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Approved Species AG Strand-4 Halomonas Haruunicae

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[*]Canon: Haruun Kal Fungi
[*]Links: N/A
  • Name: Halomonas Haruunicae
  • Homeworld: Haruun Kal, Arctis Genetics Labs
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Classification: Genetically Altered Fungus
  • Average Growth Cycle: Thirty seconds, decay begins when the fungus runs out of food.
  • Viability: The fungus feeds on extremely dense metals and organic flesh, and it has been modified to thrive in most environments, though it does best in a tropical zone. Extreme cold will slow it down and eventually freeze it to death. Extreme heat will kill it. Halomonas Haruunicae starts out its life cycle as a spore, floating through life. If a fungus spore lands on metal or organic flesh, it will attach itself and begin to grow, breaking down the metal and flesh. If it has enough material to feed on it can grow rapidly and resembles a common tree fungus growth. It will continue to grow and reproduce as long as it has material to feed upon. When it dies it releases millions of spores that will continue the life cycle.
  • Description: It resembles a yellowish tree fungus, commonly found in most jungles around the galaxy. It is spongy to the touch.
  • Average height: Varies
  • Average length: Varies
  • Color: Light Yellow
  • Nutritional Value: Poisonous to most species. Specifically humans. Some psychedelic attributes, but no recorded consistency in test subjects. Don't eat it.
  • Distinctions: A yellow fungus.
  • Strengths:
    Fun Guy: It will eat the beskar right off of you. And then it will eat you too.

  • Kill It With Fire: A flamethrower could easily burn the fungus away.
  • Freeze Well: Cryoban will stop it in its tracks.
  • Portaak Amber: A natural fungicide, one can rub down their armor and weapons with portaak amber from Haruun Kal and - if consistently applied every twenty-four hours - be unconcerned with Halomonas Haruunicae.


Trying to put the "mad" in mad scientist, the Arkanians at Arctis Genetics bioprospected Haruun Kal for suitable genetic material that they could sell. What they found impressed them, as Haruun Kal plays host to aggressive strains of silicate and metal-eating fungi. They took samples and returned to their labs, where they genetically altered a strain of the metal-eating fungi and combined it with a strain of flesh-eating fungi, looking to weaponize the creation and sell it for profit.

The result is the Halomonas Haruunicae, a fungus so aggressive that if a cloud of spores were released on a Mandalorian in full armor, or a beskar tank, the spores would sprout into the full fungus within half-a-minute. In such a hypothetical scenario, the fungus would continue to grow and break down the beskar until neither it, nor the flesh beneath remained.
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