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A day of tears and tension. [Rommamool and Osarian Republic Reations]

Aleidis Zrgaat

Young soul from an older generation.
"People of the Republic..." The Supreme Chancellor began, speaking to a small army of microphones brandished by reporters stationed in the press room at the Senate building in Galactic City. The young woman looked morose - which was understandable, given the subject she was about to speak on. " you've no doubt heard by now, earlier today the border planets Rommamool and Osarian have been destroyed, and the lives upon them lost." She explained quietly, respectfully.

"In the face of this tragedy, I advise you to be strong. Mourn, but move forward. Embrace your neighbors, for although we are divided by language, or by planet or country, we are all Republic citizens! The loss of an entire planet is an unspeakably heartbreaking thing, but the Galaxy spins ever onward - and so must we." She encouraged, before pausing to open the floor to questions.

"Chancellor Ijet - Kootan Uriah, GNN - " One Reporter introduced himself. " - what do you have to say to the suspicions that this was some sort of attack perpetrated by the Sith Empire, due to the strained relations between the Republic Government and the Protectorate?" He demanded, pushing his microphone closer.

"I can assure you that if this WAS an attack, we will find out. As we speak, a crack team of investigators is seeking any truths that may lay hidden. But I am confident - VERY confident - that neither the Empire nor the Protectorate would do such a horrible thing." Aleidis promised. "The Protectorate values the lives of her people as much as the Republic does it's own. And I stress that we are not at war with the Protectorate in any way. Your Vice Chancellor, Phillip J. Halen, is already on his way, personally, to Fondor. He is going to seek out the Protectorate's leadership, to extend and olive branch. Hopefully, the best minds of both our Factions will be able to enable us to get to the bottom of this, and find solutions for us all to persevere in this trying time."

A Twi'Lek stood up, brandishing his microphone. The advanced holonetwork translated his huttese to basic for those who desired it. "Chancellor. Quee N'Gondya, Outer Core Broadcasting. Do you think there is any connection between this attack and Donanyd?"

"At this time, we are unprepared to say if this WAS an attack." Aleidis stated firmly. "If it was an attack, or a weapons test gone awry, then I swear to you that we will discover the perpetrator and bring them to justice. Next question."

"Leiliana Durotan, BSN - Chancellor Ijet, what of the lives ruined by this tragedy? Citizens of the Osarian system who were away during the attack and have nothing to return home to?" One woman asked.

"A program has already been instituted to aid those who have been affected by the destruction of these planets. The people of the Osarian system - whether from Rommamool or Osaria, Republic or Protectorate, will find government aid as refugees. They will be financially taken care of until they've gotten back on their feet, new homes will be found." Aleidis promised. "While I know that the loss of a home - an entire planet - leaves a hole that cannot be filled, it is all we can do to keep moving forward."

"For now, I ask for your understanding and comfort for all those who grieve, for the families whose lives have been shattered and ended, for all whose sense of safety and security has been threatened. This is a day when Republic citizens from every walk of life unite in our resolve for justice and peace. The Republic has stared down tragedy before, and we will do so this time." Aleidis swore.

"None of us will ever forget this day, yet we go forward to defend, to exemplify freedom and all that is good and just in the Galaxy." The young Chancellor added resolutely, standing upright. "We go forward with strength, with dignity, and with each other, hand in hand. Let us take this opportunity not to seek revenge against an opponent that may not even exist, but to show the Galaxy why the Republic has stood proudly for so long in the face of darkness, entropy, and senseless evil. I implore you to show the best of yourselves in this trying time, reach out to help those in need, and grieve the loss of life and light."

"Thank you. May the Force be with all of us."

And with that said, Aleidis stepped down from the dias, chased by flashing lights and a dull roar of questions. There were meetings to be had, committees to be formed. The Republic would be working around the clock until they discovered what happened at Rommamool and Osarian.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

Syn looked up from the seat as the interview came on the air, not much just enough so they could keep informed and the jedi master stood there in the converted cargo hold now training room. For the moment while he listened and took it in he was glad to have a name of what he had felt on Tython. The lose of life, the pull of something sickening and now... Well now it was all the more reason for him to train both himself and his padawans. He wasn't on the council anymore, at least not in the way it mattered.

No there was supposed to be a motion filed to remove him and based on how little friends he had in that room. He did not have high hopes of its outcome which is why he had chosen to avoid Coruscant, avoid going directly into the temple on Tythin aside from under cloak to get his gear. As far as most knew he had been on the Shepard and sent into the mountains of the world. He had used that small spell by the witches to train, let him recover from their spell and be left in peace save his padawans who always knew where he was. He made sure Iella was watching Celtic in this endeavor and safe, Tython housed many mysteries and you didn't need a temple to be safe.

Now he was semi free from their gaze to do as needed and without his motives being questioned he could do what was needed to ensure the jedi were safe. That was after all why he had contacted and asked for Arya to teach him. That was why he was letting her meager and it was meager hand to hand beat him down. So he could learn to fight and perceive the current, he still shut the news off midway into Aleidis speaking as a kick went to the back of his knee then a closed fist backhanded him.
Hope is Kindled
"This is a tragedy."
"How could this have happened?"
"So many lives....lost."

Many words were spoken, interviews were going and all the while it seemed tears and pain could be seen and felt throughout the planet. Guardian took a deep breath as he walked down the hallway of the senate building moving past several people, whisphers and cries could be heard as they scrambled to hear what the Supreme Chancellor had to say in regards to what happened recently. Genocide, it seemed almost. Whatever it was that could have happened that ended so many lives. The Chancellor was just finished talking as he left the company of so many and soon stood outsid of the senate building and breathing in the fresh air. Guardian clicked off his comlink and took the small communications device out of his ear and just held it in his hand as he looked out towards the city. It seemed like an ordinary day, or what should have been.

Dealing with his own inner demons of his personal life, trying to figure out who he was. A Jedi, was what was revealed thus far, anything from that point such as a name was lost to the ages it seemed. If someone or some faction was the cause to this they would be brought to Justice. And perhaps they deserved a harsh death, but such wasn't the Jedi way. There was still so much left to be done, so much left to explore and to help. For now the Jedi known as Guardian would be standing outside the senate building, in his own mind a silent prayer was leaving his lips that no one would be able to see.

Josh winced as he watched on the holovid, relaxing at his personal bar after another successful mission. Josh didn't know what to say about this at all...

"DAMNIT!" Josh shouted, a rare show of serious frustration for the Jedi. Luckily, save his droid, he was alone. But that didn't lessen the pain whatsoever... Two worlds, two entire plants... Just destroyed... Just like that... Millions of lives lost like that.... With no indicator to who did it...

The fact baffled the Jedi. He couldn't believe it...