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Alachei Wants You for the Mnenchei Monarchy!



We are the Mnenchei Dominion. For over a millenia, we've prospered and grown, buried beneath the ever misleading shadows of the Unknown. For a home we once lost, three we've gained in its stead and more will we share with others. Our faith know no bounds, and our skills no limits. From bronze to steel to beam, we shall rise. From the overgiving light of the sun to the everbearing shadow it casts, we shall protect. From the ashes of the world, we shall revive.

We are the Mnenchei Dominion; and we shall stand strong and united amongst the galaxy.

What do we do? Well... we do us, same as any other large faction.
The Mnenchei Dominion originally started off as a simple idea to back up my species' history and motivate my character's goals as a royal blooded but often overlooked being. One day I decided to make a small group for it. Suddenly, that tiny group in the faction forums began to spring to life in the form of new and constantly evolving plots and ideas. Through interactions or my species page others became interested as well. Over time it beame no longer a simple bio backer but a thing of its own; and so began the Monarchy.

Over seven writers later and a few bought ships courtesy of the Confederation, here we are, preparing to become a major faction and seeking the approval of the administration. From here, I hope that it will continue to flourish as both a faction and a community, that is will be carried on and remembered throughout the ages of SWRP canon, and that it will be a fun and evolving experience for everyone who joins.

As major faction status, my first order of business is to secure us a a spot on the Valen war. We have a decent team full of members dedicated to the cause and seeing us go places. What is to come once that is over, I cannot say. We will try to secure our borders and expand to bring other planets under the prosperous and protective umbrella that is the Dominion!

I pledge a faction that will always help those in need and offer help in return.

A faction where you are not forgotten, where every cog makes the machine function.

A place where you are not judged by your Force affinity, but promoted to find the balance between both sides as nature intended.

A group where we will learn wonderous things as sorcery, alchemy and ancient dwellings as we brave the Unknown.

A community that will find peace and prosperity in a wartorn galaxy.

And a Dominion worthy of legend!!!

If any of that entices you, feel free to join.​

(Courtesy of Genesis/Jacques)​
๖ۣۜRanks and ๖ۣۜCastes:
::: The High Queen
The High Queen : The autocratic ruler of the Mnenchei Dominion, the High Ankai (as it is sometimes called) is the ultimate leader of the faction and protector of the peoples' fate. She is the highest political and noble figure, and is thus the most valuable. Unlike the former Ankai, the High Queen is not subject to the theocratic election of the Shaman Enclave, though they still play an advisory role when necessary.
The High Queen rules from the Exodus Monastery located on Sikune, one of the moons of Mnencheiasüs. Sikune is considered the true Capital of the Dominion, and is governed by the queen directly or by the royal clan.

::: San'vaiku Nobility
Royal Family : The royal family is the dynastic clan of the High Queen. It consists of her clan and all of her direct relatives. The royal family is the governing body of the capital, Mnencheiasüs, who in light of tradition still elect the firstborn princess as Ankai of the Sol Umbra system.

Cinkai (Clan Lord/Lady) : A Cinkai is a noble who heads an esteemed clan of Mnenchei. They are often the eldest and oldest generation of the clan living. While they usually hold little political power in terms of the Dominion, they are often governors or leaders of Mnenchei populations.

San'vaiku (Noble) : The San'vaiku, Cinkai aside, are the nobles and aristocrats of Mnencheian society. It is not strictly reserved for Mnenchei, though the majority are in fact Mnenchei from the former kingdom. Though they don't hold any significant power, they usually do have some level of influence. The Justiciary are all considered San'vaiku.

::: Royal Military Forces
Expedition Corps : The Expedition Corps are the marines of the Mnenchei Dominion. They follow a basic structure similar to the USCM rank system. Members of this force are utilized as infantry when operating on a foreign planet or protecting a domestic one from invasion.

Royal Navy : The Royal Navy consists of the vessels, fighters and ships of the Mnenchei Dominion. This force is in control of all capital ships the faction may have, and is responsible both for exploring/securing the reaches of space around the Dominion, but also transporting MDEC troops and vehicles from system to system.
It follows a simple but effective rank structure; Private > Sergeant > Lieutenant > Captain > Rear Admiral > Supreme Admiral.

*Army-Air Force : There is no official Air Force or Army, as the Royal Navy are outfitted with variants of the same fighters produced for the Mnenchei, though the M'xawanee corps themselves all have ground vehicles and versions of these fighters as well, thus abolishing the need for an independent force of such label.

::: M'xawanee, the Peacekeepers
Chieftain-General (of (planet)) : The Chieftain-Generals are the leaders of the M'xawanee of an individual planet. Each planet's M'xawanee is independent from the next, and as such may carry slightly varying ideologies, though all follow the same basic principles and structure.

Exarch : A M'xawanee Exarch acts as a Colonel, put in charge of a particular state or region. All M'xawanee that fall under that umbrella are commanded by him, and his only ranking official is the Chieftain-General of the planet he resides on.

Captain : The M'xawanee Captains are those who are responsible for a particular unit or group within the state. They are lead and organized by their Exarch.

Peacekeeper : The basic M'xawanee with no official rank title, they are generally referred to as Peacekeeper. These are the 'meat' of a planet's militia and police force. They are all trained in the ancient martial arts of their predecessors and ancestors, including those who may not actually be Mnenchei themselves. Those individuals are given gauntlets which bare similar claws as the Mnenchei, made of solid titanium and made to be ornate, but functional. M'xawanee do not rely too heavily on guns; they use blasters and rifles, but are also excellent close-quarters combatants who utilize staves, sabers and hand glaives as primary weapons.

::: Citizenry
Planetary Governor : The leading government official or officials of a planet under the Mnenchei Dominion; with the exception of Mnencheiasüs.

Citizen : The laypeople of the Dominion, these are your everyday average citizen who do not serve in the military.

๖ۣۜJusticiary in ๖ۣۜSummary
The Justiciary of Ri'ess

Historical Synopsis

Both the Monarchy and the Justiciary of Ri'ess have common origins in a humble entity known as the Shaman Enclave. Several centuries ago, long before the establishment of the royal lineage on Mnencheiasus, the Enclave existed as simply a congregation of tribal shamans whose daily lives were filled with the worship of Ri'ess, their patron Goddess. Said to literally hear the voice of the Goddess herself, the Enclave was a highly valued part of ancient Mnenchi society; and were instrumental in the establishment of the Monarchy which would arise centuries later. The Monarchy itself began through the unification of the countless clans under a single leader, "anointed" by the Enclave. From this, single ruler began a royal lineage which has spanned Dominion history until the present day. Furthermore, the Enclave went from being an exceptionally-public entity to a secluded congregation who stood in the shadows behind the Queen.

Unlike the vast majority of the Galaxy, Mnencheiasus did not make contact with the outside worlds until well after the commencement of the Four Hundred Years of Darkness. It was this habit of seclusion, coupled with the lack of Hyperdrive technology, which allowed the Monarchy to evade infection by the Gulag Plague. However, the period of Galactic isolation came to an end in the mid 800s ABY, when explorers and traders braved the stars and eventually came into contact with Mnencheiasus. It was this exposure to alien entities which set the Mnenchei on the path to technological advancement. However, just as the Monarchy began to adopt the gifts which the outsiders had brought, the planet itself literally lashed out through an unparalleled cataclysm.

Storms. Earthquakes. Volcanic Eruptions. Every single natural disaster struck the people of the world in a harrowing judgment that some considered to be the wrath of Ri'ess herself. The loss of life in this cataclysm was enormous and quite literally over half of the Monarchy's denizens had lost their lives. In an effort of self-preservation, the Queen and her Clan relocated to the moon of Mnencheiasus and established a new city which would act as the capital of her kingdom: Exodus Prime. From there, all the people could do was wait out the disasters and do what they could in the aftermath. Reconstruction was hard and took quite some time, but instead of their conventional methods, the shattered world was rebuilt in the image of the advanced civilizations which were neighbors to Mnencheiasus.

And thus, the Monarchy evolved into something much more. The reigning Queen desired to expand the territory of her Monarchy into the stars, and to vastly improve the lives of her people through the technologies to be found there. As such, the Dominion was born.

In the wake of the Dominion's "birth" came changes to the system that was set into place by the Enclave's existence. From their midst, a single Shaman decided to take their duties of interpreting the will of the Goddess Ri'ess a step further. He decided to create a congregation of individuals that would utilize the "gift of the Goddess", otherwise known as the Force, in order to assist the goals of the Dominion and to enforce the will of the Goddess. When first conceived, this nameless congregation of Mnenchei consisted of a handful of capable Force Adepts whose education in the ways of the Force contained aspects of both light and darkness. Of them was asked loyalty to the Dominion, obedience to the will of the Goddess, and balance in every aspect of their lives.

Change came with the eventual seizure of the throne by the reigning High Queen Alachei, assisted by Jacques Cavill. The small, close-knit congregation of Mnenchei were then expanded under the leadership of the former. With each world that came under the occupation of the Dominion, a search for those gifted in the Force was initiated. Those who were found were introduced into the reconstituted congregation, and were given a greater education in the ways of the Force than previously accessible. The same tenets were expected of them, and they grew from a small cadre of force-sensitive Mnenchei into a thriving Order dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Dominion and the enforcement of the Goddess' will. The collective name they rally under is that of the Justiciary of Ri'ess, and they shall defend hearth and home until they are devoid of breath!


As aforementioned, the Justiciary of Ri'ess exists as a congregation of Force-sensitive beings dedicated to the Dominion. They are the de facto guardians of law and order, and to them is granted the power to act as judge, jury, and execuitioner as they uphold the laws of the Dominion, the edicts of the High Queen, and the will of the Goddess. Upon their shoulders fall the duties of protecting the people of the Dominion and putting an end to their enemies, searching the stars in hopes of discovering artifacts or lore that will aide in the elevation and empowerment of the Justicars, and maintaining balance in all aspects of their lives. The path of the Justicar is one steeped in Twilight, for they do not hearken to either persuasion of the Force more than the other.

In brief, they are the upholders of the law, the protectors of the people, the enforcers of the High Queen, and the congregation of those blessed with the Force within the Dominion.

Internal Structure

At the helm of the Justiciary of Ri'ess is an individual known as the Judge Magister. This particular person, upon appointment, is given a place within the Enclave so that they may lead the Justiciary without fear of deviation from the will of the Goddess. Underneath the Judge Magister is the Magistrate: a council composed of the Justiciary's population of Masters. This entity discusses the matters of importance and relevance to the Dominion and acts accordingly. Beneath the Magistrate are various divisions that are each headed by a Justicar Master. The purpose of each division is different, but each hold equal authority and importance within the Dominion as a whole. (Divisions are currently under construction).

What Sets the Justiciary Apart?

To begin, the Justiciary of Ri'ess is a semi-religious entity that only answers to the will of their patron Goddess. However, members are not expected to become worshippers of this deity; but are expected to abide by the moral standards and by-laws of the Dominion. The Justiciary does not have a force persuasion that defines it and attempts to take a neutral, balanced stance. As such, it will gladly accept individuals of any Force persuasion, should they be willing to shed any and all passions that would cause harm to the Dominion or its people (i.e. Genocide and the like). There is a special emphasis on Sorcery as being the central art of the Force to be educated on, although all other aspects of the Force are welcomed and shared as well.

Furthermore, the Justiciary offers its members unique forms of hand-to-hand combat and lightsaber combat. Originally developed in order to accommodate the Mnenchei's body structure in combination with a lightsaber, these combat forms are unorthodox when compared to those common in the rest of the Galaxy; and due to their unique nature will serve to grant Justicars an edge in duels. All in all, the Justiciary of Ri'ess is the definition of "something new" and seeks to bring activity and fun to the writers who fly its banner.

๖ۣۜAncestry of the ๖ۣۜDominion
The original Mnenchei race once lived on a different planet, on the homeworld of Mnencheiasüs. Around 475 ABY, they came into first contact with sapient alien races, which included humanity. They spent the next century apprehensively learning from these pioneering newcomers and sharing in trade. Their craftsmanship remained widely a secret until the era of their pilgrimage around the end of that time. In 572, a large planet-wide catastrophe racked the planet's barely stable crust and caused major tectonic shifts. This caused massive land deformations which devastated their considered primitive society. Their skills with metal and artisan crafts came in handy when outsiders began a joint effort to build space barges in collaboration with the Mnenchei. Despite the salvation of space faring, they were now in global exodus and lost nearly 43% of their population in the whole affair. Several more would not make it through the journey to settle onto new worlds never know by the Mnenchei. More fell victim, still, to the ecology of these foreign planets. Despite their losses, they divided and eventually conquered these challenges.

Now, the patches and cities of remaining Mnenchei remain culturally bound and somewhat muddled with the new technology they have so desperately had to make. They continued to slowly prosper, and may one day even become a known quantity throughout the galaxy; a race recognized.

As for planets; Mnencheiasus (capital). Ansion. Esfandia.


They don't use droids in the "palace" XD If you want, you can certainly monitor the place or even control droids outside of the system if you want. I'm definitely not short of uses for everyone right now! :D
Thank you for your interest.


@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]
As of yet, since its so fresh, not much... Sadly that's the catch/22 of small beginnings. Getting people to work together to help make something not so appealing become very appealing and unique.
I suppose all I can boast for now is that it's force-neutral, going for a blend of both Dark and Light sides combined. And grants shared access to some military resources as they become accumulated.
Alachei Mnemenos said:
@[member="Gar Tanaris"]
Awesomesauce. What're yer specialties?
@[member="Alachei Mnemenos"]

I am a bounty hunter, so I can track and fight, so maybe train the military's scouts, or help train Force Users, as I am technically a Knight, just waiting for OOC stuff to get done.


Insult. Deletion Of Unwanted File.
@[member="Alachei Mnemenos"]
I am not a droid. I am an Artificial Intelligence. I am insulted.
Insult. Deletion Of Unwanted File.


@[member="Gar Tanaris"] That's perfect. I could definitely use military instructors of any kind as well as Force users/trainers. I decided a while back it would be beneficial to make a division exclusively for Force users, and they'll hold a somewhat elite and authoritative position. Let me know which one would interest you more, or perhaps you'd be capable of both? :)


@[member="Tegaea Alcori"] I can't really explain it in a word. It's a mix of a dynastic monarchy plus a parliament (of shamans who read the Force) - thus making it semi-tribal - with peacekeepers (the closest thing to military they have THUS far) being a honorary form of citizenship - sort of like Rome - though with an emphasis on peace and philosophy. That make any sense? XD
My character wants to militarize it, but only for the sake of the security of their society in a galaxy full of people who want to run a dominion on everything. It would expand its territories to other planets and systems... but only to promote peace and prosperity as a whole.


@[member="Gar Tanaris"]
No. The people who will get killed had it coming, and shouldn't have entered our space. The military is a defense measure.
As they say, if you wish for peace, prepare for war.




Support the cause guys. Seriously. That one member, will make my day, literally. Hell, the whole month even. After this we become the Mnenchei Dominion. We can get our own capital ships, have a bigger defense budget, have a cloud of influence and even have our own specialized Force training! If you want that anywhere near as much as I do, please feel free to check us out! :D
(I should clear up now while this faction is lead by a Mnenchei dynasty it is NOT strictly for Mnenchei characters. Just the Queen is! So you can be anything; a droid, even.)

And MERRY CHRISTMAS for you guys who have already hit the midnight deadline!!

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