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Approved Species Atrisian Raptalia

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Baifa Monü Zhuan
  • Name: Raptalia
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Atrisia
  • Average Lifespan: 1000
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
  • Description: Deceptively Beautiful with a ghostly grace... they can move like they are almost boneless and rarely seem to have skin blemishes. Long hair and sharp cheekbones with their features. Their skin is soft and warm to the touch with an unnatural heat that lets them be warm in cold weather. Their eyes can shift from normal looking to a slit pupil that is more fox like in appearance. On the outside though they look very Atrisian... almost idealized in their form, with everything meant to be flawless. In their hybrid form their skin coloring is generally their furs coloring with darker eyes and sharp fangs... black lips and almost monotone looks between fur and skin. Sharper claws are usually visible as well and the older they get the more tails they grow.
  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average Height of Adults: 1.9 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: 4 meters
  • Skin color: Pale to light pink
  • Hair color: Generally black for their humanoid forms and fur colorings can change from red to white and black.
  • Distinctions:
    • Prehensile Hair: Their hair is able to bend and move with their thoughts and will acting like additional arms to grasp but it doesn't have fine motor skills to preform complicated tasks (smack someone, hold something down as opposed to write or use a weapon)
    • Force Crystal: Formed within their body and connected to their hearts and minds via a thin cord. The jewel itself is able to be used as a lightsaber crystal and becomes more potent the longer one has lived. Much like a krayt dragon pearl it forms in their stomach and can be valuable.
    • Tails: WIth age comes wisdom and power, as they grow older they grow additional tails. Each one representing years of experience.
    • Transformation: Consuming a large amount of their energy causing them to have to feed afterwards almost immediately and with a massive spike in body temperature. The act is often considered violent and while not fighting or resisting it can ease the transformation. Bones and muscles rip and tear and break reshaping. A puss-like fluid that runs hot and explodes often violently leaving them dry but covering the area around them.
    • Heightened Senses: Hearing, eyesight, smell, taste and touch is enhanced with most having keen force senses that they are able to use to find potential prey.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: High
  • Elemental Shaping: Strong and powerful force users that are able to shape the elements around them usually fire but ice and air. The rarest is earth shaping as a manifestation of their power.
  • Multi-Forms: They have two styles, projecting their power in elemental avatars or being able to shed their skin and appear as fox like beings with long tails and teeth. Rare and powerful ones can shift parts of their bodies (hands, fangs, eyes) or become a hybrid type form incorporating features but being on two legs.
  • Skinwalker: Stealing the skin of another and using it as their own. Done under mysterious circumstances (force/drug induced state) but possible as they use the force to seperate the skin from the muscle and nisew. using it at the microscopic level to preserve until they can wear it and shape it to better form and cover them. It is dangerous to the victim as they are left exposed and without an epidermis if they still live. There is nothing else that transfers just the appearance but their previous looks begin to rot. Once their have a new skin they can treat it like a normal part of their own body.
  • Regeneration: A rare but not impossible feat, transformation reshapes the body and bones. Freshly lost limbs can recover if they are non-vital (fingers, ears) with legends that some injured in war could regenerate arms or legs over several transformations are difficult to confirm.
  • Force Connection: A large amount of the Raptalia are force sensitive and most of their abilities rely on it to function from shifting forms to being able to rapidly heal others when stealing skin. WIthout the force from fields they are almost normal humanoids or stuck in whatever form they have taken.
  • Selkie Skin: Stealing skins is some thing that can be done. THe skin though once they remove it is vulnerable and if it is stolen after several days begins to decompose and they can not recover or use it again being trapped in their other forms.
  • Their jewel: The bezoul that is formed in their body is a connection to them, their life force, their robust health... severing it from their bodies or destroying it can effectively kill them.
  • Energy: Transforming naturally requires a large amount of energy on its own, doing it to fight or defend can consume even more while putting a strain on the body.
  • Moonlight: A strange phenomenon where moonlight can reflect off of the skin and it will cause their force energies to flarte up. Often as ghostly tails around them and golden eyes.
  • Diet: Carnivore: Hearts and livers of force users/creatures. The nourishment from it gives them strength but it is also something that they can smell within the bodies of strong force users.
  • Communication: Verbal
  • Technology level: Atrisian Standard: High technology designed to improve quality of life and production. Advanced education and scientific study, manufacturing.
  • Religion/Beliefs: Often times worshiping the Atrisian gods of the forest, the Raptalia are some of the odler beings who evolved and changed after the gods came to the world and laid with the humans.... at least that is what they believe for their origins. Mentally most of them are cunning and use the religions of Atrisia to mask their killings, hide in plain sight and escape the dangers of being caught by changing their skins over the course of their lives.
  • General behavior:
    • With each other they are highly territorial and possessive, aside from their children most will only cross paths to mate or if they find a young one. Children are important as if they get stronger the organs harvested from them will be stronger. Among the Atrisians though they are a mixture of quiet and reserved but also seductive... seeking to separate the weaker ones from the villages or cities. They go after the ones who will not be missed and will not draw attention. Potentially with a strong force presence that they can feed off of and find more appealing.
    • With other Atrisians they are careful but not pushovers, they don't really shy from killing as the need comes up and will usually clean up after themselves to keep hidden but when they are transformed they can become much more violent and when they change identities there is no real way to not cause harm to someone. They are predators in the skin of their prey and on the rare occasion when they have children the aftermath is considered violent with the mates being killed and used to nourish the child in the early stages of life.
    • With their children they might be considered doting and affectionate, they raise them to be strong and survive... they seek out dens where they can set them up for survive and will eventually leave them to fend for themselves. They will often bring prey for the children and teach them how to hunt on the fringes.
    • With force users it is a very different scenario.. they are dangerous when they find a being who is strong in the force and will pursue them to feed upon them. With a determination few can shake in some cases and on their homeworld they have few natural predators... in the galaxy they can run afoul of anzati and fights between the species can often be some of the more violent. For force users through they prefer their livers and hearts for feeding and work to consume the force energies they have.
    • With their children that are not able to feel the force... a more rare occasion but it can happen and the children are usually exiled with no way to use any of their abilities. Often hunted down by others.
Discovered in the reconstruction era of Atrisia the first Raptalians were encountered by the Atrisians after several massacred a village seeking food. THey had seemed to survive the destruction by hunting animals and what jar'kai and atrisians that they could find to feed on. They didn't have the features yet.. they were much larger and more violent. IT would take several thousand years for them to become what they were by the time of the jade empress and the unification wars. By then their bodies were slimmer and more idealized taking on the look of idealized Atrisians as they settled into a position as apex predators among the humans.

With the unification wars they were not entirely able to hide... they were in the armies... information was being traded among the network that had been established. The information being shown and used allowed villages to compare mysterious beings in the forest and legends of the Raptalia. Empirical science was being brought forth and some were discovered and observed... others hunted down and dissected to try and figure out what they were. It became more and more dangerous though... it saw them being hunted down and some scattered to remote locations around the planet to be in seclusion.

The centuries were kind to them, the people of Atrisia didn't stop hunting them.. they were considered a danger but danger became a story and a story became a legend... and a legend became myth through the mists of time. When Atrisian colonies started to form they were some of the first heading off. The Demeter being a famous ship that arrived with the third wave of passengers to a colony with no one on board. the autopilot had brought it in and only remains were found. Other colonies reported things similar but they were small scale... wide spread they aided the colonies with defense and if there was anything that tried to come after the food it would be attacked.

The wars that came as Atrisia moved from an empire into the Commonwealth it brought many dangers and changes. The Quicksilver Empress in her fear of death sought ways to become immortal. From machines to the mystical methods and arts. She was in some legends seduced but in others she sought it... wanting to become one of the Raptalia but she didn't understand it... the creature stole her skin and became the empress while she was left to the life of a pauper in the street... still others persist that more tales came. The fox the cat the priestess and the king of dreams being a tale about a chamberlains fear and one priestesses compassion.

A thousand tales over several thousand years... a thousand stories told by the people as wars waged among the stars and rifts were opened... plagues came, sith forces rose and fell and conquered. Still Atrisia and many of its worlds lived and the clever foxes survived... smaller in number then many might think but they happily would fight among each other or their enemies. THey survived even longer when the wars came to the world to expel the offworlders and it became a feast of which they partook... force users who served a false emperor.. an offworlder and they were losing.. they were being pushed back and seeking refuge... seeking sanctuary for a moment in the night they could lure them in and eat them.

The Jishi era and return to many traditional Atrisian values saw them getting the chance to recover and expand.. their population devastated from centuries of fighting but also lower and lower birthrates.. plague, rifts and attacks.... missing colonies... but the emperor and empress were bringing back many things that would benefit a whole lot of the Atrisian beings... from the new to the old... the ancient to the newly rescued. Chiss and other species escaping devastation and danger are making the world into an exotic plate of morsels that they can eat.
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Junko Ike Junko Ike Heyo. So I like this submission, but just have a few questions for clarification on wording and such so I know for certain beyond assumptions.

  • Skinwalker: A strange trait attributed to them, they can shed their skin and take another through force healing and preservation techniques... it does not end well for the victim.
Could you please clarify what this means, specifically the last part? Do they absorb someone else's energy/take their body to change their skin? Is it uncomfortable/nearly fatal to them?

  • Force Crystal: Buried deep within them, the crystal is a bezoul more then made from kyberite... formed in their bodies and stomachs. It is connected to them and can be used in a lightsaber to give a fractal style blade with several blades appearing.
Does the final part involving the lightsaber imply that said crystal has been removed and used in a lightsaber, ala a Krayt Dragon Pearl? Or does it mean something else entirely? I ask primarily because of the weakness stating that said crystal being removed from their body can effectively kill them.
Their jewel: The bezoul that is formed in their body is a connection to them, their life force, their robust health... severing it from their bodies or destroying it can effectively kill them.

Technology level: Atrisian Standard
Is this comparable to Galactic Standard? Less? More? What is Atrisian Standard? If it's anything different from Galactic Standard, you'll have to describe it per the template.

Thanks for clarifying these!
Baifa Monü Zhuan
Mrurh'en'lase | Hel Mrurh'en'lase | Hel thank you and I shall answer the questions first

The stealing of the skin is similar to the scene in painted skin 2 while fairly tame after showing it to John Locke John Locke it was deemed a little too risque even for being on youtube. Long and short is they use force energies to flay a victim (off screen) and it is more like the faceless men in game of thrones they can wear it.

For the jewel yes similar to a krayt dragon in how it is formed and vital. Using korean mythology the fox bead is tied to immortality and stealing it can make them mortal. IN this way a saber crystal could be fashioned that augments the blade (factory sub is being worked on for it down the line)

Atrisian standard is from the sub Atrisia which focuses on high technology to improve quality of life and advance understanding and education.

I hope that answers the questions and I am up to adding to it or editing where needed. The third and second I can see more clarification shoudl be done.. the first I don't want to be graphic but still maintain a sort of horror element to them.
Junko Ike Junko Ike Thank you for the clarifications! If you could just add said stuff (for the Jewel and the Tech Rating and skinwalking - the latter in a way that remains Chaos friendly but still a touch more detailed as to WHAT happens) in a sentence or half sentence, I can do one last looksie over and pass this on up!
Junko Ike Junko Ike | Mrurh'en'lase | Hel Mrurh'en'lase | Hel

This looks good to go, however, keep in mind that very few members will be familiar with Custom Chaos Submissions so at ANY point if you're referencing one you should 100% link it. Especially, in regards to technology. It may even require a small explanation.

Ex.) You reference the "Jar'kai" in the History.

From the Wookie: Jai'Kai is a Lightsaber form.
From Chaos Search: We have Mirai Jar'Kai, Jar'Kai, the Forbidden City which, refers to the City then Kōyō Jar'kai which refers to the Nexus.

Which are we talking about?

Please clarify this, or, link what you're referring to. Give me a tag when you're ready for me to take another pass.
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