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siobhan kerrigan

  1. Glade

    Private  Goodbye Mum

    Sitting atop a hill alone on a field of green grass, Natoline gazed out over an expansive landscape that stretched to the sea. A silent witness to a turbulent planet enthroned in an ever-present cycle of shifting powers and ambitions on Arkas. Behind her was an overgrown training area. Boldly...
  2. Sere Reene

    Approved Tech  A-KDFAS-1, Kerrigan Double Front Angular Shields

    Angular Shielding. Why stop the enemy fire when you can send it back at their friends. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: 'Double Front' Angular shields to mimick tank armor on vehicles, starfighters and to reinforce key points on structures or things like the bridge of a capital ship. Anti...
  3. Siobhan Kerrigan

    Approved NPC  Sahmara Jai Saobana

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Codify a character established in rp. Expand on Siobhan's Qadiri retinue and House Kerrigan-Alcori. Image Credit: Here. Role: Sahmara is another one of Siobhan's unofficial, adopted Qadiri children. She is a noncommisisoned officer and serves as the right...
  4. Siobhan Kerrigan

    Approved Lore  Order of Fire

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Codify an organisation that has been part of Firemane for a while. Image Credit: Here. Phoenix Symbol. By SGTsanttu. Canon: N/A. Permission: N/A Links: Adjudication, Into Darkness, After Darkness, Tephrike. Communion, The Long Road, Champions of the Flame...
  5. Shamira Karuto

    Fort Kerrigan boot camp

    Location: Fort Kerrigan, Tygara Time: 1100 hours. To say that Shamira’s performance during Serenade outbreak was poor and disappointing would be an understatement to say the least. To put it plainly, she froze many times during the course of the mission. And when she didn’t freeze, her actions...
  6. Tadietti Tann

    Business. Pleasure. And Importantly Lots of Guns.

    Location: Deep Space Aboard the Titania Genesis. A modest, supposedly Unarmed Blue-Silver Freighter, something with very well masked energy signatures however, and seemingly a custom design. Late Morning Awaiting a Holonet Meeting with: [member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] or her Associates. Lady Blue...
  7. Siobhan Kerrigan

    Approved NPC  Kar'zakush

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out Siobhan's retinue and the Granite Guard, an NPC unit I subbed a while ago. Image Credit: Here. Concept from Thor. Found on Role: Personal bodyguard for Siobhan Kerrigan and the Kerrigan clan, Colour Sergeant in the Granite Guard...
  8. Maiev

    A Healing Retreat

    Arkas - A few months before Outbreak Amongst their time together; that didn't consist of occupying one bed or another, Maiev had gotten to know Elpsis a lot more. She had learned of the various people in the empath's life, such as the few aunts she had. One in particular became a noted topic...
  9. Diana Veneris


    E S H A N ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Murder! There's been a murder! Draygar of House Veneris is dead!" "It was his niece--the sorceress!" ​"Don't let her get away! Hurry, before she kills us...
  10. Joza Perl

    Dancers and Dark Jedi

    The dense cityscape of New Santaissa was an uplifting sight for Joza. While the gentle rolling hills and clean air of Voss evoked feelings of peace and serenity, it was a more urban environment that inspired thoughts of home. Any why wouldn’t it? Raised in the entertainment district of Pleasure...
  11. Celiana

    A meeting with Sio

    I'd been corresponding with a woman my Master had suggested I learn from her name was Siobhan Kerrigan and apparently my Master thought highly of her. Which was good enough for me, having done a bit of research she also appeared to be CEO of Firemane Industries. I'd punched in coordinates to...
  12. Alric Kuhn

    The Foundry; Part 9

    [member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] "Nira?" Nel talked into her comm-link, speaking into the small device as she shifted on her heels to stand in a more comfortable position. "Could you please contact one Siobhan Kerrigan? Her company is the next that I must speak to." She had been making calls...
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