Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Tathra Khaeus

    In Search Of Crius

    ​Uknown Regions - Klymene ​Underwater City of Palamir - Marketplace ​Nobody had heard from the residents of Kylmene in months, it had been quarantined off to contain the rioters within. A group of Dravalan refugees had taken up homestead in a residential area of Klymene. Naturally, Dravalan...
  2. Charlie Nooran

    Under the Sea

    Blue was a color Charlie always felt fit her. Still having piloted her small craft towards the planet she had found randomly in the Jedi Archives was an odd choice of things. Now that she was off Tython and under the guidance of Master Jyoti, she had a bit more freedom. Of course, that freedom...
  3. Merope Dremire


    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Click Canon Link: N/a Development Thread: N/a Primary Source: N/a CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Ondyne Headquarters: Palamir Locations: Palamir, Anthemoessa Operations: High-quality beauty items, Clothing and fine jewelry. Tier: Tier 2...
  4. Merope Dremire

    Eurybis Corp.

    "Life is in the Ocean" OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Could not find original creator of the image. Canon Link: N/a. Development Thread: N/a Primary Source: N/a CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Eurybis Corporation Headquarters: Palamir Locations: Palamir Operations...
  5. Merope Dremire

    Merope Dremire

    Merope Dremire, Ocean Queen Full Name: Merope Nepthys Dremire ~Hypocoristic: Mer, Merie. Age: 25 years old Gender: Female Species: Seiarenei Home-world: Anthemoessa ~Resides in: Palamir Titles: ~ Queen of Palamir ~ Princess of Anthemoessa Allegiance: ~ Dremire Royal Family...
  6. NT-6922

    Approved Tech  B30 Amphibious Battle Rifle

    B30 Amphibious Battle Rifle OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an amphibious battle rifle for Palamir's Zeltrons. Image Source: Concept art for the battle rifle in Halo Reach. Canon Link: N/A Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer...
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