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LFG A Love Story

Katarine Ryiah

Never Hide Your Heart
Sadly the person who was supposed to write my characters better half will be unable to do so. This character was going to be my “inn” to socializing Kat in this new galaxy but plans will now need to change.

Kat has always worked best as a love story so I figure I’ll keep that element and just try to switch the players.

Basically she works well with the Han Solo type. Please don’t be offended if I say the chars won’t vibe. I’ve been writing her for over a decade so I’ve got a pretty good idea of what works and don’t want to waste anybodies time.

Speaking of time... I am a terrible no good awful person who owes some posts and is super slow because of school right now. So keep that in mind as well please.

We can talk more details on Discord. I am very much wanting a fade to black type of love. Not really comfortable writing other things.

thank you for considering ❤️


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my character is about 50 years old (real not your apparent 20) and i hang out in the csi area. I have an npc who would also need a teacher. to the han alone. in fact my avatar is a well-known double-agent scammer and Italian tax evader.

rich enough celibate, never written love story.

Julius Beyron

Recording Artist
Oh darling, Han Solo's got nothing on me...

You need a love interest, I'm your man. I can sing you a love song and melt your heart away

Very attractive obviously and definitely brash and arrogant. Popular galactic figure with a "stellar" reputation

Always partial to a young gorgeous Jedi such as yourself.

Oh my lord, the tabloids would be eatin this up!

But be warned, you might have some competition

Wanna give Julius a shot? Katarine Ryiah Katarine Ryiah

Joran Del-Finn

Smuggler by day. Snuggler by night.

Edit I have experience writing this character as a love interest both in his backstory and on this site with another writer

Katarine Ryiah Katarine Ryiah
Katarine Ryiah Katarine Ryiah
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Aito Vautah

Katarine Ryiah Katarine Ryiah

So, I got a few single characters if they peak your interest. Aito is thirty something new Mando that is awkward when it comes to flirting.

Franco Kennix is a smooth talking smuggler with a little bit of a temper.

Also, Kat Decoria is my lost LS force user. If your character is interested in other women.

My posting is slow for the next month but always open to developing my characters more.