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  1. Das

    Private  Spaceport Blues

    fa-play fa-pause The docks used to be one of Das’ favorite spots to go. Her dad would bring her around on their way home just so she could watch the parade of ships coming and going from their city-wide homeworld. Now, it only solidified Denon’s prison-like nature. She never stopped coming...
  2. Arcadian

    Approved Location  Whistler's Landing | RTL Ranger Outpost

    “It's just the wind, howling through these rusty bones. Don't let it bother you too much, kid.” — Unknown Ranger | OUT-OF-CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out Kirdo III by adding a new Ranger outpost; To expand on a location that was featured here; To give RTL and the Rimward Rangers...
  3. Thayne Tameron

    Private  Oh Captain, My Captain

    Location: Seven Corners, Denon Soundtrack: Dead Inside Tags: Wizard "You're shitting me," Thayne said bitterly to the security guard. "Your clearance isn't high enough, sir. There's a district-wide lockdown in effect. I can't let you through until it's lifted." Thayne's eyes followed the...
  4. Jho'Henig

    Public  Sleheyron spaceport cantina (Open to all)

    Jho'Henig came to Sleheyron to deliver Iridonian equipment to Hutts. This equipment is considered illegal in most of civilized galaxy, because it was too dangerous and that is the reason why it was favored by Hutts. After he delivered it, Jho'Henig decided to rest in the local spaceport cantina...
  5. Tywinn Zanzi

    Work In Progress  WIP - Mos Nox Spaceport

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Former slaver/smuggling hub to Jabba, now controlled by small smuggling groups Image Credit: N/A Canon: N/A Permissions: Tywinn Zanzi (owner), Ivory Stroud (The Donna) (silent partner) Links: (WIP) SETTING INFORMATION Spaceport Name: Mos Nox Spaceport...
  6. Prazutis

    Approved Location  Kyrayc Spaceport

    • Intent: to make an official Spaceport for Carson City, Kyrayc • Image Credit: Camp McCarran • Canon: N/A • Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION • Structure Name: Carson City Spaceport • Classification: Spaceport • Location: Kyrayc • Affiliation: Prudii Kyr'am • Accessibility: Carson...
  7. Vixesita

    My Exploration Begins

    I couldn't help the awe and amazement I felt as I looked around. Having been raised in a province that was committed to honoring tradition, I knew that such ships existed, but our people had never been privy to the details of it. Ships and space travel had been relegated to certain provinces on...
  8. Dunames Lopez

    Approved Location  Spaceport Derretowa

    Name: Spaceport Derretowa Image Source: Conceptopolis Classification: Spaceport Location: Morellia, in the outskirts of the planetary capital Affiliation: Silver Sanctum Description: As the largest spaceport on Morellia, and one of the large spaceports in SSC territory, it featured about 50...
  9. Dunames Lopez

    Approved Location  Tomorrowland Starport

    Name: Tomorrowland Starport Image Source: is a pre-construction picture of Terminal 1) Classification: Land-based civilian starport Location: Northeast of Tomorrowland, Eriadu Affiliation: Galactic Alliance...
  10. Faith Organa

    Approved Location  Aequor spaceport

    Name: Aequor Spaceport Image source: http://vignette3.wik...=20150818150629 Classification: Land based Civilian Spaceport Location: Aequor Coast, Aldera Affiliation: House Organa of Aldera Description: Spaceport has 6 hangars that are for public use, 1 hangar that the Royal Family of Aldera...
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