Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Braze

    LFG  redacted

    .... redacted
  2. Matsu Ike

    Approved Starship  Secret Satine Gift Exchange: Silver Eclipse

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To update and upgrade Sasori's ships and fighters Image Source: Alita Battle ANgel Canon Link: N/A Permissions: My Subs Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Saotome Foundry Affiliation: Company Name (Sasori) for Gir Quee Market Status...
  3. Shaye Ares

    Private  Secret Cargo

    Location: Serenity's Reach Tag: Mathieu Brion The Ladyhawke set down in Lirra. Shaye had been skeptical about this trip, but she wasn’t going to turn down credits. She wasn’t stupid. It was a simple enough job, too. Bring food stuffs to these coordinates. Said coordinates wouldn’t match to...
  4. Srina Talon

    Secret Spectre Winner (Factory Prize Vote)

    An extra scary thanks to Amelia von Sorenn, Kal, and Ingrid L'lerim who all put forward excellent submissions for the participants of Haunted Destination, Secret Spectre, and any member of SWRP Chaos who writes in the upcoming Haunted Destination thread to enjoy. It's time for you lot to duke it...
  5. A

    LFG  A Dirty Little Secret not so "Secret" anymore?

    Looking to get more activity out of this guy and Omega Squad. They're still under active duty with the Silvers, but I want to get them out there more, not necessarily in open combat or anything but "out there". Any Galactic Alliance types who would like to help them get involved, there is a...
  6. Laertia Io

    Faction  House Io: Secret Expo (House Io and EE only)

    Aboard: The Colossus of Shadows Wearing: Dark Blue Kimono (Armorweave) Armed with: SynthBreaker With: The Battalion Countess Arianna Belasko Lyssa Io Maple Harte Objective: Host EE Empress and Military Cabinet aboard "Are you sure you won't be wearing armor, Julia?" The Battalion...
  7. Jenn Kryze

    Private  Secret Colors

    Fall down, get back up, keep on fighting. A simple creed to live by, but an inspirational one: Jenn found a certain comfort in the knowledge that death would be the only way to stop her absolute rampage. Not that she was in a hurry to meet her end, mind: she still had a lot of people to kick...
  8. V

    Private  Art of Survival

    A R T · O F · S U R V I V A L There was nothing here for them now, or so it seemed. Darkness had crept over the dunes of the red planet, a dull blue light illuminating the grains of sand in an eerie violet hue with the mixing of colors in the night. The surface of the world had been marred by...
  9. Jacob Calhan

    Warden, scientist, and secret police looking for thread ideas.

    So, I've got my character pretty well figured out and I'm looking to make the profile either tonight or tomorrow afternoon, and I want to start some threads asap. TLDR of the character is that he's a force sensative scientist, kinda like Darth Plageus. After he gets into the wardens of the...
  10. Darth Solipsis

    Major Faction The New Sith Order

    SEIZE. YOUR. DESTINY. Join Us The New Sith Order Proud Subfaction of the MAW Return to a time when the Sith were hidden, few, and powerful. Trained from lowly acolyte to powerful Sith Lord in the ways of the Dark Side, the New Sith Order plot from the shadows in preparation for the Grand...

    The New Sith Order: Organization + Roster

    There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? The galaxy writhes in chaos and disorder, like a wounded beast it cries in agony waiting to be put out of it’s misery. The Sith have been brought low, too long have they sat in complacency, bloated with power. Complacency breeds Weakness. Weakness...
  12. Xiro Mohc

    Factory  Sanari Kenkuujo (SNRI) | Kiliea Command's Secret Factory

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Logo Image: Photoshop by me Crest Art: Galactic Empire Crest Empire of the Rising Sun Infinity Miniatures Raiden Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Atrisian Name: Sanari Kenkuujo Galactic Basic Full...
  13. Listib Hibin

    Project Atlas

    (For those wishing to steal my project, contact me before doing so.) --------------------------------------------------- The feed of the camera kicks in as there was static at first and a bit of coughing as Listib Hibin tries to center the camera. Behind him were several different pieces of...
  14. Darth Abyss

    Hiring Mercenaries and Criminals (maybe even a few smugglers) for a secret operation

    Currently planning a secret operation orchestrated by Abyss, and for it to succeed I'm still missing one thing: You. Anyone who could be classified as an deniable asset (meaning anyone willing to do well payed dirty work for a faceless, nameless shadow organisation without asking more questions...
  15. I

    Invicta De Halivia

    Characteristics: Strength : Due to the fact that he relies more on the power of the force and more or less his femenine or un-muscular like build, he relies much more on being flexible and being able to flip out of situations.. Quite literally, not to mention that perhaps his younger age may...
  16. Jordan Achilles


    OOC:((This is all OOC and Judge Information, all PC Information will be discovered later in my character's story line, this doesn't limit people from coming to this planet but it does limit their knowledge of what is on the planet and where the planet is)) Green - New Species Link: Here...
  17. L

    Approved Location  The Sanctuary (Dathomir)

    Name: The Sanctuary Image Source: Here Intent: To flesh out the home of the Rekali Family as it has been for years. Classification: Misc. Location: Northern Quadrant, Singing Mountain, Dathomir Affiliation: Personal Population: Clan Shardock (Unknown Amount of Personnel) Aaralyn Rekali...
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