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  1. Klesta

    The Safety of Shawken's Workers

    With the money earned from selling ergonomic assessments all across Chiss space, and, of course, in the Caldera, Klesta was now in charge of the ergonomic assessment division. That, despite the short period where the various Lords fought each other in the Caldera, in rather low-key fashion, with...
  2. Shaddi

    Approved Starship  Umova-class Assault Cruiser

    Image Source: (Please link to where you found the image, or to the original artist if possible. TinEye or Google Image Search can help.) Affiliation: ZTI, OS, Closed Market Manufacturer: ZTI Model: Umova-Class Assault Cruiser Modularity: Weapons, shields and systems can be retrofitted but will...
  3. Shaddi

    Approved Tech  Broad Triple barreled Nova cannons

    Image Source: Battlefleet Gothic Google search. Intent: To create an advanced Long range cannon with devastating possibilities. Development Thread: If necessary Manufacturer: ZTI Model: Broad Nova Cannon Affiliation: ZTI (Special projects division), Select protjects. Modularity: No Production...
  4. Shaddi

    To give wings to a Fist.

    To say that the logistics of the Kevn-class cruiser design was a nightmare would be an understatement. With it's advanced systems, engines and weaponry it would be a battlefield juggernaut of a command ship. However to make it work the prototype design had to made economically and it's creation...
  5. Shaddi

    Approved Starship  Kevn-class Star destroyer

    Image Source: Google image search Imperial raider Affiliation: ZTI, OS Manufacturer: ZTI Model: Kevn-class Star destroyer Modularity: Can be retrofitted (Will require a special resubmission for that individual ship) Production: Minor. Material: Titanium reinforced Quadanium steel Hull Alusteel...
  6. Warren Century

    Approved Tech  Cen OS MK II/ ZTI Tech OS MK II

    Intent: To provide a unique operating system that is not as easily sliced due to lack of similarities between it and traditional droid operating systems for the systems of ZTI. Development Thread: If Mandatory Manufacturer: Cen-Tech/ZTI Model: CenTech/ZTI OS-MK II Affiliation: ZTI Modularity...
  7. Shaddi

    Approved Starship  K'insevah-class station

    Image Source: Deviant art Affiliation: Open Market Manufacturer: ZTI Model: K'insevah-class station Modularity: It's weaponry can be replaced as well as what it's supposed function. Production: Mass-Produced. Material: Alusteel, Station components Classification: Standardized station. Length...
  8. Shaddi

    Approved Starship  Asterok-class Station

    Image Source: Here Affiliation: Open Market Manufacturer: Zugurk Tyúk Industries Model: Asterok-class Modularity: sensors can upgraded, facilities can be inserted into them, other asteroids can be tethered to the station with their own separate functions and facilities.. Production: Limited...
  9. Shaddi

    Approved Starship  Krata va-class station

    Image Source: Deviant art Affiliation: Semi Open Market, only available to factions and companies with enough capital to buy them. Manufacturer: Zuguruk Týuk Industries. Model: Krata va Modularity: Sensors, research equipment can be changed out to suit the intended needs of the station, weapons...
  10. Shaddi

    Approved Starship  The Stargazer-class frigate

    Image Source: Here Affiliation: Open Market Manufacturer: Zuguruk Tyûk Industries Model: Stargazer Modularity: Yes, can be outfitted as a research, medical or exploration vessel. Production: Mass-Produced. Material: Durasteel/Alusteel alloy blend for the hull, Starship components...
  11. Shaddi

    Zuguruk Tyûk Industries

    Zuguruk Tyûk Industries Current Tier: 3 Owner and president: @Darth Erebos A company Founded to produce top of the line droids, ships and other Custom orders for any and all factions in the galaxy. With droids ranging from labor droids to training droids for Force users to train in Lightsaber...
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