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  1. Vayla Mirana

    First Reply  See The Sea

    Forget the planet. Forget the system. Core Worlds. Outer Rim. Just take in the ocean. Waves. Endless. Crash and go. Crescendo. Breathless. That was the wind. Maybe it made no difference, not any of it, from her memories of that moment as a girl in her past, then to the present, as a woman. She...
  2. Cordelia 'Cori' Eldoris

    Private  Meeting of the sea maidens

    Location: Sea side resort, Scarif Objective: Unclear... Tags: Jenn Kryze "You're telling me this drink is made for Ersansyr," An incredulous Cori said to her waiter, who nodded, "But it's still alcoholic? That can't be!" "Actually, it can be," the Mythrol serving her sighed, flicking open his...
  3. Sarge Potteiger

    Private  Sea Salt

    Coruscant Jade Residence Romi Jade Opening the oven door was, of course, the best part. It wasn't the blast of heat that hit you in the face; that was quite bothersome. Instead, all the smells that came with baking that had filtered into the kitchen were finally released, exploding into being...
  4. Nelliel Kryze

    Private  Of Sea and Sky

    fa-play fa-pause MNV-52 'Beviin' Class Space Superiority Fighter | Location | Hefi, Planetside | Objective | Try not to crash and burn Nelliel flipped a few switches as her Beviin slipped out of hyperspace as it made its way to the surface of Hefi that lay within Enclave space. Following the...
  5. Haro Aven

    Private  Little Minnow In A Big Sea

    Jedi Padawan Niynx Ioune brings his late master's ship, The Little Minnow, to Jett Kaal's shipyard in the Coruscant Underworld for repair. Niynx's master, Jedi Knight La T'vil, was once an intimate companion and dear friend to Jett and her death weighs heavily on her heart. However, she puts on...
  6. Sycorax Laveaux

    Approved Tech  Sea Goddess Raiment

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an outfit for Thalassa Dinn. Image Source: Firefly Path Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Thalassa Dinn Affiliation: Thalassa Dinn Market Status: Closed-Market Model: N/A Modularity: No...
  7. Ishani Dinn

    Private  How to Kill a Sea Monster

    Dr. Vancil walked through the war camp, scribbling down notes on his datapad. In his neat gray suit and tie, he looked incredibly out of place among the natives hard at work preparing for battle. He nearly tripped over a wooden stake embedded in the ground—a mistake which could’ve caused the...
  8. Valery Noble

    Mission  [GA | NJO] Under the Sea

    Sedri "Can anybody hear me?" "This is Chybdu, High Priest of the Golden Sun of Sedri, reaching out to anybody who receives this message. Pirates have invaded our world, looking to enslave my people. Our defenses are falling and we need immediate assistance. Please, if you hear this message...
  9. Valery Noble

    Private  The Sun and the Sea

    Coruscant Outfit: Casual jeans and shirt tugged into them. Appearance: Link Weapons: None Tag: Aldric Laurent "He'll be here shortly, Vera," Valery said after looking over at her daughter, who was sitting on the couch and watching some holo-tv. The nursery droid had been instructed to keep...
  10. Grendel Krayt

    Public  Lost at Sea

    Grendel was not having a good day sure it had started as a good day with the hunting of pirates and spice runners but that had quickly when out the window. It began when Grendel manged to disable a smallish pirate ship and when to make ready to broad the pirates what Grendel didn't realize was...
  11. Angelique Deveraux

    Private  Sea of Memory

    Location: Tapani Sector (Syl Hotel) Tag: Luca Caldogne _________________________________________ Long manicured nails tapped at the button on the interface of her commlink though she didn't actually activate anything. She was filled with a certain form of indecision. Angelique came from a long...
  12. Arcturus Dinn

    Private  Sand, Meet Sea

    Though his backstreet work on Denon was slow and methodical, word had begun to spread through certain networks of a truthseer lingering in the alleyways of the ecumonopolis. To some he was a demon, who spoke horrors into effect... To others a charlatan looking to make a few quick UCks. And to...
  13. D

    Game  Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life

    AAAAAAAAAAAAH! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Best crossover ever!
  14. Paimon

    Dusty Treasures and Sandy Meetings

    The Dune Sea Paimon's Cave There was a raging sandstorm today, because of this I nuzzled my form into one of my favorite pots. The pot was decorated in beautiful tribal woman that were dancing in poses, along with inscriptions in some foreign language, most likely lost to time. I received the...
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