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Approved NPC The Imperial Royal Guard

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  • Intent: To Sub The Dark Councils Guard
  • Image Credit: Wookieepedia, tried to find original but couldn't.
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  • Availability: Rare
  • Deployment: Limited
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
[+]Elite: The Red Guard are an elite force of warriors. There are only three hundred and fifty of these men and women all throughout the Empire. They are incredibly skilled, well trained, and loyal. Their abilities in combat stack up to most Jedi and Sith Knights, and though most of them have but a limited use of the force The Red Guard are incredibly dangerous foes.

[+]Zealots: As one might expect, the Red Guard are zealots. Those inducted into this order are as a matter of nature incredibly loyal to the Empire itself. They cannot be bribed, tortured, or broken. Their loyalty holds true to the Empire and the Dark Council. The Red Guard will not betray The Resurgent Empire, nor will they betray the Council members they serve. The Red Guard are loyal to the last man.

[-]Limited: The amount of time and training required for a single Red Guard to join the ranks of the Order is immense. Candidates need to be properly screened, trained, and then put into commission. This process is incredibly intense, and takes quite a bit of time. Due to this the Reed Guard are incredibly low in number and are meant as a defensive force rather than an attacking one.

[-]Zealots: The Red Guard are incredibly loyal to the Empire, and inevitably this loyalty leads to foolishness. The Royal Guard will not stop their attacks when ordered, they will not surrender, and they will not retreat. The very thing that makes them so perfect as guardsmen also makes them vulnerable. A Red Guard is a zealot, and this zealotry could in theory be twisted.

  • Description
​The Imperial Royal Guard of the Resurgent Empire is an important linchpin in the function of the Dark Council.

Though the Red Guards have existed in some form on Athiss since the original Empire controlled by Vitiate, they have only lately taken on their current role within the TRE itself. The Red Guard serve as protectors and Guardians of the Dark Council. They, unlike the Legions, are specially trained and brought up to protect the members of the Council.

The Red Guard is made up of mostly Sith Purebloods, though some other races are mixed in.

Unlike with the Legions or other pieces of the Resurgent Empire's Military the Red Guard are specifically screened for previous loyalties. All ties to family, tradition, or personal entanglements is severed when one enters The Red Guard. They are an independent force, created for the purpose of defending The Dark Council, even from the council members themselves.

The Royal Guard do not act on the orders of Council Members, rather they are staunch protectors of the Councilors themselves. This means that the Council often attempts to avoid the Guard as much as they try to keep them close. The Guard do not involve themselves in plots and schemes, they do not partake in assassination attempts and certainly will not attack other Councilors. The Red Guard serve as a line of protection against all threats.

Their Mandate is to protect the highest level of the Resurgent Empire's Government. They serve loyally, diligently, and without question.
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