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  1. Katarine Ryiah

    Faction  Shawty Had Them Apple Bottom Jeans (Clubbing Thread Open to GA / NJO / Ask for Invite)

    Location: Zeltros - Club Rogue Objective: Dance & Have Good Time - Meet Fellow Faction Members Tags: Open to GA / NJO The music was way too loud, but the air was electrified with the pheromones, alcohol, and bad decisions for recklessness. This planet was a testament to hedonism and probably...
  2. Nute Griimda

    LFG  Now, there are two of them!

    Greetings! As you might be aware, I write the Neimoidian Senator Lodd Grimmin on the site and many others involving the Trade Federation of Planets. Currently, I am crafting a new Neimoidian character who holds a position within the Dark Empire's Imperial Ruling Council, overseeing the...
  3. Salara Zambrano

    Private  Some of Them Want To

    In an undisclosed system, Salara had put out a call to gather those loyal to her husband Darth Carnifex and the purpose for such a call? Push the Kainates forward. Look back to what had been done, and look ahead as to what they wanted. Gathering more to their cause, aiding those Panathans who...
  4. Romi Jade

    Approved Lore  Force Illusions: Notes on how to recognize & counter them

    "Mastering the art of countering illusions is not just about resisting the lure of the false reality. It's about cultivating and building the strength of the mind, the clarity of the heart, and the depth of the connection to the Force. Once you've embraced these qualities, then you'll truly be...
  5. A

    Private  Us and Them

    IMPERIAL + LOST SOLDIER COMMONWEALTH CITIZEN D O S U U N Thale Ostidus Aerys had been summoned before by the Secretariat to Governance Row before. She had ignored them before as well, the Board of Governors had submitted the request that she be involved in some way with the Commonwealth's...
  6. Rex Valhoun

    Private  They're Knights, all of them....

    Vesti, home to The Order of The Lion, the most elite fighting force in The Elysium Imperium, and a completely unimpressive facility given the wealth of The Imperium and the importance of The Knights. It had only essential buildings...a landing zone, barracks, armory, et cetera. This was...
  7. Wyatt Morga

    LFG  Got a Sith? Want them to have a cool story?

    With the Jedi Covenant successful capturing Ashin, it's time we move on to some other Sith. Old Sith, new sith, whatever Sith you got - if you want them to get captured, thrown in prison, or be hunted by a bunch of Grandmasters and old guard Jedi then boy do I have the offer for you. The Jedi...
  8. Heinrich Faust

    Private  Weapons and Those that Wield Them

    Location: Ruusan, the Graywall The winds were particularly harsh on this day, but Heinrich stood in place nonetheless. The gates to the Graywall had offered some protection from the cold bite of the air, but he could still feel it cut through the folds of his layered outfit. Today would not be...
  9. Heinrich Faust

    Invasion  Kill Them All and let God Sort them Out: AC Invasion of TSE held Ziost, Mirial, Ruuria

    The message was ignored. An offer of mercy rescinded, the compassion of the Ashla rebuked with degenerate hubris as it so often was. No longer would the servants of the faithful be forced to bow to the wanton desires of tyrants and despots. No longer would the sycophants of the great enemy be...
  10. Cedric Grayson

    Invasion  Kill Them All And Let God Sort Them Out | AC Invasion TSE Ziost, Mirial, Ruuria |

    They laugh away mercy, and so they shall receive none. The Crown remains unbroken. The message was ignored. An offer of mercy rescinded, the compassion of the Ashla rebuked with degenerate hubris as it so often was. No longer would the servants of the faithful be forced to bow to the wanton...
  11. Evad

    Slicer Community [Interest Check]

    Looking to get some feedback on a community for slicers somewhat akin to the organization known as 'Anonymous'. Make your voice known. You've got words, use 'em. I have an idea for one, but I want a good base of players that would be interested before I form it.
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