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In Search Of Crius

​Uknown Regions - Klymene

​Underwater City of Palamir - Marketplace

​Nobody had heard from the residents of Kylmene in months, it had been quarantined off to contain the rioters within. A group of Dravalan refugees had taken up homestead in a residential area of Klymene. Naturally, Dravalan were often picked out in the slavers market. Kylmene was a hotspot for black market trades on Palamir, and when the slavers arrived, the local authorities were paid off and the criminals did as they pleased. However, something had been different. The Dravalan were not so easily courted off by some large force, they fought back; massacring civilians and slavers. They were out of control. There were reports coming from Ioklos by the hour from the radio-silence of their neighbours.

​Tathra Khaeus, a Titan and famous Warlord had arrived, a singular black pyramid entered the sky; from which a small black ship descended into the atmosphere. It carried a total of five individuals, all of which were heavily armed, prestigious with great variety. The fifth and largest, formed of black volcanic rock and grey and crimson reptilian hide. Beaming orange eyes set in their sockets, and a expression of determination. Slivers of magma coursed through the largest and most exposed of the veins that dotted his physique. His bare arms, thick with mass like a picturesque monster carved from the finest clay.

​Truly alien.

​The others were hidden behind armour, each respective of their talents as their weapons and gear told their stories equal to their stature. Never before had such an entourage been witnessed on Palamir.

​"Kabel. The report did not come from the Zeltros Government, but from one claiming to be our own. Find her. Neviere, go with him."

​The Promethean Guard nodded, taking his leave as the elegant Neviere followed behind him. They would find this Thalestris soon enough.

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