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Approved NPC Alliance Extermination Fleet - Designation: Vehemence

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The Two Who Were One
  • Intent: Create a fleet to hunt down the Alliance-in-Exile
  • Image Credit: Click - KOTFE Cake
  • Role: To hunt down and eradicated Galactic Alliance remnants
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[*]Total Length: 19740m
[*]Notable Characters:
  • Warmaster Vaam Graesh, Commander of the Cazador [Kaleesh Male]
  • Inquisitor Sun Zhente, member of the Saaraishash [Duros Male]
  • Lady Xathus Su, member of the Valkyries [Cathar Female]

[*]Ports of Call:

  • Strengths:
    Mobility: If there's one thing the Vehemence Fleet excels at, it's running down enemy ships and catching them off-guard. Almost entire comprised of fast-moving corvettes, frigates, and star destroyers, there's not many ships in the galaxy that can outpace this fleet.
  • Interdiction: Two Incapacitator-class Cruisers accompany the Vehemence Fleet, capable of pulling enemy vessels out of hyperspace and simultaneously keeping them from jumping within a set radius.
  • Hyperspace Tracking: Utilizing some of the Empire's most cutting-edge tracking technology, the Vehemence Fleet can chase down enemy fleets even if they jump into hyperspace. Truly, no system in the galaxy is safe from the Emperor's wrath.

  • Little Starfighter Coverage: Even the largest ships in the fleet can hold only a few Starfighter squadrons, and none of the accompanying frigates or corvettes are dedicatedly anti-starfighter.
  • Lack of Versatility: Specializing in ambush tactics and rapid assault, the Vehemence Fleet can't adapt to fighting enemy formations with stronger star destroyers or battlecruisers. If caught in such a position, the given protocol is to flee to a safer position and search for easier targets.
  • Slower Prison Ships: Despite the majority of the fleet being comprised of quickly moving warships, the three accompanying Dungeon Ships are slower in comparison to every other ship. If an enemy could lure a good deal of the faster ships away, it could allow a strike force to attack from another angle to disable and rescue prisoners.
  • Hyperspace Tracking Circumvention: The four Noghri-class Hyperspace Trackers are situated near the center of the fleet, and while this offers them cover from long-range turbolaser fire it does present a unique opportunity for anyone attempting to escape the Hunter Fleet. By flying directly into the center of the fleet and then jumping to hyperspace, it renders the trackers momentarily unable to get a lock on the fleeing vessels.


With a decisive victory at the Battle of Coruscant, the Sith Empire was poised to become a dominant superpower of the modern age; a position it would share with the First Order in the Galactic South. However, even as the Alliance crumbled there were many collections of military assets and Jedi Knights that had evaded the pogrom that swept over the Galactic Core, the Trailing Sectors, and the Western Reaches.

Discontent to let such isolated groups regroup and mobilize, the Emperor decreed the creation of Hunter Fleets that would scour the now broken territories of the Galactic Alliance to hunt down and eradicate any Jedi resistance they could find.

Each fleet was led by a single Warmaster, who took both an Inquisitor and a Valkyrie as their lieutenants. Both would serve to combat the Jedi presence in any Alliance camp, accompanied by members of their respective organizations. The Jedi that weren't slaughtered or converted to the Sith cause would be imprisoned in the Empire's massive dungeon ships, where they would be subjected to horrific torture and experimentation until they breathed their last breath.

Alliance Extermination Fleet - Designation: Vehemence was the first of these tracking armadas to be commissioned and sent out into the field, led by the vicious (even for Sith standards) Warmaster Vaaem Graesh, who vowed to bring the Emperor trophies from every Jedi slain under his command.
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