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sith master

  1. The Dark Inquisitor

    Request  Sith Master desired

    if anyone is up for it, this character is in need of a Sith Master after falling to the dark side by a now lost Sith. She's an inquistor like Sith with Sith Stalker Variant armor and splitsaber. She's become a Wound in the Force after her brutal transformation into the darkness of the Force...
  2. Jaro Sansel

    LFG  Seeking a Master

    Hello there! Currently have an origin thread up. Jaro recovered a Kyber Crystal in the long since abandoned Lars moisture farm on Tatooine. He has also been awakened to the Force and come close towards what the dark side is. Currently requesting a Sith or a Jedi Master to help Jaro’s first steps...
  3. Zair Xanatos

    Acolyte Looking for Sith Master

    Like the title say's I'm an Acolyte looking for a sith master to start his training. A bit about Odhran he's a Shistavanen, that's slowly losing his grip on reality ((He's seeing and talking to things that are not there)) When he stands he's 2.2 meters tall and is about 200 pounds. He's a...
  4. Zannah Pehluos-Quel

    Darth Pehluos

    Name: Aratona Pehluos Pronunciation: [AR-ah-tawn-a] [PAY-loo-ohs] Aliases: Darth Pehluos Loyalties: Faction: The One Sith/ Primeval Marital Status: Married/Widowed Role: Master of Zannah Pehluos-Quel, Bronwyn Quel, and Grimm. Father of Zannah and Bronwyn Development Threads: Dev thread to be...
  5. Fiora Devereux

    Good day! (Darth Cazador)(intro/transfer)

    Hi everyone, I've been checking out this place for a while now but haven't had the time to write anywhere. Now that uni has settled down for the hols, however, I thought I'd test the waters. Looks like a cool place, although I'm not sure where Fiora is going to fit in. Sith/Dark...
  6. Quietus

    Lorelei Darke

    NAME: Lorelei Darke, Birthname: Nivira Lore Shamalain, Sith Name: Lady Silencia FACTION: None RANK: Sith Master SPECIES: Garhoon AGE: 773 GENDER: A Lady. HEIGHT: 5'11'' WEIGHT: 150lbs EYES: Every shade of green. HAIR: Like fire. SKIN: Fair APPEARANCE: Silencia is marked most notably for her...
  7. Xander Starkiller

    Xander Starkiller

    NAME: Xander Balthier Starkiller ALIAS: Darth Deimos, Alexander Stark FACTION: The Sith Empire RANK: Sith Lord/Master SPECIES: Genetically Engineered Human AGE: 446 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6 feet 2 inches WEIGHT: 195 pounds EYES: Deep Blue HAIR: Black SKIN: White; slightly tanned FORCE SENSITIVE...
  8. Soeht

    Darth Apparatus [Sith]

    [DARTH APPARATUS] NAME: Darth Apparatus FACTION: Sith Empire RANK: Sith Master SPECIES: Humanoid AGE: At least five decades (Rumored to be far older) GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 1.9 m BUILD: Muscular with cybernetics EYES: Dark side corrupted bright red FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
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