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  1. Y

    Private  A Mission too far

    The soft lights of the cockpit underlit the deepening wrinkles on his green face as he worked to plot his next course. It had been many years since his knighthood. He remembered leaving Master Romi's side, training his own padawan and setting out on orders to defend the unknown regions against...
  2. Valery Noble

    Work In Progress  Lazi & Lehi | The Noble X-wings

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a pair of X-wings for Valery and Kahlil Image Source: Link Canon Link: X-wing Permissions: N/A Primary Source: X-wing My own sub PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: incom Corporation | Valkeri Enterprises Affiliation: Valery Noble and Kahlil...
  3. Valery Noble

    Private  Sabotage

    Temple Hangar Outfit: Factory Link Ship: Link Tag: BB-610 "Alright, Bee," Valery began after stepping down from a very different-looking X-wing, "This is the first ship I had built after being rescued from stasis. At the time, I made it to travel around without having to worry about running...
  4. Lazrea Visara

    Approved Tech  Valkyrie Spear

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a Melee weapon for Lazrea during her hunts Image Source: (Many Links didn't work when looking at the wiki page) Canon Link: Vibro-Voulge (Closest in terms of style) Permissions: Lazrea Visara Primary Source:
  5. Val

    Character  Val the powermind

    VAL THE POWERMIND NAME: Val FACTION: None RANK: N/A SPECIES: Powermind. AGE: AI created 1 year ago SEX: Neutral coding to fit whatever host it is given STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : +Considerable knowledge source due to having multiple hosts...
  6. C

    Character  [WIP] Val Halcard

    Val Halcard Music The Great Unknown Goal Gain power and make money Class(es) Speaker Birthplace Denon Place of residence Denon Age 27 years old Personality Traits Determined Ruthless Cold Two faced Education Traits Intricate Webweaver Lifestyle Traits Resiliant Strategist...
  7. Grand Shepherd Burtch

    Approved Starship  Val Khaar-B Class Corvette

    (OOC NOTE: THIS IS A MASS PRODUCTION VARIANT OF THE ORIGINAL VAL KHAAR-CLASS CORVETTE) Images of Final Design Viken Dobson’s original scetchs OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a mass-production corvette for the Elysium Empire Battle-Line Synergy Project Image Source: My...
  8. Grand Shepherd Burtch

    Approved Starship  Special Forces Val Khaar-Class Corvette

    Image of Final Design Viken Dobson’s original sketches OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a special forces corvette for the Elysium Empire Battle-Line Synergy Project Image Source: My Own Drawing, assistance by Heath Valhoun, 3D render is a commission by Adamkop Canon Link...
  9. Grand Shepherd Burtch

    Approved Starship  Val Khaar-Class Corvette

    Image of Final Design Viken Dobson‘s original scetch OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a modern corvette for the Elysium Empire Battle-Line Synergy Project Image Source: My Own Drawing edited by Heath Valhoun, 3D image is a commissioned render by Adamkop Canon Link: N/A...
  10. V

    Character  Val Shyra

    Val Shyra Name: Val Shyra Age: 20 Gender: Male Height: 6'2 Weight: 160 Lbs Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Grey Force Sensitive: Yes Species: Human Faction: Confederacy of Independent Systems, The Enclave Val Shyra was born in the middle of...Nowhere. Nowhere was a rather small...
  11. Taheera Sollo

    But in the end it's only a passing thing, this shadow; even darkness must pass.

    How much had she sunk into the muddy surface of Dagobah? A half inch? An inch? How long had the First Order Sith Lord left her to die? Had it only been hours? A day? The master healer could feel her life slipping away, spilling into the wider, ragged rivers of the force. Bit by bit. She...
  12. Valkyrien Aurelios

    Approved Location  Aurel Farm

    Name: Aurel Farm Image Source: "Follow You" By Denis Istomin Classification: Farm Location: Aurel Farm is located in the far reaches of the Outer Rim. Beyond The Galactic Alliiance, beyond the First Order in the Far Reaches near Wild Space. Aurel Farm sits on a small world with no real name...
  13. Taheera Sollo

    The Adventures of a Healer and a Viking: Pirates, Part II

    [member="Valkyrien Aurelios"] The planet with the burned down village and the lush forest with a very specific cave was just a speck of bright, white light on the observation deck. Myrtle-ellipses narrowed in thought. The Outback group had stopped a large chunk of the pirate army but a...
  14. Valkyrien Aurelios

    Fearless Viking Seeks Traveling Companions

    Hey guys! Id like to get some threads going for Val. Hes only had two so far and I think its time I branch out a bit more. He's never never left the outer rim and honestly lives a pretty simple life so i thought itd be fun to RP with some folk who traveled/wandered/moved through the galaxy to...
  15. Matreya

    Approved Tech  Valashu Elahad's Sith Armor

    Image Source: Deviantart Intent: To show Valashu has fully given in to the feelings driving him to kill, to fully accepting the darkside Development Thread: Omega Event Rewards (Bronze) // Haiku Doin? Evil? Good Manufacturer: [member=valashu Elahad] Model: Valashu Elahad's Sith Armor...
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