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self training

  1. Joza Perl

    Empty, and Become Wind

    Shortly after her promotion to Knight, Joza began to move away from the purist ideals of the Jedi and dabbled in to her Zeltron nature. When she’d first arrived on Sullust as a fresh-faced albeit incredibly nervous and homesick Padawan, she’d done everything possible to suppress her old ways...
  2. Akhilleus

    Learing from a Legend

    It was a late night on voss and Nikias stood out in the temple’s courtyards alone. The sound of bugs and birds were the only thing that could be heard. Due to not truly being able to apply many of the other lessons from the classes that the Masters of the Silver Sanctum offered, Nikias had taken...
  3. R

    Dive into sithspawning

    After having for the longest time the knowledge of certain alchemy because of his time in the Jen'ari archives...he was diving into the how to create a Sithspawn he was ...he had several prisoners and texts on the subject and serums and vials the works to start practicing....he kept one...
  4. Mythos

    Bashing things repeatedly with my lightsaber (OS Allies Only)

    It seemed like an Eternity since Animus had been in Glee Anselm training Endlessly and going off on fruitless or fruitful adventures. Today however, tonight however, was different. Animus (like his writer) wes in a mad fit of rage and frustration. For a while it seemed like an endless treadmill...
  5. Taeli Raaf

    A Chill Upon the Wind

    [member="Sophie Gustav"] Reading through old files within the Sith archives, Taeli had come across an obscure technique of the Sith that was intriguing her greatly. Flipping through the old parchment pages, she analyzed the few sentences dedicated to the ability of cryokinesis and the more she...
  6. Nemesis Khurshid


    CORUSCANT: LOWER LEVELS; APARTMENT COMPLEX OBJECTIVE: LEARN TO ABSORB ENERGY MUSIC: MY DEMONS by STARSET GOAL LENGTH: 70-100 POSTS There was an ability that had been used for thousands of years. When used properly, it could mean the difference between life and death. Many had mastered...
  7. Matsu Xiangu

    Death is the Road to Awe [Solo - Training]

    Only by taking on the persona of a god can the magus (or magician) use power with maximum effect in commanding [the elements].This is a poorly understood secret of magic, but absolutely vital: the magician in him or herself is a fallible human being, and can perform no more than the works of a...
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