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  1. Eldritch Whispers

    Dominion The Shadow War | WotS Dominion of Ammuud/Bonadan Hex

    Ammuud, a Corporate Sector world that after years of languishing under the chains of the Sith have thrown them off… or so they believe. Once, in the time of the Old Republic, the Seven great Clans of Ammuud were known for their incessant infighting. For a millennium, through the plague and...
  2. Osam

    Unreviewed The Bryn'adul | Quilxyn Rescript

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide a variant of the Quilxyn which will serve to disrupt teleportation in a broad area around it, thus securing defenses against a threat the Bryn'adul has faced on multiple occasions. Image Credit: Role: Stationary Base Defense Permissions: Meta...
  3. Aspect of Passion

    Dominion The Siege │ SE Dominion of Voss & Folende

    The Siege Voss Tion Cluster 865 ABY With the pyrrhic victory against the Silver Jedi Forces within the Ossus Hyperlane, the Sith Eternal finally brought their fleets to the culmination of their plan. The Siege of Voss was long coming - a fortress world who's very position threatened the...
  4. Cedric Grayson

    Private The Rain Poured Down

    The rain poured heavily unto the Graywall. Cedric stood motionless amidst the torrent, stripped down to his pants and left to his own devices now that the day was drawing to a close. Bogan's Lament hummed quietly in his cybernetic hand, his other limb held outward toward seemingly nothing. His...
  5. LCDR Burtch

    Private Jack in the box

    IN THE LOWER HOLD OF THE FIRST ORDER GUARDIAN PATROL CORVETTE LORD PHONYX “No! Kriff off! Screw you and the freighter you came in on!” Yelled Lieutenant Dothea Dobson up the stairs at Chief NCO, Lead Ableman, Alro (Bubba) Doreen as he trotted down the stairs from the gangway that ran around the...
  6. Voph

    Unreviewed The Mirith

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To codify a new species introduced into the galaxy Image Credit: artAlias on Deviantart, edited by myself Canon: No Permissions: No permissions required, but shoutout to Srina Talon for offering some ideas Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Scientific...
  7. Tefka

    Staff May the 4th Be With Us All

    Happy Star Wars Day.
  8. Rookal the Hutt

    Character Rookal the Hutt

    ROOKAL THE HUTT master of his own destiny NAME: Rookal Tol Jueliek FACTION: His own company, supports the creation of the New Hutt Republic, friendly to any who will do busniess with him RANK: CEO of Jueliek Holdings SPECIES: Hutt AGE: Early middle aged for a hutt SEX: Male HEIGHT...
  9. Eternal Muse

    Faction Social Harmony || The Confederacy + Open

    S C A R I F SHOREHAVEN RESORT The Southern Systems were not immune to troubling times. In recent history, the Galaxy was no stranger to turmoil. It was said that strife could always be found among the stars - yet the present chaos had been nearly unprecedented. Practically every civilization...
  10. Sigrid Adair

    Private Echoes: Plucking the Red String

    Enroute to Indupar Aboard the Mecetti yacht 'Evening Star' No matter how much she knew she could take care of herself, even if her ailing Lord Father knew it, let alone her esteemed progenitor, she was always given accompaniments. Legs crossed, an appropriately long skirt draping past her...
  11. Irratar Hemstagon

    Approved NPC Athysian Stratis Hosts: The Vrea Edikar

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To Create a heavy marines unit for the Athysian League Image Credit: Credit (Photoshopped by me) Role: Shock Troopers, Jump Troopers Permissions: NA Links: NA GENERAL INFORMATION Unit Name: Vrea Edikar Affiliation: Athysian League Classification: Shock...
  12. Cedric Grayson

    Faction Scramble For The Arm | Ashlan Crusade/NIO |

    The tavern they had elected to meet in was far beyond the outskirts of the Graywall, deep in the heart of the outlying towns beyond the walls of the fortress. This section of the urban sprawl was home almost exclusively to members of the local militia, and thus was the rowdiest place the Ashlans...
  13. Irratar Hemstagon

    Approved NPC Athysian Stratis Hosts: The Vrea Stratis

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a basic infantry unit for the Athysian League Image Credit: Credit Role: The Vrea Stratis are the Athysian main infantry force Permissions: NA Links: NA GENERAL INFORMATION Unit Name: Vrea Stratis Affiliation: Athysian League Classification...
  14. Salazar Niminen

    Private Beacon In The Nightstorm

    The Call Salazar was meditating in one fine morning when he heard a metal been forged. He knows the force works in mysterious ways. But he chose to ignore it for once. He again went into his meditative trance when he again herd the hammer hit the axle. This time he didn't break his meditation &...
  15. Salazar Niminen

    Private Another Step Into The Light

    The Last Trial A dark room. A naturally dim lit circle. He has been told that it is the Final Trial. He went & stood in the circle. Ready, for whatever may come; but at peace. Just as his master taught him. Clenched fists. Slow breathes. 3 lightsabers ignited in unison around him. Behind him...
  16. Claire Organa

    Public The Way You Look Tonight - Fashion Week on Alderaan (OPEN)

    Belleau-a-Lir Alderaan Alderaan was known for many things chief among them was the environmental landscaping that married the cities to the land, sea and air around them. An excellent example of this marriage was New Crevasse City. A city built within the walls of the canyon, a city that...
  17. Eternal Muse

    Faction Social Upheaval || The Confederacy

    N A B O O GOLBAH HILL, THEED What was the price of benevolence? When facing utter annihilation, the urge to survive will cause any soul to flee. When faced with the choice between death and life, most would do whatever it took to continue breathing. Oftentimes, it matters very little how...
  18. Amelia von Sorenn

    Unreviewed The Duck Pond of Solitude

    THE DUCK POND OF SOLITUDE OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent The creation of a Pond of "Solitude" for Duckie Talon from which he can plan his ever-continuing fight against the dastardly worms and their plans of galactic conquest Image Source: [HERE] Canon: Duck...
  19. Osam

    Approved Tech The Bryn'adul | Crusader Breath Mask

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A simple and effective mask that converts hazardous Type III atmosphere into Type II for members of the Akhenaton, Vaydralen, and Ungulloi species on otherwise dangerous Bryn'adul worlds. Image Source...
  20. Brunas Drace

    Faction In The Presence Of Another World | Sith Eternal

    It was a decidedly ramshackled view which greeted them on the other side. A patchwork of buildings large and small dotted the immediate vicinity, wood and sheet-metal and pelts, some substances that were not even known to the realm of the living, made up the bulk of it, and one strong wind would...