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A Healthy Number of RPs?

In the lap of the Gods
Hi all!

Just wondered what the number of RPs people take up at a time are?

Maybe this isn't the right place to ask, but I'm just curious as to how many different RPs people find they can do at one time, and how they inject a fresh take on their character for each story.

I'm involved with 2 at the moment as a newbie to the forum, but find myself itching to do more but don't want to peak too soon as I build my reputation and the character.


Jay Scott Clark

Beyond Wonderland
That's a fantastic question. Personally I never try to go over 8 - 10 threads across all my characters. A few years of Roleplaying have taught me that is my tentative limit. It is enough to stay busy while also compensative for the narratives that linger or die out.

I don't know your schedule or how often you log in, but I think it would be safe to say you could always acquire a few more. Nobody around here is offended by sudden Leave of Absences either. We all know having fun is key and RL is unpredictable. So you're free to pursue as many as you like. :D

Corey's OOC

The Corey
I've got 4 characters, two are more 'flagship' and are involved in their Factions. They've each got 3 plus a larger group thread (which sometimes are slower?) My other two each have a thread a piece.

But thats me, I used to have a problem of having 15 characters with 4+ threads a piece? So... yeah.
In the lap of the Gods
Wow! RP is such a wide world, I under-estimated how much one person can create!

I am on here pretty 8 hours a day (via work, ssh!) so have good access and even at weekends so am tempted to develop more and venture in other threads, just to expand my character I think and be amongst the ranks of you all major RPers.

Darth Torment

I tend to do a lot of combat and the only thing new with mine are the locations, although I might not be one of the strongest force users of the board but I do have experience backing this alt, so I tend to find myself a bit out matched and even outgunned at times and have to deal with the writers comparison to Fight or Flight in the threads.
and yea I know, that sounds so idiotic. Isis was my first on this board and other boards and I have seriously come to be attached to her. weird I know.

Although I do at times like to mix it up with either the separation of a limb just to be reattached or to have an artificial replacement, or new clothes and whatnot from time to time just to make things more interesting. But Isis is a bit of a loaner and wanderer since she has yet to find a suitable faction or government she can be a part of and be at home with, The Horde seems to be the only home she has right now.

Isis has also become a Jedi Twice, a Sith Twice, and I believe a Dark Jedi three times over, but am also debating whether or not I should allow the Jedi or some other force user with the ability to to strip her of the force, I have contemplated this for a while and have backed down every single time since idk what she would do if she lost her connection to the force and truth is it terrifies me to think of.

But this is all OOC and so none of it really matter IC.


Best Onion
I used to be crazy; had around 16 active characters at a time with about 5 threads each.

That was back in college xD and then I suffered through burn out.

Now that I'm back from LOA, i'm taking things slow. Currently in three roleplays across two chars and will be starting two more today. I have plans for others in the future, but ultimately, I think around 5 is a good number for me right now.

Though I might be tempted to do more >.>

Matila Arkh

who knows?
Don't let anyone else influence the number you do. I myself take on ridiculous amounts on whichever character is deemed my main [I had 20+ almost constantly with Kära] - just know your own limits so you don't burn the candle at both ends ^-^;' Don't force threads or restrict them if you feel confident enough to write them.


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I'd say a healthy number of threads are as many as you can handle EVERY DAY, should someone respond often. If you don't have hours and hours to linger around, I'd say keep it to half a dozen. But I also don't like to make people wait. And that's a whole different problem. lol
I have had many ongoing threads, but when my active thread count reaches 15 with this character, I stop. Then I have to take a break and start completing the ongoing threads, starting with the ones I like the most. Now I don't like going past 10 ongoing threads with this character. And I'd love to have only a few ones, but it's quite difficult due to the fact, that most people live in completely different timezones and have their own schedule. But that's with my main account.

With others, i normally have 1-3 ongoing threads, never more. That's because I can't play with alts. I just... can't. I think it's because I have grown so attached to this one, that playing with others seems weird. And it's also because it's my Writer account. I am logged in with this one far more often than I have with any of my alts.

But all of that was my personal stuff. I think living in a better timezone makes things a lot easier and then I could probably have even more ongoing ones.

Jonathon Patches

Information Broker
One, uno, single.

One. I used to have a rule of five... then it became three... now it's one. It's easy to keep track, don't keep anyone waiting, and allows me to put my full effort into the single roleplay. Two, maybe, in case of an emergency... but my days of sitting down at the computer for six hours and RP'ing in a half a dozen threads are long behind me.
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Depends who you RP with. If you RP with some people who only post once a week (not mentioning names <_<) you can have several more than if you RP with people who live on the site.

Aran Finn

It fluctuates based on muse. When I first started in 2010, I had 20 active threads within a month. At my lowest ebb, I went on a muse-based LOA for three months. Just take on what you feel you can, maybe make a few mistakes along the way, and get to know your limits. Everyone's different.