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Army of Light Roster -IC-

Silver Guardian
Army of Light Roster IC

Fleet Commanders
Commander @[member="Manu Xextos"]
Captain @[member="Sera Inkari"]

High Cards, Elite Fighter Wing and Pilots.
Squadron Leader @[member="Cambria Zadira"]
XO @[member="Judah Lesan"]

Command and Control
@[member="Michael Sardun"] @Kei Amadis

Ground Forces, Soldiers and Commanders
@[member="Taiden Keth"]
@[member="Zack Danheir"]
@Kei Amadis
@[member="Flynn Blackheart"]
@[member="Yo'shim Etsu"] - Recon
@[member="Vexander Graves"] - Recon
@[member="Tracyn Ordo"]

Spynet (Awaiting a faction decided name)
@[member="Dove"] @[member="Natol'ine"] @[member="Coci Sinopi"] @[member="Judah Lesan"] @[member="Yo'shim Etsu"] @[member="Vexander Graves"]

R&D Division
@[member="Aditya Amadis"]

Training Facilities Troops and Force Users

People are welcome to just turn up and fight Sith as individuals, but at the request of members wanting an organised roster feel free to add your own roles, or multiple ones here.

Open to anyone's input on the structure as always. If you'd like it laid out by rank we can do that also.
Codex Judge
Judah will also do covert things... Maybe special assignments that his skills as a shadow. Maybe not spynet stuff, but more like going in alone without a safety net type stuff... When the high cards aren't deployed obviously.


Blessed are the peacemakers
You forgot to put my name under 'total slaughter' category.
Valde of the Vitae
*raises my hand* ... Salutations. Vulpesen Espadus Torrevaso, reporting for duty despite being forgotten. I'll work anywhere except in fighters. Live in fame sounds terrific. Die in flames, not so much.