Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Prodigy

    Faction  What Was, What Will Be [The Open Hand] [Introduction Thread]

    Abandoned compound, Myrkr - Open to members of the Open Hand faction - Deep in the woodlands of Myrkr, a signal calls to a select few. Some have been in contact for some time. Others had never received such a message before. None had met in person before, not for a call like this. But each of...
  2. V

    Private  Slow descent into..

    The moment that I've been looking for There was the faint hum in the air of static, the ringing that never left her ears, but louder than that, the noise which drowned everything else out, was the overwhelming sound of her lightsaber as it burned the air itself. There was little light here...
  3. Kahne Porte

    Private  Strong as it ever was.

    Naboo Early Morning The Jedi was able to acquire a place on the Lake for a week or two, the whole time didn't have to be used. He wasn't sure how long they were planning on staying but it was going to do them some good to get away and just be themselves and be with each other apart from the...
  4. Amani Serys

    Private  Same As It Ever Was

    Lamaredd Lilanna Kelamvor “Think those raiders will come back?” “They always do. Whether it’s five minutes from now, or five weeks.” “Wishful thinking, I guess. As if there aren’t enough problems to deal with.” The last broken slug casing clinked into the metal pan with finality, and at...
  5. B'kik

    Approved Starship  WAS Carrier

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A ship used for transporting WAS and other Utinni Traded goods products Image Source:
  6. B'kik

    Approved Vehicle  Weaponized Armoured Sandcrawler (WAS)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: So B'kik can defend Utinni Traded Goods cargo from raiders and thieves while also having a product and form of tank to sell and use. Image Source: Sandcrawler on wookiepedia page that has been edited to add the ends of mass driver cannons...
  7. R

    Chaos Counts to One Hundred

    So you bested counting to 20, then to 50, now let's engage hardmode. 1
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