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the resurgent empire

  1. Vrak Nashar


    Dromund Kaas Kaas City Vrak stood quietly on one of the many Balconies within the heart of New Kaas City. His gaze slowly swept over the rising spires of the metropolis before him. They had taken Kaas only a short few weeks ago, conquered the world and stripped it of the small parcels of Jedi...
  2. Yidhra

    Approved Location  Zûtashwiti Midniusama

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Education is important, kids. ​Image Credit: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda Softworks, Zenimax Entertainment Canon: / Links: The Riches of Our Ancestor SETTING INFORMATION Landmark Name: Zûtashwiti midniusama Classification: Library / Bat...
  3. Vrak Nashar

    Approved NPC  The Imperial Royal Guard

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To Sub The Dark Councils Guard Image Credit: Wookieepedia, tried to find original but couldn't. Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Unit Name: The Imperial Royal Guard Affiliation: The Resurgent Empire Classification: Elite Infantry Equipment: Royal Guard Armor...
  4. Vrak Nashar

    Approved Location  Kaas City

    Intent: To submit the glory that is Kaas City ​Image Credit: SWTOR Concept Art Canon: Kaas City Links: N/A City Name: Kaas City Classification: Metropolis Affiliation: The Resurgent Empire Demographics: ​Kaas City is surprisingly Diverse, though this is mostly due to the heavy amount of...
  5. Yidhra

    The Resurgent Empire

  6. Yidhra

    Approved Tech  Sosûtiyizatsa

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Sub some more creepy Sith alchemy. Image Source: Legend of Korra, Nickelodeon Canon Link: X Restricted Missions: / Primary Source: / PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Yidhra Dottash Model: / Affiliation: Yidhra Dottash Modularity: No...
  7. Vrak Nashar

    Approved Starship  Harrower Class Dreadnought

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To Sub TRE's Standard Star Destroyer Image Source: The Harrower, SWTOR Canon Link: Harrower Class Dreadnought Restricted Missions: No Primary Source: Me, I'm great. Also Rhys. PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: The Resurgent Empire Model: Harrower...
  8. Soeht

    Beneath Korriban

    Far from the Valley of Dark Lords, a new ruin had been discovered. Its purpose – unknown. Most have called it a tomb. Yet no name of a Sith Lord was mentioned on the walls near the entrance. In the beginning, it was just called the Lost Ruins. The Resurgent Empire required the ruin to be...
  9. Vrak Nashar

    Past & Future[TRE Dominion of Yavin IV & Gromas]

    Gromas The Tyrant [1/20] Vrak stood on the bridge of his ship, The Tyrant. His lips thinned, his eyes were half glazed over, and in truth he was hardly listening to the two Ensigns behind him that were attempting to give him a status report on the system. He frowned slightly as they spoke...
  10. Vrak Nashar

    A Return Home[TRE Dominion of Korriban Hex]

    OOC: This dominion is meant to be fairly open. If you have ongoing stories on any worlds within this hex please feel free to join and interact with TRE members. If you are a Jedi and want to help evacuate civilians, do so, if you want to craft another story please ask in the OOC. The Chief...
  11. Vrak Nashar

    The Call

    "We have watched. We have seen you defile our ways. We have seen the Sith of this galaxy burn and ravage in our name. We have seen what you have done. We have found you wanting. Since before the plague we have waited. We have prepared, and now, we have returned. The Empire comes back...
  12. Vrak Nashar

    Major Faction Application: The Resurgent Empire

    Name: The Resurgent Empire OOC Hierarchy: Vrak Nashar - Faction Owner Yidhra - Faction Admin IC Hierarchy: The Dark Council is the ruling Body of Athiss and the Resurgent Empire. It has stood as a remnant of the Dark Council founded by The Sith Emperor Vitiate thousands of years ago. The...
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