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 Suggestion A new start...

Part of the reason - a huge part of the reason my writing has gone stagnant is due to the creative drive behind my characters. After Aaralyn died, I think my muse died somehow. I tried dabbling with Mira but it faded off.

I have desperately tried to motivate myself to push Mira but I cannot.

Anyways, now that life is calming down I am rethinking things but also thinking a fresh start is in order.

so the question is - do I try to pick my established character back up or start something new with other people involved in not only conception but design if a character.

anyways, feel free to lmk here or on Discord any suggestions or thoughts.
Pretty in Pink
I would say do what feels right to you.

A character, in my opinion, has a certain life span for its creativity before it feels stagnant for you. The timeframe on that is open, just dependant on how far the writer is able to take it, but ultimately it's understandable if you get to a point you don't want to write a character anymore.

If you're looking to create a new one, I'd love to have someone to forge past connections with in some way on any of my characters, just depending on what sort you want to write!


Hunting Again
Good characters are hard to follow-up but not impossible.

Starting fresh is a great idea. Might take you a few new characters before you really get the feel for one, but it'll happen eventually. Just takes the right story and conflict and the right people involved to start the muse.

Morrigan Vale

Mess With The Cat, You Get The Claws
Try a new character. New face, new story, are really good for a creative reset, but I would keep Mira as well. Some of my oldest characters have been left on a shelf for years before I ever picked them back up again, but when I was ready to, the muse flowed a lot more freely.
Every scar a lesson, every wound a mistake
I found reflecting on past Rps to be a great help when I recently had a creative clout. Not just reflecting on the negatives though but focusing more on the positive. Why did you enjoy writing that character? What is it to do with who you were writing with? Something to do with the way you approached writing them? Try to nail down what made your creative mind go nuts, maybe you'll rediscover that creative juice or perhaps you'll see that a few unique circumstances helped forge that creative spurt and you'll need to drop it in favor of something new.