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ATTN: Untold leave of absence.

Friends of Star Wars RP Chaos. Recently I have been having problems with life. Many of the things that have come up are problems with relationships, family, friends, and sadly this site. As much as I may not want to admit it, but most of my spare time is spent on this site, Hence the so many characters, and threads, and things that I have done. (Including of getting two characters to Master rank, and another to Knight within one year time, which I am told is very fast) Because of these problems that have arisen, I will have to deal with them one at a time in my life. With my religion, I can go on a mission that will let me spread the gospel to others who may be in need, and with that coming up in about a year, I will need to spend more time preparing for this mission and to prepare myself mentally for the task at hand.

This leaves me at a cross roads. And I have a decision to make. Sadly it will have to be that I will be leaving the site for a time. How long of a time, I will only say that when I come back. As for this moment of making this post, I will be leaving the site IC and OOC until I deem myself fit for me to return. I know that recently I have been doing a lot of roleplay threads with people, and that with all of these characters of mine, that I will have to somehow explain how they are doing as this leave of absence may take longer than what I hope that it will take.

Darren “Solrune” Shaw will become a ghost. Seeming to disappear into thin air he will cease to exist for the time that I am gone.
MornaImura will be traveling the unknown Universe, hoping to find the Galaxy that the Vong and others had come from, or even new species that are yet to be discovered.
Zack Varad will be stuck with a desk job, doing paper work because he is only an initiate of the Mandalorians,
Zoey Marix is looking for Aholocron on Dantooine when suddenly her signal is lost, and there is no way to contact her. She may be dead and is considered MIA.
Xynar who I have done very little work on will be considered as a hermit and does not leave his homemade cave.
Xander Carrick is put once more into cryostasis as he once was before. He fell asleep and K1-LLR picked him up and placed him into the Cryochamber on the ship. Locking him away until he will be needed for the Galaxy later.
Aaron Axon I have not done anything with, and will leave alone,
Nathan Hale, The same goes for him as Axon.
Kai Nariko will have been looking for the Jensaarai and their kind without the knowledge of their home planet, and will become lost as his ship ran out of fuel and crashed into a desolate planet where he must now survive on his own.
Ryan Slade will be working with the Inquisitors as a training dummy and work a low income job as a citizen hiding as a sleeper agent until called upon.

I will be sad go and to not have contact with any of you. I will hope to return later for me to catch up on these threads, or even just to start over from scratch. I wish to apologize for any harm or confrontations that I have had with anyone, and as so, if you are of a worthy note, I will be PMing you something else.

I hate to say goodbyes, they always made me sad. Its hurts me to say this, but instead of saying goodbye, I’ll say.

Until next time.
Luke Beleren said:
Really sad to see you go man. We had a lot of great roleplays together. I hope everything goes good with life and you find the time to return at some point.
I will. Promise.

Tefoo said:
See you next Saturday.
Checking things to makesure in my absence that the Jensaarai Faction doesn't get lost.

Lucien Cordel said:
Good luck. see you when you get back I will just have to use my lighter to burn new fringe recruits for a time
Use it well my friend.

Janus Rogo said:
Sorry to see you go, man. Just getting fired up, too.
its all good man.

Rainbow Flowers said:
Sorry to see you're leaving . I hope everything goes well for you.
Not leaving, just taking some time off.

Jay Scott Clark said:
Take care man. See you when've.
You just you. ;)