Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Stybla'rei'naodo

    Approved Starship  GEIST | Oracle Shroud

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create the headquarters for Lareina's top-secret unit. Image Source: Fractal Sponge Canon Link: Class 546 Cruiser Permissions: Roble Stuff Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Universal Analysis Group Affiliation: Universal Analysis...
  2. NorikSigma

    Work In Progress  AXION

    Several processing cores that house part of AXION and the Iron Network's server infrastracture. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Highly advanced information processing and analysis AI Image Source: uploaded by vanitjan1, Sci-fi Server Room by Roman Prytuliak on ArtStation...
  3. Marcella Fiora

    Approved Vehicle  Fiora Oracle AV

    Intent: To manufacture and produce an expensive aerial limousine for The Family. Image Source: Ryan Woodhouse (ArtStation) - Edits by Dominik Borra & Marcella Fiora Canon Link: N/A Permissions: NAKAIOMA Contract Primary Source: N/A Manufacturer: Fiora Defense Systems (x) Affiliation: 'The...
  4. Marcella Fiora

    Work In Progress  Fiora Oracle AV

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To manufacture and produce an aerial limousine Image Source: Ryan Woodhouse (ArtStation) Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Fiora Defence Systems (x) Affiliation: 'The Family' (x) Market Status...
  5. I

    LFG  The Oracle of Rishi

    Greetings My character is Lord Ikrarbytec, a rishii Sith Lord who serves the Sith Order as an oracle of sorts using his power of dark sight. The Oracle of Rishi is seeking threads among the galaxy. I’m looking for anything in terms of roleplay. that can be meeting with criminal syndicates...
  6. M

    Character  Maat'ul Lgaaneh

    IDENTITY BIOLOGY NAME Maat'ul Lgaaneh NICKNAMES N/A TITLE(S) N/A RANK Witch Elder HOMEWORLD Kataar BIRTHPLACE Kataar SEXUALITY Unknown GENDER Male MARITAL STATUS Single LANGUAGES KNOWN Basic, Miralukese, Mando'a LANGUAGES SPOKEN Basic, Miralukese, Mando'a SPECIES Icarii | Miraluka AGE Unknown...
  7. Atticus Pyke

    Approved Tech  ORACLE | New-Imperial Multi-Faceted Administrative and Warfare AI

    「I AM PERPETUAL, I KEEP THE COUNTRY CLEAN」 OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create an AI to assist the New-Imperial military and Special Forces. Image Source: Image Source [x] Voice Source [x] Canon Link: Artificial Intelligence Permissions: Technoid Manufactorum Primary...
  8. M

    Character  Melia of Kiax

    General Information Name: Melia of Kiax Allegiance: The Dark Side Species: Pantoran Height: Average Weight: Average Eyes: Gold Hair: Black Skin: Blue Force Sensitive: Yes Appearance Her appearance would best be described as bird-like. Eyes as sharp as an Ash Angel's, hair that is...
  9. Skyler

    Character  Skyler

    Skyler NAME: Skyler FACTION: TBD RANK: Noble of Vahla SPECIES: Vahla and Fifferreo AGE: 20 something SEX: Female HEIGHT: Average WEIGHT: Average EYES: Hazel HAIR: Dark with purple highlights, likes to change hair color often depending on her mood SKIN: Tan FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  10. Ingrid L'lerim

    Approved NPC  The Oracles | Blood Demons

    Intent: A new kind of summonable demon for sorcerers. Image Credit: The Oracle, Border; Headers: Darth Tacitus Role: Supporting "unit", although it depends on the summoner what you really want to use them for. Permissions: Link. Links: Sith magic | Anima | The Sangnir | Netherworld of the Force...
  11. Ilias Nytrau


    Social Information Name: Maat’ul Lgaaneh Alias: N/A Homeworld: Katarr Current Locale: TBD Sexuality: Unknown Gender: Masculine Marital Status: Single Force Sensitive: Yes Force Rank: Witch Elder Force Alignment: Neutral Physical Information Species: Icarii/Miraluka Sex: Male Age: Unknown...
  12. Darth Isolda

    Darth Isolda

    Name: Moira Vu Noi Title: Darth Isolda Rank: Sith Lord Affiliation: Ember of Vahl, The One Sith Alias: Darth Isolda Age: Unknown Species: Vahla/Miraluka Hybrid Height: 5'10" Weight: 130 lbs. Eye Color: Silver (Dark Side) Hair Color: Black Home Planet :Vahla (Lost homeworld) Spouse: None...
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