Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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A big factor in roleplay size

I have the feeling that most large roleplays have players tagged. It's easy to do in Invasions and other faction events, but I don't get how to do it in Public threads. I can't just go tag half the people in the server, but otherwise my rp threads are almost completely dead and blank.

Tagging people out of the blue wouldn't be very efficient. Instead I'd recommend you garner interest beforehand by pitching the idea for your public thread in the Looking for Group sub-forum, or in the faction forum your character belongs to. If your character is not affiliated with a faction, then that's tip number two for networking and finding a group of like-minded people to plot with. :)
You can also join our Discord server if you haven't already, people often talk about roleplays/ideas/etc there, and its easier in a lot of ways because you get that immediate interaction.

The LFG area obviously works too :)

Its very rare that a Public thread that hasn't had a discussion or LFG topic made for it will actually gain traction.

Good luck!


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