her victims into zombies, often mindless or carnivorous, who do her bidding though she does not typically resort to such dark means of influence.

(+ -] Racial Attributes - Ruksenmih
Ayña has a strong sense in the Force thanks to her new body, which is able to detect it better than the other subspecies Tribes. She is incredibly agile to start, with her new body only improving her natural dexterity, allowing her to pull off martial feats of maneuverability such as parkour with relative ease. She can see incredibly well in the dark (though this is redundant to her vampiric sense of sight). In exchange for her attunement with the Force and heightened body control, her body is also slender and more fragile, while her mind is more corruptible to the darker musings of the Force. Interestingly enough, being a Ruksenmih descendant has reduced her hot-blooded nature and calmed her "urges" slightly.

[-] Bloodlust
Because of a constant need to feed on the Force-rich essences of others sensitive in the Force, coupled with a lack of continuous sources off of her world of origin, Ayña has a lust for users' blood. If desperately needed, she would eat another being -- even a fellow Rufie -- if her survival depended on it. However, blood drawn from a donor or organs bought from the black market also suffice and pose only minimal risks.

[-] 50 Shades of Foxy
Simply put, Ayña was an adult idol and she isn't ashamed of it. Whilst not dirty or easy (quite far from the truth, in fact), she is begrudgingly addicted to carnal pleasure and climax. Sometimes her lust gets the better of her speech or motivations. Promise to keep it PG-13.

[-] Vulpine Musk
As if one wasn't enough, very small glands in the tips of all of her tails produce and emit a mild musk that may upset other species' sense of smell. For other Ruferalahuín however, the musk is both a means of denoting territory as well as identity. It is particularly strong in her. Most often, Ayña will conceal it with a strong floral-scented perfume.

~ P O S S E S S I O N S ~

Living Outfit:
*Glistaweb Chemise
Armor-Ani II Stockings
Beskar'gam-Heeled Shoes*
(*means a copy of these things were/will be given to Aeizori*)

Talzin Lightsabers


Right Hand, Neuro-Shock
Breasts, NeuroSaav Aurek Series Defensive Augmentation Implants

~ A B I L I T I E S ~

.■■■■■ Hopeful
.■■■■■■ Apprentice
.■■■■■■■ Knight
.■■■■■■■■ Master
.■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Apex

Force Weapon [n/a]











Force Sense
Light Side


Dark Side



White Current
White Current

Force Immersion
Sith Magic
Reanimated Dead

Aura of Uneasiness
Ruferalahuin Magic
Faux Fire
Dathomiri Magic

~ F O R M S ~










Mon Ke Cin*

Dun Moch

~ W E A P O N S ~
Lightsaber Staff
Lightsaber Pike
Shoto Saber
Saber Gauntlet
Inquisitor Lightsaber
Long-Handle Lightsaber

~ C O M B A T ~

~ A P P E A R A N C E ~
Work in progress.

~ P E R S O N A L I T Y ~
__Ayña was always sweet and noble since childhood, and can be very affectionate and passionate. She is a great sense of character and empathy, learning to play on peoples' emotions to subliminally help them feel better or worse. Throughout her years of experiences and conflicts, she was slowly changed trying to find her place in the world, and had finally settled on serving herself and those she holds dear exclusively. While temperamentally opposed to Sith philosophy, she is unafraid of the Dark Side and maintains the status of a Rogue Jedi with no particular persuasion in the Force. She never had a master and no longer has any desire to fight for or serve a particular cause. Besides Force influences and a long life of domestication, Ayña can sometimes be easily reverted to more primal behavior such as pouncing, scratching, yipping, chasing and growling at things like insects... and fish... and balls... and dogs, oh, the dogs.
__Ayña's other side is much more feral and bloodlusting, though it is one that is only exposed against those who would do her harm or cause needless malice. Her eyes turn red like rubies and her fangs grow dagger-like. Her fox-like nature is most prominent while she is in this state.

~ B I O G R A P H Y ~
Arc of Adolescence
__Ayña Kottos, a pure-blooded Ruferalahuín, was born on Ulúk Tgalieh to the Oólb Rudle tribe. She was daughter to the chieftain, her mother who she greatly resembled. Every night, she would look up at the three moons, upon the hollow, cracked open construct they knew as the third, wondering what existed beyond the horizon which they could not know. One day, she boarded a supply shuttle in secret and left her world. Still unexplored by any other race, she watched in awe out the window as she saw the construct up close for what it was, knowing full well that there were secrets within no simple force of nature could have carved.
__Ayña had it tough growing up, living on the streets of cities on Csilla. There, she learned what it meant to struggle to survive, both in the urban jungles and frozen wastes. She often stole food or pickpocketed others for loose change. When simple foodstuffs weren’t sustenance enough for her biological need for midi-chlorian-enriched blood, she took to less “noble” jobs such as smuggling and trafficking. At the physiological age of sixteen was when her life finally began to turn for the better. A lone fisher had watched her catch fish by the rim of the frozen tundra. He was impressed with her ability to hunt and catch fish, so he thought to invite her to put her skills to profit. First startled upon realising she had been discovered, the two eventually became acquainted.
__Ayña spent almost a decade hunting, fishing and serving for a small food parlor in the city. Her true nature was safely kept hidden between only the two, and she no longer had to resort to unsavory means to survive. She fell for the boy who gave her this new life, her first love, and eventually her first time. However, as he aged, she did not. The differences in them only grew, until one day she couldn’t take any more and simply disappeared with no trace but a scented letter.
__Later in life, Ayña became an official citizen of Atrisia and lived a humble life there, all while her sensitivity, needs and physiology remained hidden. Because she had the gift of seductive charm and certainly didn’t lack for looks, Ayña became an adult holo star and a model. Slowly but surely, she was gaining critical acclaim throughout the underground. Some of her most popular flicks are such as B*tches of Dathomir, The Atrisian Concubine, Padawans Gone Wild, Jumbo the Hutt, The Hottie From Hoth, Animal Instinct, and Syndicate: A Pirate's Booty. She could finally become comfortable with her identity. One day, she decided it was time to put her fortune to use and set out on an adventure….

Arc of Mischievous Fox
__During her wild adventures, Ayña had been summarily burned down the Atrisian palace (well, one hall anyways), assaulted royal guards, begrudged hunters, command as regent of a royal throne, amass a secret army and meet the love of her life. Through this lover and her fiance, Circe Savan, she was given a child. The child was not sired between the two, but a genetically perfect hybrid of both of its parents; a clone, strictly speaking. It was named Saera Aynea Savan, taking her middle name from her mother's own, and her last from her paternal parent's. Ayña scoured the galaxy looking for a rare collection of gems, as well as to find one finally suitable for a wedding band as she had always dreamed of the perfect day to propose to Circe. Before she could marry under the name, her identity was voluntarily stricken from all records and the trail ended where the alias began. Upon realizing that the galaxy could fear a name whose face it did not know but sound it gravely remembered, Ayña became Ashelotte Saybin - a surname which Circe herself originally contemplated on taking when the time was right - and became a Lady of the organization known as the Horde; she acted as neutral proxy for weapon sales between RRDI and the Vong.

Arc of Hollowed Fox
__A twisted turn of events (coupled with her fiance's own naivety) lead to the capture of Circe by Mandalorian hands. The Horde, backed by a covert and heated Ashelotte, strike against the Mandalorians maximum-security holding facility on Myrkr, which ultimately proved a success thanks simply to the Captain Larraq's consequent decision to relieve the gravity wells to tend to other matters at hand.
__Not long after the successful escape of Circe and the reunion with Ayña, a mild distance left the couple to feel apart however physically close, and Ayña had one too many at the local pub on one fateful night. Drunken and alone, she wandered off into a seedy alleyway to discover the man that would one day be her comrade, praising an unknown figure of the Dark. The only witness, the man used her mental and physical state to seduce her closer and ultimately attempt to slay her. Found later tucked beside garbage bags, only a resurrection serum retained by the Sith Council - employ of her former slicer Darc Xavior Talus in disguise - and a careful manipulation of Sith alchemy would snatch her forth from the vices of death. Sadly, it left her to undeath and a state of irreparable decay. A hollowed and numb Ayña was left to fight for the wife she nearly lost, regaining her from the influences of her long-time reviled Kaine Zambrano. In the process, she had also used her newfound energy vampirism, granted through the alchemically manipulated serum, to steal the life force of the man's unborn child scientifically inserted into her fiance's womb and ultimately withhold its soul.

Arc of Innocent Fox
__It did not take long for the two fated lovers to be free of the Dark influences. After searching inside herself for what truly drove her even beyond the grave, Ayña finally decided that her former form, which she held so dear and sanctified, would be sacrificed for a clone of another racial Tribe of her species. The body was a perfect reflection of herself in the blood of the Ruksenmih, and with her Sith Lady lover's careful applications, the soul of Ayña was forever transplanted into this seemingly lifeless form. So began Ashe the Reaper, Scion of the Stars.
__Ashe continued on in her warpath against the Sith and Darth Ayra by serving the Mandalorians in their campaign against the One Sith. Throughout the years, her title as Ashe the Reaper began to develop infamy. The many battles she fought and plots she spied on finally strained her will to its limits and left Ashe longing for a life she had once knew and lost. One day, she had abandoned her zealotry against the Sith to find herself, and became a member of the Silver Jedi order. Her nameless scythe was given away on the open market, claimed by Solan Charr, a loose acquaintance of hers.

Arc of Condescending Fox
__The days of Ashe the Reaper had faded, and so too did the alias of Ashelotte Saybin. Finally content to be herself and live for the moment, Ayña assumed her birth-given name and continued to pursue the path of the Silver Jedi. She was not long for the restrictive lifestyle of a Jedi, no longer willing to serve any one cause that might force her to forsake another, though she strove to better herself as an individual and tried to keep strong ties with the Order in the hopes of one day returning. As time passed, she decided to become an errant Rogue.
__Everything Ayña owned, she'd passed down to her daughter, including Castle Malfrost. She had completely abandoned the life of luxury and anything that related to the riches her family possessed, for they only deterred her from her path. Her life briefly continued as a renegade swordswoman of the Shadow Dynasty, who only answers to the coming Shadow Queen and vowed to protect the dynasty from all corruption.

Arc of Enlightened Fox


~ A C H I E V E M E N T S ~

  • [...]


  • Circe Savan


  • The Land Campaign of Chaeronea



In chronological order...
Mischievous Fox Arc:
[Invasion] To Steal a Man's Tea - Concluded
Aynea curiously sneaks up the mountainside and into the Imperial Palace, accidentally starting a fire when startled, caught in the act of "securing" some valuables! +1 Pyrokinesis Use

[Training] What Does the Fox Say? - Aborted
Nyah! Aynea finally meets her master in the Force and turns her mind from promiscuous fun to serious learning.

[Private] Meeting Miss Mozilla - Concluded
Aynea takes refuge on Sakura, only to meet the woman who rescued her on Atrisia and form an interesting relationship with her. (Parts may be missing or abridged because... well... you wouldn't want to know the "where" or "how"....) +1 Force Healing Use, +1 Pyrokinesis Use, +1 Telepathy Use

[Development] The Grander Experiment - Concluded
After a long, 'fulfilling' night together onboard a Serpena-bound vessel, Circe and Aynea finally decide to have a child and work begins to clone their genes into a single living embryo which is carefully placed in Aynea's womb. +1 Force Healing Use, +Discovered Telemetry

[Development] Nine Tails, Thirty-Two Rounds - Concluded
All work and no play makes Miss Mozilla a dull foxy. Aynea "helps" develop the cobalt-covered Ri'essi C-PDW, her signature pistols.

[Dominion] Provocation of a Queen - Aborted
The freshly appointed regent of the royal throne leads the Mnenchei Dominion Royal Navy to battle for Sharb.... Wait, who are we fighting?

[Development] A Small Conquest on Obredaan - Concluded*
As forces deploy to diplomatically secure Obredaan under the prosperous umbrella of the monarchy, warlord Lady Aynea helps herself and a few potential allies to some of the planet's reserved Cortosis ore, while multitasking the command of the Dominion's forces and diplomats.
*Cut short due to Ven's quitting of the site.

[Non-Canon] Elegy - Concluded
Aynea takes to the desert on operations, and FUBAR's poodoo up over stolen goods! The foxtress decides to play bowling... if the pins are Tusken Raiders and the balls are hot bolts. Serious discussions begin, plans are formulated, and a bounty is captured!


Repenting Fox Arc:

[Private] Lady of the West - Concluded
As part of the expansion of RRDI, Lady Ashelotte - the former warlord Aynea Kottos of the private black ops organization Orca - arranged a meeting with her newfound ally the leader of the Yuuhzan Vong to discuss business arrangements. After mild negotiations, a small gift of a handful of weapons and vehicles is gifted and deals go underway to sell a small army.

[Private] "//END" - Concluded
After an overabundance of pent up emotions, Ashelotte finally decides to confront Circe for once and for all concerning the truth about her history and path. The gears of change are set in motion in her lover and fiance's life.

[Development] New Weapons - Aborted
Both a weapon of great power and a child of great influence are born, here in the most unholy of altars. The Norfang begins. (Aborted; Still Canon)


[Public] Well-Wishing - Concluded
People get lightninged, stuff happens, folks die and Ashe's armor needs to be regrown.

[Private] Mad Merc's Funeral - Concluded
Funeral for a friend....

[Private] The Ballad of Billiard the Kid - Concluded
The murder and war crimes trial of Ashin and Spencer takes place in the Ri'essi sector, and soon after a pending Republic trial for separate charges. The royal dungeons await.


[Skirmish] Welcome to the Jungle - Concluded
A small war erupts over the rescue of Circe, who was captured by the Mandolirians, and Ashe jumps in to rescue her beloved fiance.

[Development] The Death and Resurrection Show - Concluded
Aynea discovers that her fiance Circe has left with her ex and Aynea's mortal foe, Kaine Zambrano, and becomes emotionally compromised. A series of related events leads to her untimely death... but how do you kill that, which has no life? +1 Telemetry Use


Hollowed Fox Arc:

[Private] Unintentionality - Telepathic / Concluded
Lost between life and death and now a sentient undead, the newly hollowed Aynea reaches out to her lover through the Force, sensing the disturbance of her soul and speaking with it for long enough to Persuade her into revealing her situation, both through mundane verbal request and through memory impressions. +2 Telepathy Use

[Public] SSB Public Freighter Sale by Corellian Engineering Corporation and the Silk Holdings - Concluded
Ashe buys a few new ships at discount.

[Public] SSB Auction - Akure Executive Leatherworks, Tenloss Corp. and Ordo - Concluded
Having brought her beloved daughter Saera to the auction house that day to buy mining equipment for her beautiful baby girl's aspirations and gifts to her, Aynea wanders off into an auction where she tries to buy out a Durindfire for her ongoing wedding band project.

[Public] SSB Auction - Mystery Item Auction - Concluded
Ashe wins a Ring of Aza'zoth.

[Public] SSB Auction - Mystery Item Auction Number Two - Concluded
Ashe wins Storm the Alchemic Wakizashi (Lot F) and an AEL Tarentatek Duster (Lot I). She also devours the soul of a nameless fetus of her enemy. It is a truly prosperous day, indeed. +1 Force Healing Use

[Dominion] Auction of the Century - Concluded
Being invited to yet another auction, Ashe discovers that the one known as Thalia - the new form or her fiance - was never really true and that Circe Savan has been safe and hidden all along. That being known, Ashe does everything she can to uphold the honor of her lover by outbidding on the fragment of her Vinithi body, so that it may be either absorbed back into her mass or destroyed outright. +3 Telepathy Use

[Dominion] A Devious Plan in Action - Aborted
Ashe helps the Sith Council take over a planet through clever plotting and her silent blade. Things begin to get out of hand when a giant creature shows up on the scene. (Aborted; Faction disbanded)

[Faction] Jukyard - Concluded
TBA. +1 Pyrokinesis Use +1 Faux Fire Use

[Public] Gimme a Circe Green Ale - Concluded
Warning: May be toxic to humans and non-Vinithi. Do not operate a speeder or spacecraft while under the influence. +1 Pyrokinesis Use

[Dominion] Open Barfight - Concluded
The barfight to capture a planet.... +1 Telekinesis Use, +1 Faux Fire Use

[Private] Hello, Sweetie... - Concluded
Ashe and her fiance sign a contract to do couple's shots for a gentleman's holo-magazine.

[Public] Tenloss Calendar Girls Tryouts - Concluded
Nothing much to note happens, save Ashe stopping by to take a collection of three casual modeling photos for a calendar contest by Tenloss.

[Invasion] War, What Good is it For? Absolutely Nothing! - Concluded (left due to LOA)
The Moross Crusade suddenly invades the Silken Asteroids, an important location for Vong nuclear weapons manufacturing. As small boarding skirmishes break out in the belt's space and mercenaries are called in on both sides, Ashe rushes in to protect her daughter's interest and her brethren.

[Private] Retribution of a Soul Eater - Idle
Ashe has left the Horde and their forlorn ideals. It the strange and foreign land of Mandalore, the foxtress returns to change her life around once more, beginning with a ceremonial clean slate and the ascension to a sister of the Mandalorians.

[Bounty] Hunting a Mankarii - Concluded
Already somewhat familiar with the world of Crystalsong, Ashe helps one of her client bounty hunters capture a Mankarii for her Shaping experiment.


Innocent Fox Arc:

[Private] The Most Banthapoodoo Thread Ever Written - Concluded
Finally discontented by her true body, Ashe decides to do something she once thought heresy and degradation; switching bodies with a fresh clone of a different tribe. Her loving wife is there to make certain nothing goes wrong. What could go wrong? +6 Telekinesis (Racial), +Discovered Force Scream, +1 Force Barrier

[Campaign] Chaeronea: The Attack on Region 24 - Concluded
By fire be purged. Ashe holds the Mandalorian line on Aigi, though outnumbered, by starting an unnatural wildfire to repel enemy ground advances. +1 Pyrokinesis Use

[Skirmish] False Flags - Concluded
Taking a routine stroll across Aeten II from Esfandia to cut through Mandalorian Space, Ashe encounters archaic IIFs... these strange little archaic IFFs. Ashelotte unknowingly meets the woman that will soon become her mortal enemy.

[Invasion] The Republic Shall Fall - Concluded
While originally hired by a Republic ally to help defend Coruscant, Ashe - underpowered - procrastinates until recognizing her fiance and former allies down on the surface. In a disrupted attempt to save her from hostiles and her own greed, Ashe finds her, but is only left by the wayside by the one she loves. +2 Pyrokinesis Use, +1 Telekinesis Use, +1 Faux Fire Use, +1 Force Healing Use

[Dominion] Reclamation of the Lost - Concluded
Birthday cake on a galactic scale....

[Teaching] The Healer of Arx Mortis - Postponed
Ashe teaches Maria Zambrano of Crystalsong the basics in the art of Force healing. (Self Note; Revisit this in future arc)

[Skirmish] The Fires of Chaos - Abandoned
The first to answer the call of duty in her new station, Ashe the Reaper drops in hot - literally - and helps defend Equator City from... who are they again? (Note: I have idled in this until there is a suitable enemy for Ashe to engage, level gap and circumstances in mind.)

[Private] Naboo: Where Things Happen - Idle
Ashelotte meets a familiar stranger in a bling meeting and invites her wife so that the three may discuss going on a special quest for a rare Sapphire. A dramatic experience; when Circe comes to confess her adultery to Ashe, the foxtress is heated and broken to discover that her fiance and parent of her child had cheated on her thrice now. Now, she is sworn for blood against her transgressor. The quest for the Ankarres Sapphire continues. +1 Force Sense Use, +1 Psychometry Use

[Dominion] Subach Ventures to Almania - Concluded
Smile for the sword, darling. An unlikely trio puts their personal problems aside for the good of one goal only; to expand Subach Innes.

[Invasion] Fighting for Rubble - Concluded
Enter the Manalorians to protect their new world from reclamation. The fight for Dromund Kaas may be underway, but the fight to slay Alicia Drey is only just beginning.... +2 Pyrokinesis Use, +1 Telekinesis Use

[Training] The Calm Before the Storm - Postponed
What starts as a routine walk out in the town for coffee and some R&R becomes a heated argument over a spilled cup - no pun intended.

[Private] Collectables - Idle
Ashelotte and Isley trade some swag. (Abandoned; Partner retired)

[Faction] Roots Upon the Hunter's Moon - Idle
Leaving all that she knew behind, once more, to step forward into uncertainty; Ashelotte breaks every personal code and turns to the Dark Side to aide the Sith and her beloved wife... but what is her deeper motive?

[Invasion] The Reckoning - Concluded
Although in self-exile in her quest to fulfill the needs of her Wife and deceive her rival, Alicia Drey, Ashelotte takes the place of her Manda-raised daughter to do what she does best; hunt and slay other Sith of darker callings. +2 Pyrokinesis Use, +1 Force Healing Use

[Public] Up for Auction: Uma - Concluded
Ashelotte (now Aynea again) is drawn to an unassuming slave auction on a foreign world to buy a slave of destiny, who she believes will be her indentured apprentice. Sadly, some rich scum ruins the day again.


Condescending Fox Arc:

[Faction] Ti Xi You Ji - Concluded
What better way to find a Light Side relic than to have Jedi do it for you?

[Faction] On the Other Side of the Galaxy - Concluded
A new hopeful wanders into Mandalorian territory, hoping to join the Mando'ade. A sort of initiation takes place. Life isn't as black and white as it seems.

[Development] Let's Wake Up the Dead, Comeback Kid! - In Progress
Aynea and her wife, Circe, imbue Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut into a Sith sword, Jen'tyuk-kaar.

[Training] Open Training With a Blade Master - Idle
The former Makashi Seven Swordsman and the amnesiac Blade Master fight; but who will win? +1 Lightsaber Use, +1 Iaiken Use

[Development] You Need to React(or); Why Puns are Bad - Concluded
Fly in style. Aynea attends a meeting to purchase a very special reactor from Rendili for her very special and highly-invested starship project. The Wedding of Aynea and Circe grows one step closer.

[Public] Weekend Treasure Hunt 8: Extragalactic Death World - Concluded
Weekend Treasure Hunt #8.

[Public] Press Release: Alli Wren and Druckenwell - Concluded
Aynea tries to sell info on Alli Wren and Circe Savan... but fails, because Larraq is a 'spacer butthead.'

[Faction] Coalesce (Crystalsong Commonwealth & Levantine Sanctum) - Concluded
Even the righteous have their sins. Rave Merrill is indicted by an alliance of systems and a large armada of capital military ships and mercenary vessels is brought to the proverbial door of the Levantine Sanctum to obligate proper due process.

It's that time of year again....

[Auction] SSB 24 Hour Auction - Ri'ess Regal Drives, Heofon Industries, Vulcan Industries - Concluded
Another one....

[Development] To Future Investments - Concluded
Tenloss has recently been encroaching on valuable Crystalsong territory, but things begin to turn when Popo asks to buy shares in RRDI from Aynea.

[Auction] SSB 24 Hour Auction - Silk Holdings and Sasori Research - Concluded
Number three....


Cabalistic Fox Arc:

[Public] Breaking the Chains - Partial Non-Canon
Aynea arrives on Eclipstica to deliver her collection of Force relics and yachts to her daughter, but leaves with something more.... +1 Psychometry Use

[Private] Naive Minds - Non-Canon
On the curious world of Nar Shaddaa, Aynea's new companion and beloved friend Aeizori-Mei has a nervous breakdown due to slavers. In an effort to protect the girl from harm, she is forced to buy their display specimen... and so Yulathe and the trio Ruferalahuin was formed. +1 Telekinesis Use

[Private] Nar Shaddaa Nights - Non-Canon
Aynea sacrifices for her beloved companion, Aeizori, and has that love returned. ;3 Long over are the days of Aeizori dressing as a slave. +1 Lovemaking Use


Enlightened Fox Arc:

[Faction] Mandalore Remembers: Call of the Crusade - In Progress
Description to be added...


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3-2-14 10:07 -5 ~ Added Menagerie-Class Frigate, Cabracan AT-LTA and Saybin Crabshell Armor​
3-2-14 14:12 -5 ~ Added Norfang Components list and updated nicknames​
3-3-14 06:37 -5 ~ Updated and Cropped pictures​
3-7-14 11:36 -5 ~ Fixed alias and added Sith Daisho Set​
3-8-14 23:52 -5 ~ Removed Council of Sorcery​
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6-10-14 23:27 -5 ~ Added Force Sense as an Ability; Force Sense was not originally thought variable from the character's rank, and has now been scaled to represent her current rank and frequency of use​
6-16-14 07:58 -5 ~ Nerfed Telekinesis -3, boosted Force Sense (Racial) +3​
6-22-14 15:31 -5 ~ Added Apprentice Makashi to account for acclimation (Seven Swords), Added to Hopeful White Current skills (Ashe knows about it through Circe Savan (Enigma), but has not yet received formal training from her wife)​
9-30-14 20:19 -5 ~ Added Rainbow Storm (Knight Level) for new Arc fluff​
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Fox Fire! New OOC Account
Thank you but no thanks, Circe. That would be IC odd consdering what we've plotted.


@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"] Hey, no one said sorcery can't be used for good! It's just... impractical and highly difficult. xD
@[member="Circe Savan"] If you want, you can still teach her though, informally! :3


Eater of the Dead
I love it and well a saber fan would be interesting to see in action


I regret to announce that I am slowly doing away with this character. I want to turn a new leaf, and I'm not the only one ;) but I can't do it if I still have her. This means different things for a few different people. I am not going to immediately abandon her; instead, I am slowly fading her out, giving all of her current threads at least a sense of conclusion and closure, then she's going out with a climactic finale.

@[member="Eldoc Quasat"] Sorry but I can no longer be your apprentice. I'm sure you would have been a great teacher.

@[member="Circe Savan"] Well... you already know. ;)
The Circe x Aynea relationship was hella fun to roleplay. I don't think I've ever done a character relationship before. Definitely worth it, we got a lot done in a short time.

@[member="Gar Tanaris"] @[member="Zalderic Drayke"] You didn't really know Aynea, but on the bright side, I will have more time to focus on Alachei, the faction and our personal threads.

@[member="Kayvaan Niveus"] Looks like you'll be one of a kind, friend. Sorry we couldn't get to do more threads between the two. I was going to have the species erased seeing as how I've gotten a lot of hate for creating it, but... ah, well, screw what people's personal opinions are, right? If you enjoy it, enjoy it. This is a site for all of us. :)

@[member="Captain Larraq"] I am voiding my post in the Dromund Kaas invasion. It will take too long and I don't want to do half of a job. Sorry and best of luck with the Sith!

@[member="Hannibal Oryen"] @[member="Jared Ovmar"] Despite the... unpleasant at best interactions at best between us, and the craziness that's ensuing, I'm not going to abandon the thread. You're free to continue pursuing Circe. I will merely be switching over to @[member="Alachei Mnemenos"] regarding that from this point on. On that matter, I would appreciate if you, ya know, didn't shoot civilians on her planet, lol! Separate subject, I know we have not been on the greatest terms and I'm sorry for it, but I hope we can change that one day. I'll even put genuine effort into it if you're willing to receive. :)

@[member="Nocturno "]I've been told that the Valen events, ships handed to the faction by the CIS for Valen, and the interest in them has all been made non-canon, and that you'll be heading back home soon. In that respect, I imagine the others will go back to solely hunting Circe. Anyways, it's good to know we did not need to fight. :)

@[member="Aronis Vilgar"] @[member="Scarlet Faith"] I know that we just started a thread together so I won't ask you two to agree to abandon/non-canon it. I will see it through, but its going to be a little more brief than a normal thread, okay?

@[member="Shinjū Aÿasha"] That saber fan is still totally going to happen!


I'm flattered guys, really, but I made someone a promise. If they were to get rid of theirs, I would too. Start fresh and new, IC and OOC. She was a fun character while she lasted and will always be one of my favorites; that's saying a lot through nine years of RP experiences!


I am keeping the character.... Well, sort of. She's undergoing a lot of character changes. Blame Circe's writer for convincing me to keep her! :p