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An evening at a Castle

The Mother of All Psy-Pires
Golbah City, Geonosis.

Location: Soon to be here:


When it entered the system, the first thing the navy picked up was the odd energy signature. Second was the profile, like someone had taken an old Corellian Blockade Runner, and then blended it with some Sith Lord's castle on Dromund Kaas. Its very dark purple metal glinted from the sun of Geonosis.

The thing had been registered as a diplomatic vessel. So the Navy transmitted full passage authorization into the system for such a large and strange cruiser. But the young ensigns in the systems outer patrol vessels, who saw the ship pass by in viewports, some of those ensigns shuddered at the menacing site of it, remembered those cantina tales from spacers claiming they saw some new ghost ship to scare people with, and upon seeing it those ensigns who shuddered thought that if there was any vessel in the galaxy that could fit their idea of what a ghost vessel looked like, some haunted nightmare snatching up small ships never to be seen again, than this ship, registered as Castle Morpheus on their IFF systems, would fit all those tales of the so-called, "Leviathan Tantive".

It rested above Golbah City in orbit, and soon a Saotome Light Frieghter departed from its extravagant hanger, the ceiling decorated with Atrisian Frescoes, and headed down to the small landing pad to retrieve its guest from the CIS: and the one piloting that frieghter, the first, the Mother of all Psy-Pires, felt an oppotunity to mitigate some of the damage she naturally had to cause wherever she went. A chance to buy her home, which she had never stopped loving, some extra breathing room, and make sure the people who should be friends stayed friends and remembered who their real enemies were.

She had reached out to the Atrisian Commonwealth after the fall of the GA. Offered her status as a knight obsidian in the Confederacy to help initiate talks with high ranking people aboard her mobile (Not to mention insanely well defended) vessel in the heart of Confederate space, where there would be luxury, comfort, and above all, a quiet place to talk.

Setting the vessel down on the landing pad, the first Psy-Pire headed off the ramp of her frieghter, which was decorated in the same colors as her ceremonial robe, which she wore, along with her badge of office. She had not brought her war sword. Her murder sword. Her badge of office, a short, double edged sword with gold and black lattice work, the only reminder of Sawa Ike she kept beyond the ship itself, was fastened to her side.

She had left her hood on as usual, out of a silent shame, so only the purple dot glow of her eyes was visible from the tall Atrisian woman as she awaited [member="Srina Talon"] and whatever cadre of bodyguards she wished to bring along. Her agents were occupied with other matters, so she had advised Srina in coms to bring those she trusted.

[member="Shoma Ike"]