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  1. Darth Nwul

    Faction  [GC/SO] More than a mere Knight

    OOC: I'll be going sans divs going forward, while they're pretty not everyone can read them properly on mobile and cause more trouble than good. It was a strange thing, one of the guardsmen hired from the native population of Thule had thought, that there were rainclouds again in the sky...
  2. Kardek Alpha

    Private  Heavy Bags of Sand

    THE FAMILY HANGAR ON CORUSCANT / THE HARBINGER / PORT SIDE CARGO BAY / Jenzid Channsalj KARDEK'S APPEARANCE Sweat dripped freely off Kardek as he repeatedly struck at his target over and over with fierce determination. The large and heavy bag filled with sand took the trauma in stride...
  3. Maran

    Private  Make Me Better Than Him

    He started it. Looking all smug and superior after beating her into the ground. After her valiant attempt to win, dashed by his superior skills and strength. Then he went so far as to mock her. Her! Telling her to get an actual lesson for the next time. Mocking and a threat. Was that how it...
  4. Caltin Vanagor

    LOA  Need no more than the weekend.

    So... you're going to laugh... I have two dogs, both GREAT buddies. I made the mistake (lol) of letting my wife know that they are great around other animals Yeah. She brought home two kittens the other day and a ferret for my son (he always wanted one) My house is a zoo! Lol The thing...
  5. Hacks

    Private  Less than Human

    Coruscant. A dangerous city for Hacks, which said a lot for the Darkwire shadowrunner. She was routinely hunted on Denon, but here, they had space wizards to hunt her. She still couldn't wrap her head around the idea of the Force, she had never met a force user before. It sounded like fairy...
  6. Srina Talon

    Codex  Answers on Modifying Submissions (Exceptions, etc)

    Greetings, Currently, writers may request up to five submissions at a time be pulled for edits. This may change overall in the future but for now, this stipulation for the Codex stands. __________**However**__________ 1.) In light of our "Updated Rule #3/Updated Rule #12" (in which several...
  7. Faith Organa

    A little slower than usual

    I'm always slow in my posting but now it may get a bit more. Today my daughter was diagnosed with COVID. This will be the second time she is infected, the first time her right lung collapsed and there were days let's say I was very scared. So as I help to take care of her I will be a bit more...
  8. Gwyneira Vizsla

    Private  More Than A Weapon

    Ah, yes, the serenading sounds of sirens blaring in the morning. Wait. Gwyneira Craft's eyes flashed open. The Force screamed to her that something was terribly wrong. When she laid eyes the person still sleeping next to her, memory returned to her mind. Eliz had... gotten into some kind of...
  9. Jhira Mereel

    Private  Family is more than blood

    POLITICAL REGION: Silver Jedi Concord LOCATION: The Echoy’la Sun, Kashyyk Objective: Talk to Omen. Drink Tihaar. TAGS: [ Sergeant Omen ] Kashyyk was a beautiful world, by anyone’s standards. Lush forests, high mountains, secret caves. The rugged, harsh terrain was a weapon all its own. The...
  10. Caltin Vanagor

    LOA  Little more than Discord and reading today and tomorrow.

    Picking the wife up in Tampa/St. Pete finishing her last orders. She's officially retiring her commission. and is off from her regular job for the summer, so... yeah.
  11. Dravis Rosilla

    The Pursuit of Happiness and the Common Good

    CHASIN CITY, COMMENOR Than had slipped into command seamlessly. One might assume the ex-Republic Senior Lieutenant would be over his head, transitioning from command of a single escort frigate to an entire battlegroup. Quite the opposite was the case, as Than took to it like a fish to water...
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