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scum & villainy

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    The Galaxies Most Wanted - Information For Criminals

    About Subgroup: The Underworld is teaming with criminal activity. These characters consist of pirates, bounty hunters, slicers, information brokers, mercenaries, smugglers, and every other kind of crook imaginable. They are known to be ruthless in their tactics and hungry in their desires to...
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    Public  Jedi Only Live Twice

    Miraage avoided the core worlds due to the bounty on her head. Her nickname had become Scorpionia, a monniker derived from the sickle shaped vessel she piloted and the methods she used to eliminate targets… The Tail came out of hyperspace over Kijimi a planet that Miraage frequented due to its...
  3. The Collective

    Public  Jailbreak | Scum & Villainy

    Jailbreak Undisclosed Asteroid Prison | Outer Rim It was another flavorless meal that was being served within the mess hall. For most prisoners here, this was the customary meal after a long day of sitting dormant in their cells. There was not much in terms of entertainment in the prison...
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    Biography Incoming. NOTHING TO SEE HERE
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    Bounty Contract: #B-010

    Bounty Contract #B-010 Contract Issued by Gormu the Hutt. Capture of Hristo Malgave. Entertainer who insulted Gormu the Hutt due to mispronouncing of his title during a song sung at a recent gathering of Cartel majors on Nar Shaddaa. Once captured Hristo is to be delivered to high-rise palace...
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    Bounty Contract: #B-009

    Bounty Contract #B-009 Contract Issued by Gormu the Hutt. Several smugglers recently dropped a large shipment of spice. Capture them for suitable punishment by the Cartel. Reward: 8,000 credits for capture of all three smugglers and delivery to Gormu on Nar Shaddaa.
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    Bounty Contract: #B-008

    Bounty Contract #B-008 Contract Issued by un-known. The Alliance has collapsed and several previously high ranking officers had turned to independent rulership of their once controlled worlds. One particular individual, General Ryder Von Strauss has claimed himself protector of Sullust and has...
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    Bounty Contract: #B-007

    Bounty Contract #B-007 Contract offered by Crimson Dawn. Swoop Gang on Sriluur has been causing issues for re-established trade. Known as Rathgar’s Dozen the Weequay swoop gang needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible to assure as little disruption as possible to Crimson Dawn operations...
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    Bounty Contract: #B-006

    Bounty Contract #B-006 Issued by Crimson Dawn. Independant Hunter wanted to hunt down the three lieutenants who oversee the Guavian Death Gang’s operations on Nar Shaddaa. They are to be eliminated with statement and indication that Crimson Dawn is ready to take back the territories stolen by...
  10. Alasdair Sitra

    The Pilot...? [Kalyn]

    “You’re the pilot?” Alasdair Sitra looked up from the ever moving traffic he’d been staring at for way too long. In fact how long had he been staring? He had no idea, but by the disgruntled look on the Gran’s face he had outstayed his welcome. “Well?” It was a good question, Alasdair was sure...
  11. Eliza Steele

    Spicing It Up

    The Captain of the Corellian Dawn and the Outlaw known as [member="Bandit Six"] had taken a contract to transport spice from Kessel to Tatooine real quiet like. That was the fiery Corellisi's specialty. She was known for her expert navigating smuggled goods to destinations without much unwanted...
  12. Lynnori Cruz


    skulduggery, noun; mean dishonesty or trickery. Coruscant, Level 5120, CSF Morgue, Evening Failing A Persuasion Check | Interacting with [member="Kole Harper"] ~ In The Trees ~ "I could use a little somethin', Call it what it is, it's really nothin'." —————————————————————— "What do you...
  13. G

    Crimson Dawn

    Out of Character Information Image Source: Crimson Dawn Canon Link: Crimson Dawn Development Thread: N/A Primary Source: Crimson Dawn Wookiee page Corporation Information Corporation Name: The Crimson Dawn Headquarters: Denon Locations: Nar Shaddaa, Bespin Operations: Transportation...
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    Organisations, Syndicates and Gangs

    There are many Criminal elements and Professional Guilds out there. We hope that one day all will be listed here for ease and to showcase the amazing work people have put into their creations. SYNDICATES CARTELS GANGS GUILDS If you wish to have your creation added to the list above feel...
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    Companies and Un-affilliated Bounties

    The underbelly of the galaxy is always looking for means to be able to move and supply their goods. Sometimes this is through legitimate business or more illegal means. Below is a list of useful links for companies willing to trade with the criminal elements or aspiring Bounty Hunters. If you...
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    Scoundrel Contract: #S-005

    Scoundrel Contract #S-005 Nerfs. A whole herd of them from Naboo to Corellia to aid with the re-construction of the planet. You know you want to, you scruffy looking nerf-herder. Reward: 100 Credits per Nerf. (Herd has 32 on pickup.) OOC: Upon completion please link complete thread here.
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    Scoundrel Contract: #S-004

    Scoundrel Contract #S-004 Several crates of weapons have been ‘acquired’ and sold to rebel freedom fighters currently operating near Omwat. You must transport the weapons to them and avoid any Imperial entanglements. Reward: 2000 Credits. OOC: Upon completion please link complete thread here.
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    Scoundrel Contract: #S-003

    Scoundrel Contract #S-003 Refugees are paying to leave the planet of Lothal after the First Order locked down on the planet. A bitter war that saw the Alliance defeated has left many victims and people want to flee as far as they can before they too are listed as ‘casualties of war.’ Sneak the...
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    Scoundrel Contract: #S-002

    Scoundrel Contract #S-002 Crafty Pilot needed to run the blockades in place around Commenor. Cartel assets are still needed on planet as well as several important contacts for the Ison Syndicate are needing transport off world. Imperial-Sith forces are still in heavy patrol over the planet and...
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    Scoundrel Contract: #S-001

    Scoundrel Contract #S-001 Twenty Containers of Spice to be moved from Kessel to Tatooine. Contact on Kessel goes by the name of Shiv. Contact on Tatooine goes by the name of Gi. Avoid any attention. Reward: 5000 Credits OOC: Upon completion please link complete thread here.
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