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Approved Planet Apoligia Nebula

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Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
Name: Apoligia Nebula

Region: Deep core

System: Aruetyc

Suns: 1 sun named Haran

Orbital Position: N/A

Planets: Teyan

Coordinates: L,14 (covers the sector)

Rotational Period: N/A

Orbital Period: N/A

Class: Dark Nebula

Diameter: Unknown

Atmosphere: N/A

Climate: N/A

Gravity: N/A

Primary Terrain: N/A

Native species: N/A

Immigrated species: N/A

Primary languages: -Galactic Basic

Government: Jedi order

Population: N/A

Demonym: N/A

Major cities: N/A

Major imports: N/A

Major exports: N/A

Culture: N/A

Technology: The nebula is dense pockets of ionized space inhibiting travel through it allowing the world of Teyan and the Ghost prison to remain isolated. There is a safe route through it that creates a bottleneck that must be used to get into view of the planet.

Long ago when the Mandalorian's pushed into the deep core taking empress Teta they found several world among them was Teyan. Originally called a hell hole for its climate and lack of fertile land to do anything. Volcanic ash from the mountains spilled into the air and it was used for stockpiling in the event of being pushed back. Later converted to deposit prisoners or those who had lost their souls (dar'manda). With the campaigns raging across the galaxy Teyan fell into obscurity only being discovered by accident in the heart of the deep core. The Nebula making there only a single safe way in that could be defended heavily.

The atmosphere of the world made for a natural cover, obscuring sensors from going to the ground and with the almost discharge and ash in the air, only ones wearing breathers or suits could stay down long enough to search. (or a jedi using breathe control) The mandalorians created a small settlement into the side of a mountain and suspended over one of the larger volcano's. The long dried salt flats around it an indication that there had been water on the ancient world at one point. They even found the remains of an ancient pyrimid ship from the Je'daii when they had been sent off to explore the galaxy.

The few battles that came to the worlds doorstep were not big, the Mandalorians at the time didn't pay much attention beyond having a small fleet able to bottleneck the world. With its remote location and limited navigational data the world slowly drifted into obscurity becoming something of a lost legend. The Mandalorians were forced from the Deep Core into their own space and time took its toll on the ancient settlement. Then the Clone wars came and an expedition ship rediscovered the world after getting lost on the way to Byss. The Emperor was informed and a second Prism was set under construction, after his endeavor at the previous it could prove useful for hiding members of the growing dissenters.

Then the war was over and the few members of the Emperor's court who were there fought among themselves until finally one rose for his brutality. Sholto the warden of the prison and servant of the monster maker rose to prominence using the gathered intel from Byss to plan. His first acts and orders were to gather all the children of the Sith and assemble them. In doing so he ran afoul of the Alchemist in charge of monsters and making the sithspawn warriors. The man took charge with his hybrids and servants reassembling the sith not under the rule of two but under a banner to fight. All served him under the edict and with some fine tuning Sholto did as well. Albeit grudgingly.

Soon a new war raged and the sith forces were scattered around the galaxy launching campaigns, Sholto the Butcher of Kashyyyk, Merida the hand of the Emperor, Varadun the childlike conqueror, Barintheus the kingmaker and Arakesh the emperor. The ghost prison became a hell of the prisoners own making while the sith forces udner them attempted to create a Phobis device but failed sending to die the subjects who went insane. The world below became a graveyard while creatures were cultivated to make it a dangerous place. The breeding of Taozins for the nodules was something large while one of the sith apprentice stuck in a pair of Ropo's that began to breed colonizing the world.

The final battle of Teyan brought about the destruction of the Ghost prison's fleet as the sith turned on one another with Sholto influencing Barintheus into taking the throne instead of simply helping others claim it. The battle raged between them all as in the end with some influence and promise of freedom from Arakeshes control as Varadun sent the super star destroyer of the fleet into the planet killing the Sith Emperor and with a mask strangled the jedi grandmaster who laid injured from wounds and the poisonous ash in the air. Then Varadun and Sholto fled to Korriban as the jedi and Republic fleet came after them.

The recovery and now knowledge of the world meant the jedi could move in and they fixed it up. Turnign the world into something of a rehabilitation facility they could bring fallen jedi or rogues to be taught what they were doing was wrong. The war was over and of all the sith the child sith who crashed into the world survived. Being confined in the Ghost prison in orbit and remained its longest resident for five centuries. The Gulag plague was a footnote, there was no population and the isolation allowed the prisoners at the time to survive.

Slowly the jedi began to come back with reports and after decades it again started rehabing dangerous jedi, darksiders and Rogue force users. The Ghost prison housed some of the most dangerous criminals the jedi caught and some the Republic higher ups didn't know what to do with. The jedi council is the only current governing body that knows of its purpose and location and have stationed a fleet at the single path in from the Nebula. Travel to and from it isn't just restricted it is non existent... with only force telepathy being the alert. There are rumors of white current Illusions but this can not be confirmed or denied.

Notable PC's:

Intent: to create a nebula to hide and obscure the Ghost prison of the jedi located in the deep core.
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