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  1. Zark San Tekka

    Eclipse Stealth Suit

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit a piece of special operations/stealth armor for Republic SIS agents and other aligned operatives. Image Source: x | x | x | x | x Canon Link: / Primary Source: / PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Strategic Solutions Affiliation: New Republic...
  2. Zark San Tekka

    Project MASQUE

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit a fun spycraft gadget based on a popular trope to provide an alternative to the usual holographic shenanigans. Image Source: Mission Impossible Canon Link: / Primary Source: / PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Strategic Solutions Affiliation...
  3. Zark San Tekka

    Strategic Solutions

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Strategic Solutions Canon Link: / Development Thread: / Primary Source: / CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Strategic Solutions Headquarters: Arkania Locations: Carida Operations: Armstech, Armortech, Biomechanics, Cybernetics, Military Grade...
  4. Zark San Tekka

    Approved Location  Carida Operations Center

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit a new base of operations for the Republic Strategic Information Service on Carida. ​Image Credit: Telikos Protocol - E.D.G.E. Command by AdamBurn Canon: / Links: / SETTING INFORMATION Military Base Name: Carida Operations Center Classification: SIS...
  5. Zark San Tekka

    Approved NPC  M-3PO: Human Cyborg Relations

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub an NPC that will serve as a general purpose handler for SIS Agent characters. ​Image Credit: Empire Strikes Back Role: A command level Strategic Intelligence Service NPC Links: / PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 65 Model: Modified 3PO-Series Protocol Droid...
  6. Miel Tevv

    Approved Vehicle  Mobile Air Command

    Command Deck OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub a set piece from an old dominion as a new type of limited planetary combat vessel. Image Source: The Avengers Canon Link: / Restricted Missions: / Primary Source: Skyfall (prototype version was used as a unique thread set piece)...
  7. K

    All SIStems online

    Undisclosed Location Alliance Space Minimum Security Clearance: [REDACTED] ----------------------------- They had a ship to modify. A Mandalorian Beskad class, meant for mercenaries, bounty hunters, and the like. Which was exactly how it was going to be used, at least on the surface. It was...
  8. Miel Tevv

    Approved Starship  Shadow-class Transport

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide a capable vessel for non-Force using agents, dignitaries, and representatives of the Galactic Alliance Image Source: Fer de Lance 2.0 by Diggers Canon Link: / Restricted Missions: / Primary Source: ShortFin Prototype Shuttle, Original WIP (credit...
  9. Barr Vexos

    Status On Strategic Intelligence Service ?

    So what going on with the Strategic Intelligence Service? I joined there but I have yet to take part in any missions there. Is it dead or are there any plans for it or something?
  10. Asmus Janes

    Approved NPC  J4KN

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create something of a K2S0 for Asmus and Kaile on their adventures ​Image Credit: Rogue One concept art Role: Hidden battle droid companion. Provider of quips. Links: PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 7...
  11. Asmus Janes

    Approved Tech  J4KN

    Image Source: Rogue One Concept Art Intent: To make a modified labour droid as a guardian to Asmus and Kaile Restricted Missions: Voidstone Primary Source: J-Series Droid Manufacturer: Czerka Arms Modified by SIS Model: J4KN Production: Unique Affiliation: SIS Modularity: Yes: software very...
  12. Asmus Janes

    Approved Starship  The Solaris

    Image Source: Affiliation: @Asmus Janes [member="Kaileann Vera"] SIS Manufacturer: Theed Hangar Model: Custom H-type Yacht Modularity: No Production: Unique Material: Starship components, durasteel, neuraniam...
  13. Belok Karr

    Approved Tech  SIS Acuity Implant

    SIS Tactical Implant Image Source: Ghost in the Shell Intent: An implant for SIS personnel Development Thread: Manufacturer: SIS Model: Acuity Implant Affiliation: SIS Modularity: Compatible with iBorg Aerek and Zerek sockets (one of each) Production: Semi-Unique (5) Material...
  14. Belok Karr

    Approved Starship  Subversion Class Stealth Carrier

    Image Source: Star Citizen Idris Affiliation: SIS Manufacturer: SIS Model: Modularity: No Production: Semi-Unique (3: The Subversion, The Epsis, The Aryx) Material: Durasteel hull Classification: Light Frigate Carrier (Stealth) Length: 250m Height: 60m Width: 100m Armament: 10 1 Hypervelocity...
  15. Belok Karr

    Vaal Pal Vo

    NAME: Vaal Pal Vo FACTION: SIS RANK: Lieutenant SPECIES: Sullustan AGE: 48 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 1.6m WEIGHT: 65kg EYES: Black FORCE SENSITIVE: No --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STRENGTHS AND...
  16. Kaile Vera

    Strategic Intelligence Service | S.I.S.

    Intent: This was created for people who want to do spy stuff to have the SIS there for story purposes. We don't intend this to be over-regulated. If they want to be spies, cool. If they want to have an operative network and control spies, cool. If they want to be more shady 007 like agents...
  17. Asmus Janes


    Asmus walked up and down the inside of his shuttle. It had been brought up from deck E to be loaded up for their flight. In one hand he had a datapad with an inventory and he checked off everything against it. He tried to keep this from reminding himself about the hangar bay on the Quintessence...
  18. Rhen Qel-Droma

    Border Surveillance Pt 2 | GA Dominion of Rutan

    Tier 1 Dominion of Rutan OOC Thread Rutan was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories, on the Hydian Way. It is ruled by the Rutan Royal Family while Senali is ruled by the Senali Royal Family. Throughout their history, the people of Rutan had often been engaged in conflict with their species'...
  19. Aela Talith


    Have any questions? Ask us here for an answer!
  20. Aela Talith


    Perhaps the biggest, and most important quesiton with an organization like the SIS is oversight. Who watches the watchers? The simplest, and most honest answers is they do. The Strategic Intelligence Service in it's current form is made up of people from all over the galaxy, men, women...
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