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  1. Toby

    Character  Tobias Al'ratya

    NAME: Tobias Al'ratya, aka: Toby FACTION: Freelance SPECIES: Human AGE: 13.5 G.S.Y. SEX: Male HEIGHT: 3'6" WEIGHT: 102 lbs EYES: Blue HAIR: Dirty Blonde SKIN: Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: Unknown STRENGTHS: Orphan's Resolve: As a result of growing up in an orphanage, Toby has had to...
  2. B3-LL

    LFG  Looking For Someone To Roleplay A Tiny Orphan For A Political Ad

    You have to be 13+ both IC and OOC. Tiny fingers are preferred but must be able to hold a gun. Both parents must be dead and death certificates are required upon application.
  3. M

    Private  The Orphan, The Old Man

    Martin tapped the tip of his boot against the metal flooring anxiously, the hum of the small transport ship mulling in his ear. he sighed, looking out of the window to the city below. Londo, an Esthoriel city. "You're nervous." Martin looked to the blonde officer sitting across from him, she...
  4. A

    Androsi Jahad

    Avatar credit [X] Grownup Credit [X] NAME: Androsi Jahad, Andi for short FACTION: N/A RANK: N/A SPECIES: Zabrak AGE: 13 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'4 WEIGHT: 100 lbs EYES: Green HAIR: Brown SKIN: Red FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  5. Raiz

    Space Annie but Miraluka and No Orphanage Location: Nar Shaddaa - Marketplace - Grumbling. The child's stomach began to let out a low growling sound, as if within her an unfed animal pleaded out for any scraps of food, however in spite of the noises and the pains that her body gave her...
  6. Kara Vanukar

    Kara Vanukar - Kitra Australis

    KARA VANUKAR; KITRA AUSTRALIS SUBJECT NAME: Kara Vanukar. Formerly Kitra Australis. KNOWN FACTION AFFILIATION(S): None. KNOWN RANKS/CAREERS: Talented Salvager and Stubborn Slicer. RECORDED SPECIES: Mandalorian Human RECORDED AGE: Early twenties SEXUAL PROFILE: - Gender: Female -...
  7. Blake Morrigan

    Seeking a Sith Master

    Alright so, my girl Blake is going to need a Sith master so she can eventually begin her grand adventure to the 'Dark Side' of the force as some may call it. Still, she is pretty much a blank slate with no real powers or special skills aside from her ability to adapt to stressful situations and...
  8. Blake Morrigan

    Darth Salem

    "To survive her darkness she strangled the stars for their light~" Full Name: Blake Lacroix Family Name: Lacroix Nickname: Blake | Bell Alias: Raven Titles: Darth Salem Species: Mind Witch & Dathomiri Homeworld: Ke'lai (Dathomir) Residence: The Reef Rank(s): Sith Acolyte & Witch Initiate...
  9. Alace T'Ran

    Alace T'Ran

    NAME: Alace T'Ran FACTION: N/A RANK: Orphan SPECIES: Human AGE: 15 SEX: Non Binary HEIGHT: 5ft 3in WEIGHT: 102lb? EYES: Green HAIR: Black and white (Naturally Black) SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes... But she doesn't know as of yet...
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