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  1. Inanna Harth

    Private  The Birthday Party

    Ashur Harth was turning four. When asked what he would like to do for his birthday, he had only one thing to say: "Dinosaurs!" On the morning of his birthday, Ashur awoke and padded out of his room. Stopping at the kitchen threshold, he rubbed his eyes, then rubbed them again in disbelief. His...
  2. R

    Public  The New Viceroy

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________ V I C E R O Y THE TRADE FEDERATION Open to Interaction Reginald strode confidently through the grand hall of the Kuat Drive Yards, his opulent figure cutting through the sea of elegantly dressed...
  3. Mara Palpatine

    Public  Paddies Havin A Good Time!

    CLEAN VERSION The outing on Coruscant was at night time, Syrilla and some of the other Padawans at the Jedi Padawans were conducting a hazing ritual. This was to consist of sneaking out of the temple at night and going to the lower city to visit cantinas and have fun. It was a celebratory...
  4. Treoff Kellak

    Approved Lore  Sovereign Compass (Political Party)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create a generally neutral political ideology group that does not side with any major factions or Force ideologies Image Credit: Canon: No Permissions: N/A Links: StarGuard Dynamics, Treoff...
  5. Kastav Volff

    Private  The Boarding Party

    Location: Gemstone of Petard Objective: Ensure the Analyst is Liquidated Tags: "Wraith" Julz Eden Io "The Empire is dead, long live the Empire." Ord Thoden, an unremarkable system that remained a backwater even while under the Empire, but it was a system which now had the attention of the...
  6. Arla Rodarch

    Public  [UGF] Federation Diplomacy and an open New Year's Eve Party

    Arla's Apartments Qena City, Qena System New Year's Eve Objective 1 : Party. Objective 2 : Watch the festivities. Objective 3 : Meet and discuss serious issues. Objective 4 : Free (DBAD) Bringing together disparate groups was difficult, and even dangerous, as it could even spark conflicts...
  7. Jerec Asyr

    Seasonal  Someone's Halls Are Gettin Decked (underworld/spacer holiday hangout, everyone welcome)

    There were, Jerec knew, balls aplenty in this universe. Generally speaking he was not a ball person. A big underworld bar on the wrong side of Denon was far, far more his speed. He'd backed the whole place for the night, brought in live music and a couple reliable dealers, piped in a pirate feed...
  8. B3-LL

    LFG  LFM Droid PCs to join us at an Oil Beach Party

    Everyone loves beach parties we’re about to do one at any oil beach party hmu if interested Wear your most revealing droid chassis. Bring your best volleybb game.
  9. Lossa Aureus

    Private  Did You Expect a Welcome Party?

    fa-play fa-pause Location: Corellia, Dive Bar off the Spaceport Equipment: Skinsuit, Rusty Green Jumpsuit, Jacket, Left Bracer, Plastoid Shingaurds, Mix and Match Harness Weapons: Lossa's Lightsaber, Concealed Blaster, Nasty-Stabby Tools: Fusioncutter Ship: Skiptown with 'Skid' Tags: Rik...
  10. Aculia Voland

    Public  The Imperial Outreach Party on Lianna

    I decided to do a little outreach party for the various disparate Imperials out there, and perhaps any members of G.A. or Sith Intelligence who might be looking to spy on them since wider Imperial RP has slowed down a bit. Every new Imperial remnant faction and people from the original Empire in...
  11. Aculia Voland

    Public  Imperial Outreach Party on Lianna

    Lianna, Tion Cluster, Outer Rim Territories. Hotel Chevalier A pleasant breeze blew through the air on the balcony of the Hotel Chevalier on Lianna, smelling faintly of the roses planted throughout the hotel’s exterior as a woman in a black Moff uniform gazed out at the ecumenopolis...
  12. Darth Nwul

    Private  Party time.

    Sweat dripped down Wake's neck and shoulders, he grit his teeth and took another step, pushing through the movements of the form. Wide sweeps of his lightsaber, strict movements, defined presses and counterpresses. Shii-Cho, Form I, the Determination Form, was created by the ancient Jedi who...
  13. Minerva Fhirdiad

    Private  Welcome to the Team!

    Kuat Sector, Moon of Bador, City of Bunar, Paradise Cantina Tag: Ibra Sest It was a lively night at Paradise Cantina. The whole establishment was packed with numerous beings from all over. With music playing overhead with the sound system laughter and shouts were uttered below. Bets were...
  14. Minxi Kara

    Public  Party on Tatooine!

    Location: Tatooine, Chalmun Spaceport Cantina (AKA), Mos Eisley Cantina The darkly lit interior of the famous Chalmun Spaceport Cantina, also known as the Mos Eisley Cantina, was a fairly busy affair. People of different races, businesses, professions and even purposes were in the shaded...
  15. Amani Serys

    Private  Party of Seven

    Life was moving fast in the wake of the battle on Exegol. There was always more to be done, and in Amani's case, there was arguably a lot more. Relief efforts were expanding across the galaxy to pick up the pieces. And as Chief Healer, she made a great many efforts to be involved as much as...
  16. Barrac Hivlar

    LFG  Party for Senators of the Galactic Alliance

    Hey, Galactic Alliance Senators. My character will be hosting a party, for senators of the Galactic Alliance. If your senator is available now is the time.
  17. V

    Public  A Cry from the Cold

    LOCATION: Naos III ||| Palace Hotel The galaxy was teeming with different worlds that catered to just about every pleasure a being could pay for, from lush, tropical resort worlds to dens of just about every vice that has ever existed in Galatic history. But one look at Naos III from orbit...
  18. Hex

    Private  Party in Paradise

    Hex's 18th birthday holiday Location: Tropical paradise on Wielu Tag: Daiya Brie Jaxx Emily Kolburn Hex had to pinch herself when the girls had arrived on the shuttle at this beautiful place. When her and Daiya had booked it for the group, Hex had genuinely thought the pictures were...
  19. Yondir Fenn

    Public  An Unexpected Party

    Music OOC That ship. In the sky. Has a guy. He's gallant. A Jedi Knight. O of the light! Scout ship. Is Gallant. It takes Jedi from the stars. Toward a world of open arms. Before approaching, gazing Into the computer's database. However, little is written of Moraga. Yondir Fenn had then...
  20. Volya Sasiq

    Public  Late to the Party

    Location: Jedi Temple on Coruscant Volya was new to the order, in her mid twenties but still considered an adept. Today she spends most of her time in the library learning the history of the galaxy and the order itself, wishing to at some point help make an impact on galactic history. While...
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