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  1. Elysium Eternal

    Dominion  Just out fir a rip are ya bud? (Elysium Dominion of Lamaredd)

    Lamaredd; An oceanic world with a rare record of minimal conflicts in the past 50 years, Lamaredd has been claimed by The Empire. The population was extremely receptive, and The Empire has kept a hands off policy of the planet, allowing life to continue with minimal change. However, when a royal...
  2. Jend-Ro Quill

    News  RIP Dave Wolverton (creator of Dathomir, Hapes, etc.)

    The bestselling sci-fi/fantasy author Dave Wolverton/David Garland just died at 64 after a serious fall. You might know him as the writer of Courtship of Princess Leia — the book that introduced the Witches of Dathomir, the Nightsisters, the Hapes Cluster, etc.
  3. Yula Perl

    Discussion  Which Body Part(s) Has Your Character Lost?

    So I've been thinking about this lately. The beauty of fantasy writing is that you can cut whatever you want off and stick a cool futuristic replacement in its place (or not, if that's your thing). Not to mention, losing a limb or two gives you a vector to explore more struggles with a...
  4. Asher

    Character  Asher

  5. Laith Varad


  6. Darth Carnifex

    Approved Planet  Ostarvis IV - The Dead Planet Contest

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a planet for the Dead Planet Contest ​Image Credit: Click - Barbarus Wiki Article Canon: N/A Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Planet Name: Ostarvis IV Demonym: Ostarvian Region: The Unknown Regions System Name: The Ostarvis System System Features...
  7. Natasi Fortan

    Assassins [First Order - Memorial for Kalast]

    ONE WEEK AFTER THE LOSS OF THE FIV PREVAIL Avalonia - Dosuun - 0900 Natasi Fortan stood in a room just off the grand lobby of the Imperial Palace in Avalonia, alone with her thoughts and the coffin draped with the First Order flag -- the coffin that represented the earthly remains of Supreme...
  8. Vaulkhar

    A Second Steps Forward

    Coruscant To be honest, Vaulkhar hated Coruscant. He hated his early teenage years on the planet, studying within the Sith Academy that once adorned the planet. He hated serving the One Sith early on in his career as a force user on this planet. He hated the acrid scent that invaded his...
  9. Onrai

    Approved Tech  Sonic Execution Device

    Image Source: Intent: To provide a simple multi-use execution device for the quick and relatively painless death of the worst of galactic society. Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Defiance Consolidated Multipurpose...
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