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  1. Rulonom Laborr

    Public  Galactic Exhibition on Skako Minor

    The Galactic Expo Liin Terallo Amanda braska Lukan Rath Darth Temerant Wendell Mortimer Glolmark The World of Skako Minor had always played an important if controversial role since the Clone Wars with it being controlled by the Trade Federation for a considerable time before the illegal...
  2. Rulonom Laborr

    LFG  Skako Minor Galactic Fair

    Skako Minor Galactic Fair Greetings! I recently had in mind a Social Thread on the world of Skako Minor. The main idea would be to have a Galactic Fair hosted by the Trade Federation and the Senator of Skako where inventions and chaos market products can be showcased to guests and military...
  3. Rulonom Laborr

    Character  Rulonom Laborr V.3

    V I C E R O Y THE TRADE FEDERATION VICEROY OF GALACTIC TRADE Aliases: Rulonom Laborr Ranks: VICEROY Affiliations: Trade Federation Species: Birthworld: Skako Languages: Galactic Basic Trade Languages Education: Business Educated Top of the Class Gender: Male Age: 55...
  4. Adhira Chandra

    Interview with Senator Chandra RE: Skako Election

    "Welcome back. I'm Oba Rautha and this is HoloNet News. If you're just joining us, I am joined this evening by Adhira Chandra, Senator from the planet of Balmorra. Now, Senator, before the break we were discussing the current ideological 'battle lines' that have formed in the Senate. You are...
  5. D

    Agriprop; Imperial Confederation Dominion of Brentaal IV

    It was supposed to be another calm day at his local air defence station, with him sitting at the scanner with a cup of caff until it was time for lunch. He knew it wouldn't be, his hands shaking as he downed a flask of whiskey before entering the small control room he shared with a colleague...
  6. Gorm


    Images: Name: Skako Region: Core Worlds System: Skako System Suns: Single Star System, Type G Yellow Orbital Position: Located within the Habital Zone Moons: No moons. Starports and Shipyards surround planet System Features: Nothing notable besides the planet and star. Coordinates: 12,12...
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