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Announcement! 03/19/14

Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
I'm taking some time off. I do not know how long. Joshua Dragonsflame will be the interim faction head for the time being.

If you want to reach me about something feel free to message me on board. I will likely still check those periodically. Do not know how often but yeah. I put full trust in Joshua and the other faction admins in place. Might remove and add some though in the next 24 hours just because... we have a few that aren't really around and I'd like to give him a good team to work with.

As stupid as it sounds, I'm tired of getting nonsense from other factions because we are succeeding and they do not like me specifically for it. I do not like hearing about how in other skype rooms I am incessantly being called an asshole by people I've never interacted with. Just want to get away.
I hate that my presence is getting the Republic faction so much bullcrap as well.

Positive note:
You'll do very well. :) Honestly, I do very little here, less than I am given credit for that is for certain. It is you guys who come up with the ideas and push them out. All I do is say "go ahead and have fun," which may not be common in other factions but it should be so I won't take any credit for that. So yes, I have confidence that you guys will do fantastic while I'm away for awhile.

As usual. Have fun guys. :D

EDIT: Cody Jorin and Yusan Fenn no longer are admins due to activity. Their contributions in the past are not forgotten, just looking to give ya'll some active staff.
So welcome Tallia Fern as a Faction Admin, and Rasu Gan and Iella E'ron as Faction Moderators.

Arumi Zy

@[member="Selena Halcyon"]

But you are an asshole, but in the only one allowed to say it. Take it easy bub get a hold of me if you need anything Ginger devil.

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
Enjoy the break Selena, and we all look forward to your return.