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  1. Matthias Colcrip

    LFG  Looking for a new start

    I haven't really RP'd yet and the one time I tried, many moons ago, real-life got in the way. But now I am back and just a little overwhelmed. Thus I am here seeking someone, be it a potential friend in need or a new rival in wait, Matthias Colcrip's adventure within SWChaos begins (or the...
  2. Pitié

    LFG  Getting a Start

    I just created this character and would like to get a start with her. I'm looking for pretty much anything. At this time, I'm only doing private threads, but I don't mind if there are more than 2 writers participating. We can do friends, enemies, frenemies, training, etc. I'm very open to ideas.
  3. Solan Charr

    Private  A Shipyard needs Ships to make

    Kesh, Tahv, The Old Palace. Solan sighed, working at tending to the slowly growing trees and flowers, standing in the open air and looking past them up at the building that circled the old palace gardens. Soon the Palace and it's ruins would be gone, replaced by what would be a meeting hall...
  4. Malica Drezyan

    Old member returning - where to start?

    Good evening, folks! I recently discovered my old profile from let's say YEARS ago and am at a bit of a loss since I am let's say OLD and now am interested in reviving it. I'm not even sure if any of my old friends are still active anymore on this. Question: should I treat this profile like a...
  5. Tarw Rhyfelwr

    First Reply  Struggling to Start

    Location: Coruscant, Undercity Outfit: Casual Equipment: Blaster Rifle Tag: Open "Insert the energy cell," Tarw muttered to himself. The gun clicked as everything was pieced together. He held the gun in his arms and aimed down the scope to the target. His finger hovered over the trigger as...
  6. Ijaat Mereel

    Private  A Fresh Start

    Ijaat stood in a conference room as a secretary type exited. He had managed to bribe, bargain, and in some cases intimidate his way past the various barriers between himself and a one Danger Arceneau . Normally he wouldn't be caught dead in such a place, far too stuffy and airy for his taste...
  7. Gatz Derrevar

    LFG  Looking to start expanding into the Jedi Order.

    Gatz here again. Over the past few months, I've been writing Gatz as a repentant smuggler, trying to do good, but often failing. In his youth he was a Jedi youngling, but he left the Order before he could progress to Padawan. Recently, I've been writing threads where he's been picking his...
  8. Briana Sal-Soren

    Private  A Fresh Start

    fa-play fa-pause Wearing: XoXo | Equipment: Lightsaber | Location: Jakku | Tag: Bastila Sal-Soren, Romi Jade A cloud of dust whirled around Briana as her feet struck the hard, dry ground, emerging from the Veré in a sweep of light and airy robes that allowed her skin to stay cool in the...
  9. Prisma Akino

    I'd like to join this faction, but I'm not sure where to start.

    Hi all! I have created a character who I would really love to be a lightseeker within the order of the sunstar. I'm excited to roleplay within this awesome faction, but I'm unsure what thread I should start in. Would anyone be willing to suggest a thread I could join relating to the order of the...
  10. Laphisto

    Private  A time and place - start of the United Galactic Federation

    Location: Muunilinst Objective: Come to terms to form an alliance Amidst the vast expanse of space, the colossal dreadnought, known as the Defender, floated like a sentinel, its immense metallic hull glistening with the distant twinkle of stars. The Defender served as the neutral ground for a...
  11. Rayne Lo'to

    First Reply  Start Talking? | Coruscant

    Start Talking? Coruscant Tags: Open Rayne was upset. Fuming, actually. She stood outside a local cantina, where she had simply been attempting to get herself breakfast. Out of nowhere some bald human thugs, a pair of twins as far as she could guess, came out of nowhere and tried to mug her...
  12. Nexus 1

    LFG  Anyone want to start Nexus' story?

    Hey, Nexus 1 is in need of a story to start her off with. At this point, I'll give some background on her. Nexus is an AI system that is housed within a development lab on Coruscant. She can inhabit any form of technology, even cybernetics for transport or to take complete control and act as...
  13. T

    LFG  A Victim of the Maw | Looking for a place to start with a fallen Jedi

    Hey hey! Been awhile since I created this character, but I'm finally ready to get him going :D I'm looking for some Mawites who'd take a fallen Jedi as a prize to be kept alive and used to further the Brotherhood's machinations. If anyone has access to witchy magick they'd be willing to impart...
  14. L

    LFG  A Gentle Start

    After an extended personal loa, I am finally ready to try and ease my way back to the site. The idea I am shooting for at the moment is the creation of a small, family based series of threads. The basic idea will focus on House Roh, the new leaders of the planet Pergitor. After a bloody...
  15. AutomationEvolution

    New Start! (Again!)

    Hey gang. I'm new and old all at once here and now I'm back! Just wondering a few things: 1) Are Shards ok as a player race? I have backstory of years behind this OC and I'd love to share with you all! 2) Any grey force user factions around? Shards are force attuned by nature, but Harbinger is...
  16. Briana Sal-Soren

    Private  A Fresh Start

    fa-play fa-pause Wearing: XoXo Equipment: Concealed lightsaber Location: Kici's Cafe, Coruscant Tag: Aiden Rennek Briana shoved her hands deep into the pockets of her overcoat to warm them against the crisp autumn air that whipped loose strands of chestnut hair across her face, quietly...
  17. Bambietta Scifer

    Journey's Start

    Bambietta hurtles through hyperspace in her Firespray-31. She sits in the pilot's seat and stares out of the viewport for a short while before she sighed loudly. Standing up, she stretched and cracked her knuckles as she turned to walk through her ship. Bambi, her friends would call her if she...
  18. Saff

    LFG  Looking to start up some friendships

    Having gotten back into the swing of things, I want to build up Saffron's story, and that involves making some friends in order to later take down something. Essentially, who's up for a little bit of mischief in the inner/core worlds?
  19. S

    Private  Start at the very beginning

    SPARROW TEMPLE RUINS | DENEBA TAG: Senari Gravis SO IT BEGINS "Try it again. Still no life." Sera leaned back on her heels from the dead Gonk-droid they were trying to salvage while Dobby attempted another jumpstart with his scomp link. After a few more tries, the little droid whistled...
  20. Jallo Arcourt

    LFG  Looking for a group to start my first roleplay

    I don't really have any ideas on how to begin. So I would like if somebody would take the lead.
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