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  1. Jonyna Si

    Public  Relaxation on Corellia

    (Pre Thread Warning: This is a social Beach Thread. Don't throw your fleets here or duel to the death, I just wanna have fun on Corellia, ffs. Also, don't make it weird. I wanna do this partly to destigmatize beach threads. Just enjoy the sand and go surfing, y'all.) Location: Corellia...
  2. Caltin Vanagor

    Work In Progress  Starlight Vacation Destination Station (Relaxation)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create the ultimate Vacation Destination aside from the Starlight Cruiseliner "DreamWeaver" Image Source:, Canon Link: (Please link the canon link if applicable canon item.) Permissions: (Please link any...
  3. Kal

    Approved Tech  Waters of Restoration

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Magic hot tub/pool water for medical purposes... OK, it's mostly for recreation. Image Source: Tiki Hot Tub and Rooftop Tiki Pad by Eric Hibbeler Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Name: Waters of Restoration, aka...
  4. Myles Davorak

    Rest on Rishi?

    (this thread will take place before Myles started his private security company, and before anything else really) There he was, in a cantina nestled not too far from Raider's Cove. Rishi always held a special place in Myles' heart. The beaches with soft warm sand, the crystal blue waters that...
  5. H3xle

    Inauguration Ball - Eriadu (Galactic Alliance and Frienemies)

    ERIADU PRESIDENTIAL RESIDENCE BALLROOM OOC: Dalton smiled in the way that his wife had always told him brought the sparkle out in his eyes. He was surrounded by people, some he knew, most he didn't, and was in his element. "I can assure you minister, the M'Haerian Crown is one of our most...
  6. Aela Talith

    A Conversation

    Vineta [member="Jamie Pyne"] Aela stood quietly on the balcony of a Hotel that...well boggled the mind. The massive tower like structure pierced the sky and sat at the edge of a lakeside. Hundreds of boats, luxury yachts really, sat within the lake, dozens of people moved around on the docks...
  7. Zavzen Sae'ryx

    Perfect Place To Relax (Stardust)

    Zavzen was currently wearing as set of Shell Spider Silk trousers and nothing else. All his weapons were set on a table to his right, situated in a way that it would be easy for him to draw and use said weapons. As a result of this he was currently sat shirtless outside of his small, country...
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