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Approved Location Jar'Kai, the Forbidden City

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Sor-Jan Xantha

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  • Intent: Codify the Chaos lore surrounding the destruction and current status of Jar'Kai City.
  • Image Credit:
    Upper Image: Blade Runner 2049 (screen cap)
  • Middle Image: (artist uncredited, TinEye wasn't helpful in coming up with any named artist for the piece)

[*]Canon: Jar'Kai
Atrisia. Glory and Agony
Mythos conquers Jar'Kai and declares himself emperor.

The Rising Sun and Falling Darkness
Establishes the Imperial capital of Jar'Kai under Mythos' rule.

The Take Back: Return of the True Monarch
Establishes the Imperial Palace under the rule of Darth Novus.

Return of the King
Mythos deposes Darth Novus and returns to power in Jar'Kai.

The Full Reach of the Law | The GA Dominion of Atrisia
Establishes the destruction of the city of Jar'Kai and planet-wide devastation as a result of the Battle of Atrisia waged between Emperor Mythos and the forces of the Galactic Alliance. In the ensuing battle, several Sith Lords commit themselves to the Dark Side of the Force, sacrificing their physical forms to unleash great Force Storms that ravage the surface of the planet. The electromagnetic disturbance generated by the Force Storms on Atrisia can be felt as far out in the galaxy as Crystan V.
Posts that develop the ritual suicide and death of Sith Lords are #79, 85, 89, 102, 112, 120, 130, 136, 139, 143, 174, 236, 245, 287, 300, 301, 306, 330, 430, 432, 433, 435, 443, 502, and 510.

The Sun Rises Again
Firemane establishes a watchpost to monitor the Dark Side nexus.

Zen O'clock Beneath The Sakura Tree
Prince Shoma tours the ruins of the City of Jar'Kai

  • Nexus Name: Jar'Kai, the Forbidden City
  • Nexus Alignment: Dark
  • Location: Atrisia
  • Affiliation: Atrisian Commonwealth, Atrisian Empire (formerly), Kitel Phard Dynasty (formerly)
  • Size: Medium
  • Accessibility: The ruins of Jar'Kai extend further than any watch tower can reasonably cover. As such, there are plenty of areas where the ruins can be accessed while avoiding the notice of either Firebase Ardarvia or the Metal Lords.
  • Description: Jar'Kai was once a thriving metropolis, the largest city ever to exist on Atrisia. It hosted kings and emperors from across millennia, from the Kitel Phard Dynasty to the reign of [member="Akio Kahoshi"] to the One Sith and Emperor [member="Mythos"]. Now, it is a ghost town. The broken husk of a modern city, full of shattered high rises that are further carved apart by the uneven, broken earth.
The Dark Side miasma permeating the ruins of Jar'Kai is not unlike a certain cave on Dagobah, owing to their similar origins. That is, the nexus formed here is the result of a Sith Lord who died there. Here, the difference is merely one of scale, as the nexus was formed across a vast metropolitan area due to the high number of Sith who perished in the Battle of Atrisia in 849 ABY. A Jedi (or other Light Side-attuned individual) who travels these wastes will find their ability to use the Force limited as they are assailed by the presence of the Dark Side of the Force. This is a great place for a Sith to use magic, as the latest power of the ritual used to summon the Force Storm is still resident in the ground. A Dark Sider will find themselves feeling stronger, more powerful, and more connected to the Force. Even the most marginally Force Sensitive individual may see things, or succumb to illusions and visions within the Force.


The Imperial Palace (pictured right)
The seat of power on the planet since the Golden Age, when the first Kitel Phard Emperor united the clans and houses of Atrisia under a single banner. For thousands of generations, it remained a testament to the strength of Atrisia's warrior caste. In the modern era, it would serve as home to a throne upon which a single man ruled 200 worlds, stretching from the Core Worlds to the Unknown Regions. Once an opulent palace, whose rich ornamentation was built upon by both Emperor [member="Akio Kahoshi"] and Emperor [member="Mythos"], today it is a shattered and torn fragment of its former glory. Blasted apart by the Force Storm that ripped across Atrisia and the Dark Side energy released at Mythos' death, less than a quarter of the structure still stands.

The Metal Lords Watch Tower
Occupied by the Metal Lord known as [member="Six-O"], the watch tower stands at the far side of the ruins, watching for any indication that the Sith have returned.

Firebase Ardarvia
Another watch tower on the edge of Jar'Kai, this one owned and controlled by the private Firemane corporation.

Low. No physical barrier or safeguard prevents someone from accessing the ruins of Jar'Kai. Most people, exposed to the ruins, will experience an ill-feeling that causes them to actively avoid the area. Firebase Ardarvia and the Metal Lords Watch Tower monitors for indications and warnings of activity within the zone, in case the Sith return to the planet.

Atrisia was once a planet of warring states. The pirate kingdoms of Xiaolang. The mystics in the mountains of Quan'Lo. The noble Yovshin samurai of Kansai. Each vying for control of their own political squabbles. Each, that is, until the shogun of Jar'Kai set forth on a grand campaign to unite the clans and houses of Atrisia under a single banner. It was a lofty goal left incomplete in his lifetime, but he is nontheless recorded in the annals of Atrisian history as the first emperor of the Kitel Phard Dynasty. The task of uniting the planet under a single banner was not accomplished until the rule of the 54th Kitel Phard Emperor, Emperor Uueg Tching.

The capital of governance since the Golden Age of the Kitel Phard Dynasty, Jar'Kai is more commonly known across the planet simply as "Imperial City," being that is was home to the royal family for thousands of generations.

Around 5,000 BBY, the Atrisians made first contact with the Herglics and developed space travel. Spreading across the Giju Run hyperlane, political power under the rule of Eoaq the Expansive grew to include other planets. The Atrisian Empire of the one world became, instead, a union of planets united under the banner of the new Atrisian Commonwealth.

When the Galactic Republic made contact with the Commonwealth, it's worlds joined the Galactic Senate. Though political power shifted to its delegates on Coruscant, ceremonial power remained with the descendants of the royal family at Jar'Kai. During this time, Jar'Kai became more of a tourist destination than a political metropolis.

When Supreme Chancellor Palpatine dissolved the Republic and declared the New Order in 19 BBY, Atrisia served as the seat for the regional governor assigned to oversee the territories of the Atrisian Commonwealth. A strong supporter of the Galactic Empire, the royal family was restored to political power by stepping into the role of regional governor. When the Empire collapsed in 3 ABY, the royal family maintained control of a constitutional monarchy.

This second Atrisian Commonwealth remained aloof from New Republic, adopting a position of isolationism that persisted until after the Gulag Plague and 400 Years Darkness. Shortly after resuming normal interstellar relations, Emperor [member="Akio Kahoshi"] reorganized the planet into the Atrisian Empire, ruling from the city of Jar'Kai as political power spread from Atrisia out to the Unknown Regions.

Following the assassination of Emperor Kahoshi, Jar'Kai fell into political and economic decline. A Force User purge was carried out by order of Empress Madeline Kahoshi, targeting the members of the Atrisian Inquisitorious. Surviving Inquisitors went underground or into exile, while an anti-Forcer propaganda spread from Jar'Kai into the surrounding areas. The anti-Forcer rhetoric was strengthened when Empress Madeline was assassinated, and the Inquistorious fingered as the likely culprits.

When the planet was conquered by the One Sith, circa 844 ABY, the Sith Lord known as [member="Mythos"] was installed as the planetary governor. Styling himself as the new Atrisian emperor, Mythos took Jar'Kai as his capital and ruled from the Imperial Palace.

When the Battle of Atrisia between the One Sith and Galactic Alliance took place in 849 ABY, the city of Jar'Kai was blasted into ruins as a result of several Force Storms conjured by the death of multiple Sith Lords in a ritualistic suicide that unleashed Dark Side energies that nearly tore the planet apart.

Today, Jar'Kai is a barren waste occupied with the broken and shattered husk of a metropolis that lies as a ghost town. Watched over from the edges of the former city by the Metal Lords and Firemane, it is a blight upon the surface of the planet. A dark scar that permeated the land in a powerful reminder of the power of the Dark Side.

Jairus Starvald

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A couple of things before I can stamp this:
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Jairus Starvald

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With that done this looks good.

I love the connection to IC events, the fact the nexus isn't outrageous or anything and the detail. Good work here, exactly how I like to see canon locations be done.

Pending secondary approval.
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