Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Akhilleus

    Akhilleus, King of Makrosia

    “Revenge may be wicked but it is natural” General information NAME: Akhilleus (Last of The Vinikas VII Line) Title: King of Makrosia FACTION: None RANK: Dark jedi knight SPECIES: Hellyni AGE: 22 SEX: Male FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes physical appearance Height: 6'2 Weight: 170 Eye...
  2. Anton Nadramie

    Nadramie Sabers (Custom Lightsabers, Kyber Crystals, Buy Lightsabers)

    Nadramie Corporations presents: Nadramie Crystals and Nadramie Sabers Foreword: Anton Nadramie offers to the masses at their pleasure a wide variety of synthetically made...
  3. Anton Nadramie

    The Black Lotus's Diamond Ring

    Anton was, busy per usual. He'd finally found a relatively good guard force for protecting all of his workers but it wasn't enough and his funds were running low. Buying the guards was expensive and arranging meetings with people was growing less and less common. Though as he was walking around...
  4. Akhilleus

    Approved Tech  Nikias' Throwing Spikes

    Image Source: Intent: To Create a set of tools for Nikias to use in combat Development Thread: · Lessons Learned: Stole Beskar from Einarr on Echo’lya Manufacturer: Nikias Model: N/A Affiliation: Nikias...
  5. S

    A Prelude To Death

    Silver Sanctum Outpost, Jobreth Plains Jabiim, Phelleem Sector outside SSC Space Better dead than cope with what was happening in his galaxy. Krius Syonis was en-route back to Skye and his residence away from the chaos, but before his travels were over, he was intrigued by one more Order – the...
  6. Joza Perl

    Which Witch?

    Forests of Dathomir In her studies concerning altering environments and sorcery, Joza inevitably stumbled upon the name of an old Jedi Master, Streen. Much of the common knowledge she could find on sorcery was largely dark sided, leading her to become more tedious in her studies, though she’d...
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