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Anders Sivas


NAME: Anders Sivas​
ALIASES: Andra Sivas; Lady Andra Hadar Naberrie Sivas; Lord Anders Sivas;​
Fifteenth Vision of the Goddess of Compassion;​
Abhayaradha, Princess Emeritus of Theed
FACTION: Lords of the Fringe
RANK: Jedi Master, High Councillor for Military Affairs
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5'11
WEIGHT: 170 lb
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Caramel Blonde
SKIN: Light Olive


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
  • Healing & Discernment: Uniquely gifted in discerning the inner emotional mapping of another being. This has the potential to be a fantastic gift of healing and delight. If there is a medical or emotional issue, usually Anders can tell. With the proper Force Training, this can be a huge advantage to becoming a Healer and Peacemaker.
  • Empathy: I get in folks' heads and linger, rooting out their eccentricities with a natural talent.
  • Golden Tongue: I'm getting a reputation for talking out of many things. Like meal tickets, dates, punches in the face, and a small civil war once. True story, I was there when I did it.
  • Music & Culture: I'm a musician, artist and well versed in many classical and neo-classical genres of the arts and predominant cultural sensibilities of many planets. Yeah, folks dig it.
  • Pilot & Pistol Whipper: I suck at physical violence, but I fly fast and can hit a target at 70 yards. And barring that, I can throw my pistol with MAIMING ACCURACY.

  • Symbiotic: In the presence of a stronger personality, Anders will attune to it, becoming as closely associated with the emotion, idea or behaviour in charge. Example: Anders is having the best day ever! with buddies, and a bar fight breaks out at the table beside them. If the shrieking waitress is a stronger personality than Anders, I'll start shrieking with her, throwing my arms in a feminine flail and stamping my feet. If the dude throwing down is the strongest personality in the room, Anders will get the incredible urge to start laying waste to whoever's around. My personhood is still there, I'm not an empty vessel, but if the other person's Reputation is a higher set than mine? Good luck.
  • Weakling: My punch smacks with all the potency of wet noodles in the Rainy Season. I kick like a girl. A three year old girl.
  • Arthropodophobia: Arthropods (or anything remotely insectoid) have me running for the nearest big shoe. And if it talks? Gee willies Get Zee OUT!
  • Battle-Vague: Allergic to getting shot, stabbed, wounded or maimed. I don't do well with physical violence, and may never use a lightsaber.
  • Emotional Downpour: Too many conflicting emotions will give me a Migrane. Make those intense emotions, and I will flat on PASS OUT. It's not WORTH getting my face drawn on by more Mandalorians, dude!
  • Laima's Lad Naboo Royal Lifter, Interior modified to be the teeny tiniest living space in the known universe. Interior & Hull Integrity destroyed by [member="Mikhail Shorn"] in Restless Wanderer, Always Lost
  • Sumatiyara "The Wise & Joyful Thought" (The Suma) Pathfinder-Class Long Term Exploration Craft: A gift from @[member="Jared Ovmar"], modified w/
    Medi-Bay Facility with 2 Bacta Tanks & full surgical suite
  • Meditation Chamber to aide Anders on the studies of the Force, Mentalism and Telepathic Contact
  • One incredibly sensual living space
  • A repair suite/audio recording library
  • Outrider Otherdrive

[*]Sundar'Itara "The Beautiful Furrowed Star" (Sunda) SH-LS-78 Winter Eagle Recon Transport Bought for Bucket, Tyr & Tus and piloted by Cluck & Bingo
Anders was a sensitive child. That's like saying Aunt Edna wore hair nets when she ran the school cafeteria, but bear with me, I'm sitting next to the writer of Twilight. Like, yeah, and like. . . ok I have moved. I'm a twenty two year old impressionable young un from the reaches of Naboo. I was born, ain't I cute there? Yeah, that right there, wait.... you can't see the album. *Tosses Album Away*

Here's the deal. I'm a Force Sensitive from the politically correct and perpetually shifty & cosmetically applicant planet of Naboo. I was raised well, Mama always loved her little guy mostly 'cause at least when I was around her I was exactly what she wanted. Same with Dad. And when Mama and Dad were in the same room? I was like Mama. Thing was, it was like that with everybody. I'd become what they needed or wanted, or were if their personality was strong enough. My life continued rightly enough, I took up the Fine Arts and upon meeting [member="Livia Maddox"] at the Academy, I took up a short lived political career by winning the elections and becoming Princess Abhayaradha of Theed. I was ten at the time. Shortly before my political career, I was discovered by the Brothers of Cognizance to be none other than the aforetold Fifteenth Vision of the Goddess of Compassion. What can I say? It helped me win.

Dad began to wonder. He threw me into situations just to see, and lo and behold, eventually he found this 107 year old guru woman with more wrinkles than sin that told him I was a Force Sensitive Empath.

What's a guy to do, right? Sit on it. Sit on it like the golden goose sitting on a stack of eggs. My mother had prepared me for life after politics by bringing me to the Monastery of the Brothers of Cognizance, a religious order dedicated to the Goddesses of Naboo. Upon my last week as Princess, my father hatched a plan. I wasn't going to be dedicated to a life of monastic study. He bundled me up, bought me a used Lifter and sent me off alone in space. I was twelve. It was the last time I saw my parents, or my homeworld. I spent my teenage years in the worst possible chaos. My first time in space and I discovered Andra. I like Andra. I'm happy with Anders. I've spent all my time since modifying the interior, and travelling the systems searching for more odd jobs and ways of being Anders. I've been countless people and done countless things. Not all my moments are proud. I wish some hadn't happened at all. There was no control over my life, I survived because I kept my head down, did what others wanted. I was a symbiotic flake drifting across the winter storms on a tempestuous sea.

My adventures took me to a shoe store where I met Sargon Vynea, and he bought me the best pair of boots. Anders boots. Righteous boots. That meeting planned a shift in my behaviour and I joined the Fringe. After a foray on Endor with @[member="Meret Blackmoon"], I got elected to the Fringe's High Council. . . Quite by my mistake I assure you. There was pie. It was good pie. I had to praise the pie and before I knew it, I'd made an elections speech. Lo and behold I got accepted and elected.

Cool, right? Seems Meret's fiancé is the jealous type with jealous friends. My protective measures of symbiotic androgynism aren't working, but hey! I'm not dead so yay. There. And stuff. I hit up @[member="Jared Ovmar"] (who found me in a bar and had an adventure with) for some celebratory drinks and here's where the thick of it gets both interesting and …. ok you're going to love this…


Jared was the first to discover my secret held tight in case of danger or the wrong ear listening: Anders Sivas is in fact Andra Sivas, a daughter of a Naboo family whose son died while I was in utero. It is to Jared Ovmar I entrust the most intimate and private form of myself, and to him I have no barriers nor walls. I live on a precarious balance of terrified and fascinated, I know emphatically he will never hurt me, I also know who and what he is.

On Corellia, I came across @[member="Coryth Elaris"] and she took me as her Padawan Learner, that I might grow in the Light of the Force and be a stable being of good for the Galaxy and the Fringe. The road is long and hard, but I'm working on it bits at a time. I spread my time in my ship, and serve the Fringe constantly as a Member of the High Council. Gee it feels good to have money!

Life continued to rock, I was getting used to a life of politics and the greater good all the while having a whirlwind life with Jared Ovmar. Waking up beside him in the mornings was almost as good as the exhaustion of the nights before, I bought some droids and Jared gave me a Pathfinder Class Exploration Ship as one heck of an anniversary gift. Life was good, then Jared threw a curveball: He wanted his little pacifist to take control of the Military. So, after much cajoling and negotiations I did.

Soon after, Jared was killed by Mikhail Shorn over a competition. How'd I know? I felt it, the death throes and grievous bodily pain from solar systems away. I needed help, this was clear so I went to the only person I knew to trust with such a huge amount: [member="Sargon Vynea"]. Sargon taught me a whole new way of accessing and communicating within the Force. I began meditating daily, spending more and more time in my Meditation Sphere aboard the Suma. I took a Padawan during the Dominion of Thakwaa and began to teach what I'd learned.

Once the fugitive Zaiden popped up on Val'halla, I was ready to follow Mikhail Shorn when Jared showed up alive and distant, yet calling my name. What could I do but follow? Shorn had secrets and I followed foolishly to glean them from the Garhoon. I survived with blood loss and bite holes, and during the bioscans afterwards discovered that my lover's return had heralded another shift in our lives: I was pregnant. My days of androgyny and deception running to a close, I set out to help [member="Kitt Solo"] peacefully take the planet of Lipsec for the Fringe.

The Pheromone and Psychedelic drug the Lipsec Corroborators poured into the air made us all go crazy and sexually charged. When Shorn showed up, I was far gone - taken off by the empathic residue of so many drug addled minds, and as Mikhail kissed me, I crumbled. Jared arrived, and in the ensuing struggle I saved Jared's life: At the cost of my own, and our baby's. I survived, but our unborn baby boy did not. The tragedy broke something inside my mind and finally I understand the incredible pain of fear and anger.

Used to be gracious in all things, now I feel the conflict raging in my blood. Will I be alright? Of course. Will I forgive? Yes, eventually. But what can a hormonal, lost-pregnancy Military Affairs High Councillor do in the intervening time? Why, ask [member="Lucien Cordel"] for help of course. Justice was best served in the shadows of the Lords Cordel and Ovmar.

After Lipsec

I left the vengeance to Jared and Lucien. They were far better masters of the just and noble kick-in-the-head than I had taste to be. Lucien needed help with his son [member="Darien Cordel"] and in the few opening seconds I knew the boy needed his father. Got to me more than I let Lucien know: a child needs their father. Estranged these ten years from my parents, I fought with the decision to return to Naboo. Return to what? rolling plains of flowers and Gungan markets? Mirrors upon mirrors, gilded with the veneer of the rich and emotionally quiet. No, I would not go back to Naboo.

The Sumatiyara floated like a derelict in deep space, it's only living occupant drifting between the meditation sphere and the chapel I crafted with my own two hands. My droids took care of me, their lone charge. In the bastion of the deep, all other voices disappeared. Like some great and holy dispel the ties bound round my mind and wrists were broken. I grieved and wept and lingered in that good night so long that the contents of my spirit were spilt twelve times over. Mercy came to the Sumatiyara not through the company of another sentient being but through the gracious silence of the Force. I began to mend and to meditate.

Months past. I can say only now that I know what a healer is and what a healer does. A healer forgives. A healer cleanses. A healer looks not at the sins of the past, but at mending present and future paths. I can truly say I have become a healer through the Force. [member="Mikhail Shorn"] came to me, my first contact with another sentient being in months.

The Force had given me the apex of my salvation. What would become of Shorn? What would become of me? Wake up, little wanderer. Wake up.

I woke up. Mikhail set me free of the imprints riding my brain like a never ending train ride and memory began to descend like an autumn fog. I know who I am, I know who my parents are. My mother Lady Diantha Cynabel Naberrie wanted me to be nothing but the Fifteenth Vision of the Goddess of Compassion locked away forever in a monastery with the Brotherhood of Cognizance. My father Lord Baalam Sivas is a Sorcerer of Rhand. Now I'm beginning to think there was another reason he had me leave Naboo in a hurry. It's not a random event that I came to the Fringe and soon after the Fringe with me in tow plundered the Nihil Retreat. My life with Mikhail was as thunderous as my previous incarnations, but it is mine. I am a whole and beloved woman, although my lover is a being of anger and Sithly rage. I started having visions, and once I had visions of Mikhail's untimely death, I acted on my own.

I went to the Nihil Retreat, and I met my father. I killed my grandfather for Nihil Smokestone and crafted the Ring of Iasth-Abhai for Mikhail. It's already saved his life at least once. Once I returned, battered and torn up, I realized something more significant than anything I've encountered before: Mikhail loves me. We're having twins. We fought Jared Ovmar and Mikhail's former lover [member="Anaya Fen"] on Annaj, it was the first time a meeting with Jared had been unsafe for me. Lines were drawn. I stuck by Mikhail. Dear Goddesses, I stuck by Mikhail.

"Only power is real, and the only real power is the power to destroy. Existence is fleeting. Destruction is eternal."​

I'm an empathic mimic from the Nihil Retreat via Naboo, pregnant mother of the Thronebreaker's Twins. The line-up to being afraid starts over here, I'm selling tickets by the bushel.

  • The Spider in the Bathtub. Took one very big shoe.
  • Hadad Sivas
  • Returned the Royal Pootantait the Fourteenth Dynastic Countess' Rubber Duckie once. Worst babysitting job in the world. That world, anyway. Does it count? I got paid, okay!? Credits are credits!
  • When I have them, they will be here. Don't steal my Role-Plays post, dudes! Personal Space Bubble! PERSONAL SPACE!
  • Shoe Shopping (Open Season on Newbie in a Shoe Store.)
  • Wingmen Need a Wing (@[member="Jared Ovmar"] finds Anders in a bar, they bond, they flirt with girls, they take down glitterstim dealers on Coruscant.)
  • Empath for Sale, For you 1/2$ (@[member="Spencer Jacobs"] finds Anders after a series of hard symbiotic events, she brings Anders to the Fringe)
  • Elections Party (Fringe High Council Elections take place, where Anders is elected & then hung by the neck over a balcony 200 stories up by @[member="Mikhail Shorn"] for flirting with Lucien Cordel's fiancée.)
  • To Send a Letter (@[member="Jaxton Ravos"])
  • Androgynous Empathy (Fringe: @[member="Jared Ovmar"] helps Anders celebrate the election, and in the comfort of the moment, discovers that Anders is in fact a woman in disguise. Andra begins the healing process in Jared's mind, and the two become intimately involved in secret.)
  • You Each Have A Path to Walk (@[member="Thurion Heavenshield"] et Company meeting on Thurion's ship.)
  • Wings, Deals and Cleaning House (@[member="Jared Ovmar"] contentedly living with Andra in his Penthouse, Jared enlists her help for Santhe Corporation & the Fringe.)
  • Pilot Foils & Gargleblasters (@[member="Gavin Ovmar"] in a spacer bar on Bakura, meets Anders and discovers that he might have a cousin.)
  • Cestus Droid Expo (Anders buys some droids)
  • Oh Dreamer, Daring Is Not Often Wise ([member="Mikhail Shorn"] has some secrets to share.)
  • Bucket List (Revamping Bucket's SC1 AI)
  • Safety, Once (In the Aftermath of the Lipsec Crisis, Andra petitions the Goddesses of Naboo and finds her Padawan [member="Marselia Urstalis"] needs her more.)
  • Restless Wanderer, Always Lost (After months of wandering listless through space, Anders gets a house call from [member="Mikhail Shorn"]. Andra wasn't the only one who needed to heal)
  • Skye is Fallow ([member="Lucien Cordel"] came to Andra's mind while she meditated on the Sumatiyara. A friend needs help? Anders is there.)
  • Atrisian Archives Open For The Right Key ([member="Brom Burnside"] and Anders root through Atrisia for some secrets and a quiet adventure)
  • Empathic Girls Have Fun With Scissors ([member="Kitt Solo"] and Andra have a Girl's Night In.)
  • A Promise ([member="Jared Ovmar"] and Andra say goodbye.)
  • Over That Forceful River To The Goddesses (Andra's own personal memorial for Rave Merrill, Warren Valik, Hadad Sivas and her Unborn Son.)
  • What Happened? (In the Aftermath of Tables Turned, Andra packs up the Military HQ office and connects with [member="Elias Truden"] to help get her and Mikhail off Annaj.)
Training/Dev Threads
Force-Imbued Creations
Personal Armament
  • [member="Jorus Merrill"]
  • [member="Rave Merrill"]
  • [member="Domino"]
  • Empathy
  • Paramedics
  • Disguise
  • Androgyny
  • Piloting & Spatial Navigation
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Firearms Accuracy (Blaster Pistol, Rifle, Sniper Rifle)
Force Control:
  • [Master] Force Healing
  • [Master] Curato Salva: Self-Cure, Breath Control, Detoxify Poison, Tapas
  • [Master] Morichro
  • [Advanced] Hibernation Trance
  • [Advanced] Tutaminis
  • [Advanced] Force Body
  • [Advanced] Force Speed
  • [Novice] Art of Movement
  • [Novice] Altus Sopor
Force Sense:
  • [Master] Telepathy: + Comprehend Speech
  • [Master] Force Listening: + Theran Force Listening
  • [Master] Force Sense: + Tactus Otium - Precognition, Force Empathy, Tai Vordrax
  • [Advanced] Farseeing
  • [Advanced] Force Sight
  • [Advanced] Force Cloak
Force Alter:
  • [Master] Force Persuasion/ Mind Trick
  • [Master] Alter Image/Masquerade
  • [Master] Force Projection
  • [Master] Malacia
  • [Advanced] Force Illusion
  • [Advanced] Force Pull/Push/Wave
@[member="Kei Amadis"] You got me, dude! Guess I'm going Republic, then! Unless someone with more clout bops me over the head and drags me over to the Dark Side. . . . Then you can bring me back later when they're gone!
@[member="Delila Castillon"] Thank you, Ma'am. It took courage. . . . and a great deal of cough drops before I got my voice back.
@[member="Tahl"] Yours or mine? :D

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You and @[member="Kale Arkin"] would have fun. He's somewhat deranged as well.
@[member="Tahl"] Those're good ones, I think. . . No, I don't think. . . I FEEL?
@[member="Cronos Aegir"] Dude did you call me derranged!? HAH! You are one perceptive and awesome dude.
@[member="Sargon Vynea"] Mama taught me kicking puppies was wrong. . . but the more I think about it, we'll have to see who gets to me first IC. ;)

Sargon Vynea

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@[member="Anders Sivas"] fair enough... i'm just saying we got everything... I got a cannibal... a politician.... warlords.... fighters..... a couple of crazies..... some wild cards... you'd fit right in


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[member="Anders Sivas"] I think Iove you for mentioning Viper as such. First, 'eternal edge' and everything? Just yes.

However...ima have to kill you for owning my hard feelings? Lol