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  1. HowardSkywalker

    Character  Howard Skywalker

    HOWARD SKYWALKER NAME: Howard Skywalker FACTION: Rebels RANK: Acquaintance SPECIES: Human AGE: 18 1/2 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5'6 WEIGHT: 169lbs EYES: Green HAIR: Brown SKIN: Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: Yup! STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : + Force sensitive...
  2. Jacen Nimdok

    Discussion  Video Essay: The Importance of Luke Skywalker

  3. Lani Skywalker

    Character  Lani Skywalker

    NAME: Lani Skywalker FACTION: Galactic Alliance RANK: Jedi Knight SPECIES: Human AGE: 34 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'6 WEIGHT: Fit EYES: Green HAIR: Brown SKIN: Cacasauian FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, Skywalker Level of Force Sensitivity, like a Force Supernova as Legends would describe Luke's...
  4. Eugen Aker

    Approved Tech  Skywalker High-Tops

    Image Source: Intent: To create a set of comfy combat shoes for Arisa Yune Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Arisa Yune (Self) Model: Skywalker Affiliation: Arisa Yune Modularity: Yes, power cells and laces can be swapped. Production...
  5. Fiore

    Approved Tech  The First Lightsaber of Mara Jade-Skywalker

    Image Source: Intent: To submit the lightsaber of Mara Jade-Skywalker for document/transfer purposes Development Thread: Hotline Bling - Encounter with the Jedi [member="Mira Rekali"] who eventually gave the lightsaber to...
  6. Julius Sedaire

    This doesn't belong to you...

    Credits... Credits were always a need, if one that Julius wished he could ignore at times. The Corellian Jedi movement needed some, so they didn't have to rely solely on handouts and charity. Luckily for the one time Republic Jedi, he had made contacts on the Outer Rim during his smuggling...
  7. Julius Sedaire

    Approved Tech  Lightsaber of Anakin/Luke Skywalker

    Skywalker Lightsaber Image Source: HERE Intent: A tech-sub to detail the capabilities of the cannon 'Skywalker Lightsaber' Development Thread: OOC: HERE . IC Thread: HERE Manufacturer: Anakin Skywalker Model: N/A Affiliation: Personal Modularity: I suppose focusing crystals or lenses could...
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