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Approved Tech 14mm "Dire Wolf" Custom Export Munitions

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Sergei "Jack" Jachovich



  • Classification: CryoBan/Anti-Armor/Anti-Shield/Non-Lethal
  • Size: Large/Large/Large/Large
  • Weight: Heavy/Heavy/Heavy/Light
  • Explosive Type: CryoBan Micro-explosive/None/Small DEX charge with Ionite-A shell/None
  • Delivery Method: Shot out of a rifle
  • Effective Range: Average/Average/Average/Average
  • Area Of Effect: Point Blank/Pinpoint/Point Blank/Pinpoint
  • Stopping Power: Extreme/Extreme/Extreme/Extreme
  • Penetration: Very High/Extreme/Very High/None

  • Ammunition series that's meant to be interchangeable with standard 14mm "Dire Wolf" Ammunition. Ballistic characteristics change but otherwise rounds fit into the same magazines and allow for use to be as easy as loading a magazine up with whichever rounds you want to do the job. Only round types that require a little fiddling with the primary weapon system is the non-lethal rounds as their lesser charge means you have to adjust the gas system accordingly.
  • CryoBan rounds work as the name implies. Fill the round with a CryoBan warhead, with a Synthetic Yorik Coral/Carbonite coating to protect it against various battlefield things that might try to interfere with said warhead. This gives you the ability to add even more bang to your buck as you are now flinging small ice bombs at someone that are extremely accurate and very deadly against both protected and unprotected combatants. Have fun.
  • Anti-Armor Rounds consist of a Phrik-A core with a Synthetic Yorik Coral Lining that protect it from environmental hazards and allow the round to essentially shed its outer lining one it impacts a target. This is all encased in a plastosteel sabot inside the rifle meaning you are shooting very small, extremely powerful darts designed to look at almost any kind of armor or hide out there like it's paper mache. Be careful where you point these, as they are designed to punch through even vehicle based armors.
  • Anti-Shield Rounds are a special design coming from tech heads inside The Dire Wolves. These rounds have a Synthetic Yorik Coral Shell which contains a frontal contact fuse connected to a primer for the small DEX charge inside the round. Where these rounds get nasty however is on impact with any type of surface, the Synthetic Yorik Coral shell will deform causing the contact fuse to detonate setting off the priming charge which will cause the DEX micro-charge to detonate. And this in turn takes the Ionite-A payload of the round and causes it to not only become powdered, but be scattered in a 30 centimetre radius meaning this stuff will get everywhere. This is intended to destroy shields, short out electronics and essentially take that really nice and fancy shmancy tech you have and ruin it.
  • Non-Lethal Rounds are meant to be smaller charged rounds that fire out a Synthetic Yorik Coral coated piece of polymer intended to hurt a lot, and incapacitate most people because either a, they're in ridiculous amounts of pain or b, unconscious. These rounds hurt like hell and while they don't kill at all, I still would rather not be shot by one.

  • Variety is the spice of life: These rounds give you the ability to either specialize across a variety of different targets and enemy types or the ability for a single operator to carry mixed magazines or different magazines with specific ammos to make them more adaptable. And who doesn't love getting options when it comes to making your soldier either able to flex as needed on the battle field or making a particular soldier a nightmare for whatever particular enemy they are supposed to fight. These rounds will give you the ability to send the message to anyone on the battlefield the message that starts with "To whom it may concern,".
  • Synthetic Yorik Coral: So one of the best insulators that ever came out of Freebirds Industries was Synthetic Yorik Coral. This material while having most excellent insulation properties also has one that serves this ammunition well. It's force dead. Good luck using that space magic on these bullets. Because not only are they that fast they are also coated in something that doesn't naturally connect to the force. Can you use something else to stop them? Sure, but you aren't gonna be able to directly alter them. At all.

  • They're quite specific rounds: 14mm x 55mm "Dire Wolf" is a very large and cumbersome ammunition casing, that is also extremely powerful. These rounds specifically require something as extremely well built as TDW HARM, because their power will literally cause other types of rifles to explode. They will tear apart lesser weapons and even with all of the modifications in the HARM, these still kick like a mule. And if you can't man handle these rounds, expect to be man handled.
  • Non-Lethals don't play nice with other rounds: So as mentioned above the Non-Lethal versions of these rounds require adjustments of the gas system due to their smaller charge in the weapon. This means that if you select the Non-Lethal option, you can either go with the gas system changes which allows for full functionality with the Non-Lethal rounds and a potentially dangerous situation with standard rounds, or you can fire the non-lethal rounds one at a time, having to charge the weapon after every shot because they literally don't have the umph that standard rounds do. And if you go with the first option, you have been warned, there's a reason why so little gas is actually used to cycle the bolt on standard settings. Might want to get the medical station ready.
So with the unveiling of the 14mm "Dire Wolf" Custom munitions from The Dire Wolves and Freebirds Industries, there was an immediate demand for an export version of these rounds. However a few tweaks were requested. The buyers didn't want the High Explosive Rounds, or Smoke rounds, preferring instead to go with a Cryoban based round and a less powerful propellant to make it safer people to use. These tweaks would make the rounds have less range overall than the Dire Wolf munitions, however they would be much safer to use, and with the ability to utilize Cryoban rounds, they could now safely take down targets without killing them, theoretically. These rounds however will be available on a much wider scale than the original rounds that are meant for TDW.
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