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Approved Tech Alden’s Prosthetic Arm

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  • Inbuilt weapons
  • Stronger than a normal arm
  • Decorative
  • Shield

  • Shield me: The lower arm of the limb contains a deployable energy shield which can provide protection to the user.
  • Electric dance: The Vajra installed in the hand of the limb allows the user some ability to manipulate electrical fields.
  • Push and pull: Microrepulsor’s in the hand allow some ability to push and pull objects in the vicinity as well as providing additional damage to anyone Alden chooses to punch.
  • Alden Smash: The prosthetic limb is powered by Locke and Key’s signature Myomer, providing it with significantly more power than a normal human limb.
  • Duraplast: The duraplast encasing the arm provides a level of resistance to EMP and ion basked attacks.

  • Body Stress: The increased power of the limb provides more force than the human body is able to handle without significant enhancements.
  • Slice you here, slice you there: Like any set of advanced electronics the arm is capable of being sliced into, disrupting the commands given by Alden.
  • Emp: While the Duraplase provides some protections from EMP or Ion based attacks the armour lacks any protection other than that. Any damage to the duraplast, or a powerful enough EMP will overcome the protection causing the arm to shut down until it can be reset.

Locke and Key Mechanics had always felt that cybernetics were one of the most underdeveloped fields of research in the galaxy, primarily due to the ease of cloning and the prevalence of bacta and healing technologies in the galaxy. There were some individuals who, for one reason or the other, were unable to have regrown limbs or heal their wounds through normal technologies, it was for these individuals that Locke and Key started development of their cybernetic technologies.

When they were approached to create a prosthetic arm for Alden Akaran the engineers were more than happy to start development for him.

The arm was built around a frame of Bonemer, built like a normal arm, over which they layered myomer in an approximation of the muscles in a normal arm. The end result was a limb that felt and moved in a similar manner to a normal human arm. While it was only slightly heavier than expected the limb was significantly stronger than a human arm, able to punch through walls and bend metal without an issue.

The engineers then covered the limb in Duraplast before starting to add a few bells and whistles to the arm.

Firstly they added Locke and Key’s signature Vajra technology to the limb, allowing the user to manipulate electrical fields. They then added a shield built into the arm, for added protection and to provide a little offensive boost. The final touch was a series of micro-repulsors built into the limb, making the punches more powerful and allowing it to manipulate gravity a little.
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