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Approved Tech Adekon Nanogene - Type 3

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Sictis Order

Maggot of Metal
  • Classification: Full Suite
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: High
    • Kinetic: Very High
    • Physical: Very High
    • Lightsabers: Very Low
    • EMP/Ion: Low
  • Synthetic Muscle Structure
  • Limited Self-Repair
  • Limited Air Filtration
  • Remote Computer/Droid Interface
  • Integrated HUD
  • Multi-Spectrum Visual Suite
  • Improved Resistance to Poisons, Toxins, Disease etc.
  • Improved Strength, Endurance, and Perception
  • Causes "Force Death"

[ + ] The synthetic musculature is highly resistant to most conventional forms of attack - particularly blunt force trauma, but also most standard kinetic and energy attacks.​
[ + ] One can expect the usual benefits of extensive cybernetic augmentation from the Adekon Nanogene. Improvements to physical performance, direct interfacing with technology, increased perception... The works.​
[ + ] Unlike preceding variants of the Adekon Nanogene, the Type 3 does not ignore or accommodate Midichlorians: it actively seeks to destroy them. The end result is the complete eradication of Midichlorians from the host, causing a similar form of Force Death similar to that seen by the Yuuzhan-Vong.​
[ - ] The Adekon Nanogene increases sensitivity to Ion and EMP attacks. Such assaults will induce considerable misery on the Nanogene's users, such as temporary blindness, deafness, nausea, muscle spasms, and so on. The severity of the results more or less lines up with the severity of the attack.​
[ - ] This isn't to suggest that the Nanobots themselves aren't vulnerable to similar attacks. EMP and Ion attacks will always kill a number of the Nanobots, reducing the host's ability to carry out repairs. If enough Nanobots die, more will have to be injected to replace them.​
[ - ] Shapeshifting species who are injected with the Nanogene will lose their ability to shift. The Nanogene replaces large amounts of musculature with synthetic material. While resilient, it cannot be shifted in the same manner that the previously organic tissue could.​
[ - ] There is no way to reverse the processes of the Adekon Nanogene. Once restructuring is complete, it becomes a permanent part of the user... For better or for worse.​


The Adekon Nanogene was designed personally by Darth Adekos, and was based on the more infamous nanogene developed by Belia Darzu. Unlike Darzu's nanogene, the Adekon Nanogene does not turn people into mindless technobeasts, nor is it a transmittable "virus."​
The Type 3 in particular was commissioned by the New Imperial Order as part of their ongoing Dark Trooper Initiative.​
Unlike many cybernetic enhancements, the Adekon Nanogene is not applied by surgery, but by injecting an army of nanobots directly into an organic subject. Upon injection, the nanobots will consume various parts of the host’s musculature, skeletal structure, and organs (sensory or otherwise), replacing them with advanced cybernetics.​
The benefits conferred by the Adekon Nanogene are best described as a higher end version of common cybernetic enhancements, such as the Cardio-Muscular Package. Those injected with the Nanogene enjoy greater strength, endurance, and perception than normal lifeforms. They are also no longer at risk of dying of organ failure, as their synthetic replacements not only function more efficiently, but will be routinely maintained by active nanobots within the subject. Additionally, the musculature and skeletal structure enhancements render the user resistant to basic forms of injury.​
Outside of allowing for the direct interfacing and control of technological devices, the Nanogene makes no additional improvements to the brain. This is purportedly due to the fact that the original Nanogene had a nasty habit of lobotomizing subjects when it reached that portion of the brain. To avoid any chance of similar circumstances occurring, the Adekon Nanogene is apparently programmed to avoid this area.​
One of the more interesting features is the nanobots’ ability to carry out repairs to their host. No one will be re-growing any limbs as a result of nanobots, but minor injuries (sprains, fractures, lacerations, etc.) will heal much faster than normal.​
Unlike preceding variants of the Adekon Nanogene, the Type 3 does not ignore or accommodate Midichlorians: it actively destroys them. The end result is the complete eradication of Midichlorians from the host, causing a similar form of Force Death similar to that seen by the Yuuzhan-Vong.​
The Nanogene is mostly intended for application specifically for humans and near-humans. Injection into other species will produce no results. The nanobots will remain inert, and will gradually be flushed from the body through natural processes.​
The restructuring done by the Nanogene is not an instantaneous process, but it does take less time than preceding versions of the Adekon Nanogene - a little over one week. Lack of concern for the continued existence of Midichlorians in the body allows the nanobots to carry out restructuring more aggressively.​
During restructuring, it is common practice that subjects enter some form of medically induced coma and be submerged in bacta. This is to avoid having to deal with the complications that arise from remaining conscious. Submersion in bacta will also prevent swelling and discomfort upon exiting the coma. Without bacta or a similar healing solution, subjects will remain stiff, swollen, and generally uncomfortable for weeks afterward.​
Remaining conscious during restructuring will result in debilitating pain. The nanobots typically start closer to the center of the subject and gradually fan out from there. Loss of motor and sensory functions as the nanobots work is common, and often results in heightened distress for the subject. The constant pain also makes it very difficult to sleep, and so subjects tend to suffer the effects of severe sleep deprivation as well.​
All this generally leaves subjects in a traumatized state.​
After restructuring, subjects will appear more or less like any other member of their species. The Nanogene is entirely concerned with internal improvements, and so is not immediately perceptible to the naked eye. But even casual sensor scans will detect the Nanogene's presence.​

Production of the Type 3 Nanogene is handled by the Sictis Order, while administration is delegated to the New Imperial Order. But it isn’t unheard of for samples to find their way to the black market.​
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